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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Almost everyone in our crazy time ever encountered yes heartburn or indigestion.

If such an event is rare, there are no special reason to worry not, but if you feel unwell after eating, and do not care what you eat, that's when you ought to think.

How to identify the disease

Disorder manifests itself as follows:
abdominal pain
constipation or diarrhea
and other similar symptoms

Sometimes it's a feeling that you have filled the gas that constantly gurgles and hums. When this occurs, you ask yourself, how many of these symptoms are severe.

Possible options

Dyspepsia - upset digestive function. Comes from the fact that the body lacked the required number of enzymes responsible for the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). It occurs more frequently when the irrational, chaotic eating and drinking certain foods to excess.

If you ate a lot of sugar, grapes, beans, muffins, honey, peas, kvass and other carbohydrates, causing fermentation and gas, be prepared for flatulence and bloating. By eating large amounts of protein (especially pork and mutton), slowly processed fat (mutton, pork), as well as the products are not the first freshness - like symptoms plus cramps and pain you just provided.

Dyspepsia is often seen in people suffering from gastritis and pancreatitis.

Heartburn - a burning sensation in the upper part of the abdomen, throat (sometimes coughing), chest. Nature heartburn is that unnecessarily drawn gastric juice as a lava flow from the stomach is thrown up. If the considered symptoms appeared at you after a hearty meal in the supine position, after stooping, if unpleasant bitter (sour) you burp appeared for the first time, then this problem can be solved independently. But, in the case of recurring heartburn, especially when taking any medication (antidepressants, antihistamines, heart medications, birth control pills for women, etc.), you must consult a doctor immediately. And when you lose your appetite, and you end up feeling tired - need to run to the doctor immediately. Frequently recurring heartburn can lead to a number of serious diseases (narrowing of the esophagus, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer), as well as indicate the presence of gastroesophageal reflex disease.

There is such a diagnosis officially at 5-7% of the population. For frequent heartburn are problems with swallowing (reason - burn excess esophageal gastric juice). Seriousness of the disease occurrence can be determined only after a series of physician surveys.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Colon cancer could be a common malignance of alimentary canal system and has nice threaten to our health. In early stage, carcinoma has no obvious symptoms or simply has the symptoms before lesion cancerous amendment, whereas as time goes by, a series of symptoms and physical signs would seem.

(1) Abdominal pain and symptoms of organic process tracts: the overwhelming majority of carcinoma patients have totally different degree of abdominal pain or abdominal discomforts, like abdominal hidden pain, left aspect abdominal distention, nausea, vomiting, loss of craving so on. once food feeding, the symptoms could exasperate and generally could company with intervallic diarrhoea or constipation, that square measure simply confused with the common diseases of right lower quadrant, like chronic rubor, ileocecal infectious disease, ileocecal junction segmental rubor or malignant neoplastic disease. it's typically believed that the symptoms of rightward abdomen carcinoma manifest as pain within the half higher than navel; whereas symptoms of leftward abdomen carcinoma manifest as pain within the half underneath t navel. If cancer tumour penetrates internal organ wall, it's going to cause native inflammatory adhesion or native symptom once the formation of chronic perforation. the placement of pain is simply the place wherever tumour localizes.

(2) Abdominal mass: it's sometimes irregular and in exhausting texture; its surfaces manifest nodosity; throughout early stage of colon cancer and colon cancer, abdomen mass encompasses a bound activity and should cause pain even press it slightly.

(3) Changes of movement and stool shape: this is often attributable to ulceration or infection caused by tumour sphacelus. as a result of poisonous substance stimulates colon to vary gut evacuation habit: increase or cut back the numbers for gut evacuation; alternate prevalence of diarrhoea and constipation, or prevalence of abdominal intestinal colic before gut evacuation and at that time, it might alleviate. If the position of tumour is underneath or simply localizes body part, then some body part irritation could seem, like porta bearing-down pain, troublesome laxation. Dejecture usually manifests as shapeless like pasty, and is mixed with mucous secretion and bloody pus. Sometimes, great deal of blood content could mislead the diagnosing as infectious disease, enteritis, hurt of haemorrhoid so on.

(4)Anaemia and absorption of chronic toxins: once the surface of tumour sphacelus seems ulceration, the colon could suffer from unceasingly capillary hemorrhage. Blood being mixed with dejecture could fail to catch the eye of carcinoma patients. However, anaemia, emaciation, weakness or weight loss is also caused attributable to chronic blood loss, poisonous substance absorption or deficiency disease. Advanced stage carcinoma patients could suffer from lump, megalohepatia, ascites, symptom, cachexy so on. If tumour penetrates abdomen or bladder or different organ and cause internal fistula, then similar symptoms shall be conjointly caused.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Lymphoma may be a malignancy of system will develop in any a part of body. it always seems as a solid neoplasm within the organs made in body fluid tissues and tends to encroach on body fluid nodes, tonsil, spleen and bone marrow. it's simply unnoticed due to insidious symptoms. however the survival rate will extremely improved if its symptoms ar noted in early stage and take treatments in time. Therefore, it's necessary for North American country to grasp some symptoms of Lymphoma.

1. the foremost typical symptoms of Lymphoma ar painless superficial body fluid nodes, that grow bit by bit with sleek surface and within the hardness like nasal tip. Swelling body fluid nodes ar most ordinarily occurring in neck and supraclavicular regions, at that time ar in armpits and inguens. Some cases would chiefly gift the symptom of swelling body fluid nodes deep in body, for instance, swelling body fluid nodes in cavity, abdomen and pelvis. Those cases associate with associate insidious onset that once the patients ar diagnosed Lymphoma, the swelling body fluid nodes deep in body unremarkably ar each obvious to notice.

2. Progressive swelling body fluid nodes might have an effect on or continue tissues or organs around and cause correspondent symptoms. for instance, once superior vena is ironed by the swelling body fluid nodes in cavity would block blood backflowing to cause swollen face and neck, chest distress, hurting or troublesome breath then on. If the swelling body fluid nodes of pelvis and abdomen continue alimentary tract, duct or gall ducts etc. would cause blockage, pathology, jaundice, which can additionally associate with abdominal pain and distention.

3. Expect systema lymphaticum, Lymphoma can even encroach on different organs and gift correspondent symptoms. as an example, duct Lymphoma would show the symptoms like abdominal pain, duct lesion, harm and oppression etc., that ar same as abdomen diseases and viscus cancer do. Lymphocytoma body covering is generally mistaken as skin disease, skin disorder and eczema. If the neoplasm develops in brain, headache, blurring vision, disturbance of speech, cognitive state, and alter in disposition, nervous disorder of limbs or whole body, and even dysfunction in severe cases. once neoplasm invades bones will cause pain or fracture of bones, and if in bodily cavity might develop symptoms like nose obstruction, running nose, nasal harm, that ar like those of cavum cancer.

4. cancer may be a general disease, except the higher than symptoms, fever, night sweat, acratia, emaciation, loss of appetency, rash, itching, anemia and different systematic symptoms might develop in additional than five hundredth patients. From this, superficial Lymphoma comes with obvious symptoms that ar straightforward to search out early. except for the Lymphoma develops deep in body, it's troublesome to notice as a result of regarding symptoms would occur once the neoplasm is giant enough.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cervical cancer is one amongst the common malignant cancers among females. it's the sole cancer that with identified cause. that's human papillomavirus HPV which may unfold directly through dermal contact ANd has an incubation lasting for quite 10 years. Cervical cancer is preventable and detectable. Learning concerning cervical willcer symptoms and bear screening frequently can facilitate discover cervical cancer and take up treatment as early as attainable.

Signs of cervical cancer:

1. Cervical erosion

Cervical erosion: cervical cancer patients sometimes ar attended with cervical erosion, and severe cervical erosion is each main issue and symptom of cervical cancer.

2. Contact bleeding

Contact bleeding: contact bleeding is that the most distinguished sign of cervical cancer, which may be found within the style of colporrhagia in 70%~80% of cervical cancer patients. It typically seems with contemporary blood in vaginal secretion throughout sexual activities, medical specialty examinations, or creating nice effort once loosening stools.

3. Irregular vaginal bleeding

Irregular vaginal bleeding: emission amount return to previous girls years when biological time. As there'll be no symptom like stomach ache or waist pain, and therefore the bleeding quantity is sometimes low, it's simply unheeded. However, irregular vaginal bleeding is early sign of cervical cancer, that has known as several elder patients' attention to travel to hospital and therefore helped them with early designation and treatment.

4. Pain

Pain: pain sometimes happens within the lower abdomen or lumbar-sacral space, generally within the higher abdomen, thigh and enarthrosis. It becomes severer in emission amount, shitting or sexual activities. particularly once the inflammation spreads backwards to the utero-sacral ligament or on rock bottom of broad ligament, chronic inflammation of animal tissue next to womb is made and cervical cardinal ligament thickens, the pain can become even severer. once touched within the cervix, patients can feel pain within the bone fossa and therefore the lumbar-sacral space, whereas another patients will even have symptoms like nausea.

5. Increasing vaginal secretion

Increasing of vaginal secretion: Clinically, concerning 75%~85% of patients have varied degrees of vaginal secretion increase. Most of them seem as increasing of leucorrhoea, that later is attended with smell and color changes. as a result of the stimulation of the lesion, cervical glands of the uterus becomes active in its secretion operate and manufacture mucoid leucorrhoea. The abnormalities of the leucorrhoea, as well as quantity increasing and characteristic ever-changing, ar early signs of cervical cancer.

Experts from trendy Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou inform that, if you have got on top of symptoms, visit the hospital timely for examination and treatment.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tests commonly recommended to screen healthy women for ovarian cancer do more harm than good and should not be performed, a panel of medical experts said Monday.

The screenings -- blood tests for a substance linked to cancer, and ultrasound scans to examine the ovaries -- do not lower the death rate from the disease, and they yield many false-positive results that lead to unnecessary operations with high complication rates, the panel said.

"There is no existing method of screening for ovarian cancer that is effective in reducing deaths," said Dr. Virginia Moyer, chairwoman of the expert panel, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. "In fact, a high percentage of women who undergo screening experience false-positive test results and consequently may be subjected to unnecessary harms, such as major surgery."

The advice against testing applies only to healthy women with an average risk of ovarian cancer, not to those with suspicious symptoms or those at high risk because they carry certain genetic mutations or have a family history of the disease.

Other tests rejected, too
The recommendations are just the latest in a series of challenges to cancer screenings issued by the panel, which has also rejected routine PSA screenings for prostate cancer in men and routine mammograms in women younger than 50. The task force is a group of 16 experts, appointed by the government but independent, that makes recommendations about screening tests and other efforts to prevent disease. Its advice is based on medical evidence, not cost.

The recommendations against screening for ovarian cancer were published Monday in Annals of Internal Medicine. The warning is not new -- the panel is reaffirming its own earlier advice.

Although the task force has sometimes drawn fire in the past, particularly with its stand on mammograms, in this case it has plenty of support. Other medical groups, including the American Cancer Society and the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, have for years been discouraging tests to screen for ovarian cancer.

But some doctors continue to recommend screening anyway, and patients request it, clinging to the mistaken belief that the tests can somehow find the disease early enough to save lives. A report published in February in Annals of Internal Medicine, based on a survey of 1,088 doctors, said that about a third of them believed the screening was effective and that many routinely offered it to patients. "We are fueled by hope," Moyer said.

Ovarian cancer is among the more rapidly fatal forms of cancer. This year, 22,280 new cases and 15,500 deaths are expected in the United States, according to the American Cancer Society.

In most cases, ovarian cancer is already advanced by the time it is diagnosed. Doctors say the only advice they can give women is not to ignore symptoms that may be the first warning of the disease: persistent bloating, pelvic or abdominal pain, feeling full early while eating and needing to urinate frequently.

For its latest recommendations, the panel relied heavily on a large study published last year in the Journal of the American Medical Association of 78,216 women from ages 55 to 74. Half were screened and half not, and they were followed for 11 to 13 years. The screening consisted of ultrasound exams and blood tests for elevated levels of a substance called CA-125, which can be a sign of ovarian cancer.

Many false positives
The death rate from ovarian cancer was the same in the two groups. But among the women who were screened, nearly 10 percent -- 3,285 women -- had false positive results. Of those women with false positives, 1,080 had surgery, usually to remove one or both ovaries. Only after the operations were done was it clear that they had been unnecessary. And at least 15 percent of the women who had surgery had at least one serious complication.

To find one case of ovarian cancer, 20 women had to undergo surgery.

By DENISE GRADY @ New York Times