Friday, July 26, 2013

Germany Invalidates Apple's Customer Data Policy Rules

The Apple Store has recently made updates available for its German news provider app, de Deutsch Online. Apple describes the app as a simple, straightforward e-news reader that would supply Germans with all the latest news and information that might come from reputable and reliable German news sources. However, before considering several app downloads, some privacy issues have been forwarded and it seems like Germans need to be more aware of how their private information is being used.

Sourcing a consumer group's statement on its website in a report by Karen Matussek of Bloomberg, eight out of the fifteen provisions in Apple's general data use terms have been hacked down by a Berlin court. The reason for this is that Apple's general data use terms are too farfetched and deviate from German laws. The Berlin court also reiterated that Apple cannot summon global consent to be able to access and utilize customer data, including their locations.

With the advent of apps being essential to many smartphones and tablets including the iPhone and iPad, ranging from social media like Facebook and Twitter to other mobile applications from PayPal to VoIP to City Maps, private information sharing is something many should be wary about. In the EU5 alone which includes France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and Spain, there are about 73 million cell phone users who play mobile games on their smartphones and tablets. Eighteen million of them are so into it that they find themselves playing for several hours each day.

Individual websites have made measures to assure the privacy of users and shopping haven Nordstrom is one perfect example. The mobile shopping application makes sure that their terms and conditions are easily accessible and that their FAQs include information about their secure servers, and how users' information is being used. Social games like poker, puzzles, RPGs and many others are just some of the top applications being installed on millions of iPads and smartphones and it is only imperative for users of these mobile applications to make sure that their personal information is safe and secure by being aware of the terms and conditions of each app. So, whether you are busy in an add-to-cart spree on Nordstrom or checking on status updates over at Facebook,, make sure your personal information is being used properly and securely.

Apple's customer data sharing policies have been found violating Germany's consumer privacy protection laws. The iPhone maker has been ordered to redo the way it deals with some of the consumer data as a result, reports, sourcing Bloomberg. Apple Inc. is already in the midst of a privacy lawsuit regarding its methods of information-sharing and the German situation seems to be proving that they are in quite a debacle when it comes to properly handling the private information of their users.

The head of the group Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband or VZBV Gerd Billen intimated that the Berlin court's ruling only showcased the unparalleled but often overlooked importance of data protection for consumers in a highly and widely digitized world. "Apple had already signed a binding declaration that it wouldn't use seven of the 15 clauses VZBV had objected to before the German suit was filed, the consumer group said. The remaining eight provisions were invalidated by today's ruling, VZBV said. German law allows recognized consumer groups to sue companies over illegal terms and conditions. Apple asked customers in the terms for "global consent" to use their data, while German law requires that clients know in detail what data is used for what purpose, VZBV said. Apple also may not ask for permission to use names, addresses and phone numbers of users' contacts." (Stephen Warwick)

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