Saturday, December 29, 2012

Apple iPhone 5S with four projectors and virtual Mac OS X

Rumors about some devices called iPhone 6 and iPad 5 has already started to appear on the web, but before the full smartphone sixth generation Apple will release something like the iPhone 5S . Externally, it is a complete copy of the iPhone 5, but with a more powerful electronics and a couple of new features. Someone named Frank_Snk tried to imagine new possibilities iPhone 5S , get something very beautiful, but so far is fantastic.

If necessary, iPhone 5S becomes a full-fledged desktop computer running Mac OS X. The smartphone is placed on a firm, level surface, and the cabinet is slightly transformed, revealing two pairs of projections. First projector displays the image in full color and full resolution on a large screen displays virtual desktop interface for Mac OS X, is available all the basic software.

The second pair of projectors is interactive, it displays the image next to the keyboard smartphone. Possible with the maximum comfort typing more text, chat with your friends in social networks or operate the media player. Of course, no real iPhone 5S , or any other smartphone Apple in the coming years will not be able to work so beautifully. But in the future things like this will become a reality.

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