Friday, June 28, 2013

ZTE Director: Low Price, Low Specifications

Small and medium-sized enterprises, being cash-strapped as they are, badly need the most affordable business communication devices that they can get their hands on. But this does not necessarily mean that they can just compromise quality in favor of inexpensiveness, since a cheap device that does not measure up to their standards is worse than worthless. For SMBs, the keywords should be a balance between affordability and functionality.

This is the ideal. Most of the time, financially-limited companies are trapped between limited choices. Frequently, in these cases, it is hard to determine which Smartphones would be able to best respond to the specific needs of the business with proper efficiency and effectiveness. It is important, hence, for companies to comb through the options, do their own research and perform a trial whenever they can.

One of the inexpensive smartphones that you can consider for your company is the ZTE Director. This handset is reasonably-priced and provides users with respectable call quality. The last advantage is something that you can utilize if you plan to integrate your mobile device to the functions and features of your business telephone system, such as those offered by RingCentral phone service providers and any other providers.

There are disadvantages in using this Smartphone, however. For example, this handset is not fast but rather sluggish and photo quality is not something to rejoice over. Also, if you are using a speakerphone, you will notice that the volume is severely low. Of course, it is not justified to expect that the ZTE Director will perform better than mid-range Smartphones; at best, it is an entry-level Smartphone.

The design of the ZTE Director takes much from ZTE's other low-priced devices such as ZTE Fury and T-Mobile Concord. It is characterized by a smooth matte back plate accentuated by indented edges. Despite a lackluster aesthetic appeal, the ZTE Director is a compact device, measuring 4.65" tall, 2.4g" wide, and 0.48" thick. Its size makes it comfortable to hold. It sports a 3.5" HVGA touchscreen that has a paltry resolution of 320 x 480 pixels and most often not readily responsive.

The ZTE Director runs on the outdated Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system that comes with a host of Google applications including Google Latitude, Gmail, Google Maps with Navigation, Google+, and Messenger. You can also download additional apps from the Google Play Store.

The ZTE Director is equipped with a MicroSD slot that can accommodate up to 32GB of additional memory, on top of the 4GB onboard memory of the device. When it comes to the camera, the ZTE Director sports a 3MP rear-facing camera that has limited photo options. Expectedly, the photo quality is poor, with colors muted and objects slightly out of focus. The video basically has the same quality as that of the subpar camera.

This Smartphone, meanwhile houses a low-performing 1GHz Qualcomm processor coupled with 512MB of RAM. With this, the ZTE Director is obviously sluggish; even the simplest commands such as swiping the lock screen or returning to the home screen takes a few seconds longer than is normal. The camera takes approximately 4.76 seconds to launch while it takes the smart phone 46.56 seconds to restart on the average. ZTE Director's 1500mAh is rather small, providing users with only 6 hours of continuous talk time and 350 hours of standby time. Call quality, meanwhile, is respectable.

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