Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cheap cars: Volkswagen is preparing

Volkswagen is set to release a new model, the cost of which will start from 6000 euros. In an interview with Automotive News said the head of the department.

New products will be designed for emerging markets. The specific countries are not in the conversation, but with almost absolute certainty, we can say that it is not just about China and India, but also Russia and other Eastern European countries.

As to the concept of a new low-cost Volkswagen, then, according to Hackenberg, it is a full-fledged family car cost from 6 to 8 thousand euro. As the senior manager, such a price level will be achieved through a high localization of production - in Volkswagen will select worthy of regional suppliers with the appropriate level of quality.

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  1. Absolute crap. Neither the Jetta nor the Passat is very reliable. Sure, there will be anecdotal evidence posted here about the "wonder car" someone owns--but check out "Consumer Reports" if you want the unadulterated scoop about any make and model.
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