Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Running Without Shoes Why Consider Foot Strike?

There are three major classification of how a runner's foot strikes the ground:

Heel Striking
Heel lands first, then the forefoot comes down (heel-toe running)

Midfoot Striking
Heel and ball of the foot land simultaneously

Forefoot Striking
Ball of the foot lands first (usually below the 4th and 5th metatarsals) before the heel comes down (toe-heel-toe running

"Approximately 75% of habitually shod runners all over the world heel strike (Hasegawa et al., 2007)."

Running injuries
Studies suggest that at least 30% of runners get injured every year, and many of these injuries stem from problems that arise in the foot or lower leg (va Gent et al., 2007).

Bere Foot for Long Running
The bare foot may be well suited for running long distance without requiring modern, heavily cushioned, high-heeled running shoes.

Running Shoes vs. Bare Foot
Most runners who wear standard running shoes usually heel strike, but our research suggests that most barefoot or minimally shoe endurance runners barefoot and sometime midfoot strike.

History of Running
Human and our recent ancestors have been accomplished endurance runners for more than a million years (Bramble and Lieberman, 2004).

Minimal Footware
Humans evolved to run and before the mid 1970s all humans ran in either no shoes or very minimal footwear such as sandals, moccasins or thin running flats.

Safely Foot Landing
Humans were able to run comfortably and safely when barefoot or in minimal footwear by landing with a flat foot (midfoot strike) or by landing on the ball of the foot before bringing down the heel (barefoot strike).

Is a study gathered and illustrated By Altrazerodrop.com about the advantages of barefoot running.

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