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Monday, March 16, 2015

In a world of almost 10% of people suffer from asthma .The prevalence of the disease among the adult population is 5-7%, and 10% among children.

Today, doctors are faced with the problem of late detection of the disease, diagnosis is delayed by an average of 3-5 years. Often people do not pay attention to the first symptoms of asthma, and learn about its presence when develop severe forms of the disease.

"Asthma can occur at any age. But more often it is diagnosed in children. And boys disease recorded in 2 times more often than girls. However, by 20-30 years in the sex ratio in this disease aligned "- says allergist.

Occurrence of asthma to such factors as genetic predisposition, exposure to different allergens, viral and bacterial infections, adverse environment, poor nutrition, bad habits. All this has a negative effect on the immune system and the body becomes helpless against various diseases, including asthma before. Physicians are advised to pay attention to the complicated attacks and wheezing, cough , it may be the first signs of asthma. In such cases, the need to consult an allergist. Doctors also remind that cure the disease in the early stages is much lighter than its chronic form.

Friday, September 07, 2012

Do you often experience dizziness due to low blood sugar or nausea due to hypertension? Are you a regular dieter who needs to keep a check on his weight fluctuations? Whatever be the reason, you cannot always manage to rush to the nearby doctor and get yourself assessed. At such times, it seems wise to invest in health monitors for self-check of different medical parameters.

With health monitors, you can do a quick self-check of your BP, blood sugar level, weight and other body values. Health monitors come handy during emergencies and also help prevent them. Regular checking gives you an idea on what measures you must take with regard to diet, medication adjustment or medical help.

Set Up a Mini Home Clinic
Thermometers are commonplace in most people's homes. With changing times, there is an increased awareness of medical science, increase in the number of disease sufferers and upsurge in the medical device innovation. All these necessitate that people invest in other medical monitoring devices as well. Such a proactive stance towards health may go a long way in improving the overall state of health.

It is important to buy medical devices of a reputed brand. Omron, J & J and GE Healthcare are some good brands to count upon. Omron sells a variety of health monitoring devices like blood pressure monitor, electronic fever thermometer, body fat monitor and respiratory therapy devices. Omron's range of health monitors is scientifically manufactured, accurate, sophisticated and user-friendly.

Dizzying Changes in Blood Sugar?
Diabetes is grasping all of the world population in its clutches. It is one of the top diseases as per the latest WHO reports. Blood sugar fluctuation is critical to the health of a diabetic. It becomes inevitable for diabetics to buy a self-check blood sugar monitor that is easy to read either by themselves or relatives.

BP Surging and Plummeting?
Blood pressure if not regulated can rise to values capable of causing a heart attack or stroke. Similarly, they can fall to dangerous levels that can induce a state of coma in an individual. Hypertensive patients on a dose of medications are at a risk of experiencing both, if they are not regular with their doses or if there is some sort of a trigger. Omron offers stylish and easy-to-use BP monitors for hypertensive patients.

Now Tummy in - Now Tummy out!
Have you been in such a dilemma where you felt unable to gauge your current weight and would worry incessantly about it? This is very common in young women and those on a weight loss regimen trying to trim down the excess weight. Moreover, obesity is becoming a nuisance in these times with every other person searching for fad diets in a bid to look the best. The Omron body composition monitor is clinically validated and analyses your body fat, BMI and visceral fat. It also provides classification of each of these parameters so that you know whether you belong to the overweight or obese class, for instance. Nowadays, a number of health clinics are springing up. Such small enterprises too need to invest in good quality digital fat analyzers.

Good Quality Nebulizers for Asthmatics
Asthmatics are dependent on nebulizers for survival. With Omron, you don't have to worry about the reliability of the nebulizers. These are developed with the help of respiratory therapists for patients suffering from asthma, chronic bronchitis and allergies. These are long-lasting, portable and put you at ease wherever you are. Omron also offers other accessories for this purpose.

Accurate Fever Measurements
A thermometer is the most basic medical equipment that any home must have. A fever is a common symptom in most diseases. Even an old, uneducated or scientifically naïve person must learn how to use a digital thermometer since very high body temperature signal an emergency and calls for immediate medical help. Omron's basic thermometer is simple and easy-to-use by the patient.

Nowadays, with uncertainty lurking in our life and sudden popping up of medical emergencies, health monitors are worth a buy. These health monitors tell us where we stand with regard to our numbers.

By Roger Jennings