Friday, December 28, 2012

Mac mini computers will also be produced in the U.S.

Apple is currently conducting covert campaign to transfer the production of some of its products to the United States. American brand in talks with multiple partners, and suppliers from Asia, the issue of the launch of "home" production should seriously as ever. Moreover, Apple is investing in this project some serious money.

The head of Apple Tim Cook said in an earlier interview that the company is ready to invest $ 100 million in the production of computers Mac return to America, and representatives of Foxconn recently confirmed that they are going to expand their production, new capacity will be launched in North America. According to DigiTimes, the company will maintain production lines Apple in the U.S..

By the way, now the company produces Samsung mobile platforms at its facilities in the U.S., in addition, the country has moved to build special versions of your iMac. These have now been joined by a mini-desktop Mac Mini . However, the most relevant for Apple is now the problem of the continuous increase in production volumes, as demand for the product is high as ever. With such a volume of orders only home production company Apple is not enough in any case.

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