Saturday, August 02, 2014

4 Bad Habits to Avoid For Healthy Teeth

If you brush twice a day and have hardly ever experienced any kind of major problems involving oral health, you can easily believe that your teeth will invariably remain in good shape. Still there are numerous daily activities that may be gradually yet steadily harming your teeth. Consider the following frequent habits that may trigger serious, extensive issues, and try to overcome any which seem familiar.

1. Brushing Teeth to Vigorously

It might seem you are being conscientious, however brushing your teeth way too vigorously can in fact trigger more harm than good because it weakens the teeth enamel considerably. You can try to thoroughly brush your teeth with a softer brush, and remember to brush them in delicate, even circles.

2. Drinking Diet Soda or Fruit Juice

Even though drinking diet soft drinks may help your waist, it destroys your teeth because of the acidic properties connected with artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. At the same time, regular soda contains a good amount of sugar and promotes cavities because of that. It is advisable to quench your thirst by drinking water. Another one of the reasons that it is better to sip drinking water to keep hydrated is that even drinking beverages like fruit juices actually is harmful to teeth. Despite having vitamin C in it and many other health advantages, the majority of fruit juice is full of added sugars (once again placing you susceptible to cavities). Still some fruit juice is actively noted as having no added sugar that can lower your likelihood of developing these juice-related cavities.

3. Crunching on Ice Cubes

Crunching the large ice cubes while drinking juice, soda and/or any cold beverages can be another significant poor dental habit. It may cause cracks in your enameled surface of the teeth and even break in teeth. Colored refreshments additionally spoil the all-natural color of your teeth not to mention stain them irreparably.

4. Smoking

Smoking is completely horrible for your smile. Many people know it stains them yellow-colored and brown; however it is fairly less recognized that smoking cigarettes also results in gingivitis (which may even result in some of your teeth falling out). Cigarette smoking is really risky for your oral health that it is additionally connected with different mouth cancers.

Now that you are familiar with a number of bad dental practices, stay away from them whenever possible. A stunning face is not whole without gorgeous and healthy teeth. Along with staying away from bad habits, you should also try to thoroughly brush your teeth consistently. Oral plaque buildup is often a primary reason why we are afflicted by tooth decay. This is a sticky material which contains bacteria that generates acids and causes destruction on your teeth enamel. It leads to gum diseases such as gingivitis and mouth cancers. When we omit the significance of day-to-day brushing with toothpaste, food pieces will remain in between your teeth. This can lead to more germs in the mouth that destroys the teeth.

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