Monday, June 24, 2013

Buy at ThumbsUp UK Wholesale Gift Shop, and discover why we deserve our name

Shopping for gift items in wholesale can be a mess, if you are in the wrong store. This is why we at ThumbsUp UK, have been innovating throughout the years in improving our services to our customers. Since the establishment of our store back in 2004, we have been committed to distribute the latest interesting products available.

Once you visit the Thumbs Up website, you will discover that we are not your usual kind of wholesale gift shop, especially if you are looking for unique and high quality gifts. We are proud to say that our store truly deserves our name, because we literally have something for your customers, no matter where you are.

We have a wide range of extraordinary products from our categories such as Tech, Fun Stuff, Party Time, Living Extra, Boys' Toys, Gadget Girl, and Timezone. Our items have fast turn around time because we make sure that we are selling the latest gift items and accessories to our local and international retailers, online and offline.

Below are some of the hot gift items that are now available at ThumbsUp:
  1. An iPhone Retro Cassette Cover that looks like an old audio cassette and can protect your phone from dust and damage
  2. A waterproof case for iPads so you can still read the news online while taking a bath
  3. A hilarious Dancing Cat Speaker that does not only plays music, but dances with it as well
  4. A Talking Toilet Paper, where user can record a voice, which will then be heard by the next user once he pulls on the paper
  5. Emoticon Balls, including Happy Harry, Clumsy Claude, and Uh-Oh Olly. They create sounds when thrown in the air or any movement with impact.
Here at ThumbsUp, we design, manufacture, and supply wholesale gifts, keeping us ahead in this industry. To do this, we have a creative R&D team that has a "sky is the limit" approach in product development and do beyond the normal way of cultivating its imagination.

ThumbsUp store is located in Middlesex, United Kingdom, but we also have offices in Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, United Arab Emirates, and USA. We have a healthy professional relationship with various factories worldwide, to ensure that you can buy our products in any part of the globe.

And because ThumbsUp believes that gift shopping is not about making people happy and offering the best customer experience, we also comply with the strict standards when it comes to safety, health, and being friendly with the environment.

We were awarded an ISO 9001 certificate for our proactive approach in providing customer satisfaction. We only sell products that have CE marking, which is required to manufacturers of specific products to make sure that they conform with the EU safety standards.

You can be sure that ThumbsUp sells products that meet the RoHS regulation about the restriction of using hazardous materials when manufacturing the product. We show our love for Mother Nature by being involved with various recycling activities. We are therefore engaged in the Green Dot scheme, which encourages manufacturers to reduce packaging materials.

If you are among those who want to enjoy these benefits when shopping for gifts and gadgets in wholesale, buy them at You can also visit, which is our online community where you can read and upload reviews, images, and videos about the products we are selling.

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