Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The iPhone 5 and Supporting French Culture

France is one of the easiest smartphone markets to penetrate in the world but with the French government's proposal to put taxes on mobile computers, things may get tougher for smartphone manufacturers. According to the Local News, smartphone and tablet producers like Apple and Amazon might be subjected to tax rules that will help protect the country's cultural industry. This development might trigger smartphone companies to increase the prices of their products. If this happens, only major players will get the chance to stay in France for an extended time.

One smartphone brand in France that seems unfazed by the government plan is the iPhone, particularly the iPhone 5. No, it is not because of Apple's plan to sell low-cost smartphones to cover the quickly growing smartphone market in this part of the world but because of the country's transition to the LTE network. While some smartphone brands are racing to improve their features, iPhone 5 got unexpected support from France's Bouygues Telecom. The local mobile service provider has just been authorized by French regulator Arcep to refarm its 1800Mhz spectrum the same band that is used by iPhone 5. This move will expect rival operators to step up their LTE roll-out plans, which will benefit thousands of smartphone users in the country. Once implemented, the refarming will give LTE-enabled iPhone 5 units a lift. LTE is much better than the GSM services, especially when it comes to 4G services. Smartphone units that have this capability will definitely get an advantage in market share.

LTE services, or long term evolution, will change the way the French select smartphones. People in France are very dependent on mobile internet. Mediametrie reported that the French mobile internet now has 18.3 million users or more than half of the total internet users in the country. It helps French owners easily connect to the internet to send electronic messages, do online shopping, download mobiles, or take advantage of their carriers' VoIP services. With an LTE-powered iPhone 5, everything will seem achievable on their smartphones. With LTE, they can now play mobile games or scour YouTube for videos anytime and anywhere. The dependency of the French on mobile phones and other modern devices is hardly surprising. In fact, it isn't only the French who get their routines derailed without these devices as almost anywhere in the world; people find it hard to go about their daily lives without their handy smartphones. "It's the gadget that many of us would feel lost without. And so dependent are we on our mobile phones that we check them every six-and-a-half minutes, research suggests. It found that looking at their phone is the first thing many people do each day - as they use its alarm function - and is also the last. In between, phones are used to check the internet and read emails, as well as to make calls and send texts." (Ben Spencer)

Apple's iPhone 5 may look at Bouygues Telecom's plan of LTE revolution as its main advantage in the French market. The truth is, it is more for the growth of the country's telecommunication industry. It is for the sake of online-dependent community and this is why it needs to be pushed. It is endearing if you really think about it. The French government's aim is to protect its own like a mother to a child. Imposing additional taxes on computers and other mobile devices as well as streaming of foreign music and videos would help ensure the place and growth of local talents and artists for the hugely benefit from government funding. Yes, part of the tax collected is going to be used to fund and support French artists, filmmakers and talents.

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