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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Actress Kristen Johnston says wrinkles are hot. Kristin Davis says smile lines are beautiful. For men, maybe, but for us ladies, definitely not!

Wrinkles are what many women struggle against daily. Makeup can cover lines and creases to a certain extent, but it's just not that effective unless it's been expertly applied and is long lasting. There are more effective solutions, brought to you by the cosmetic medical industry, but may sound a little odd to you. How about one of these?

Keep Your Skin Smooth With These Wrinkle Treatments:

1. A poison: When you get right down to it, BOTOX is a poison, but that's why it's so effective at treating wrinkles. Featuring botulinum toxin, it is injected into the muscle that is primarily responsible for making the wrinkle or crease in the overlying skin, relaxing it so that it doesn't contract as much. BOTOX is FDA approved as a wrinkle treatment for frown lines, crow's feet and forehead lines. BOTOX (as well as other products featuring botulinum toxin, like Dysport) is considered the top cosmetic medical treatment in North America according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. There were over 5.3 million procedures
performed in 2010. Looks like this poison's popular!

2. Snake or bee venom: With the popularity of BOTOX, cosmetic manufacturers are scrambling to find alternatives that work in the same way - which is how snake or and bee venom have become the products of choice for many celebs, including Victoria Beckham, Kate Middleton and Naomi Campbell. Call it a topical version of BOTOX, since they all come in cream/serum form.

3. Hyaluronic acid: Add a little more hyaluronic acid in your skin through an injectable filler, and you'll find your wrinkles smooth away. Hyaluronic acid binds to water, and more water in your skin means more suppleness and volume - which is how the wrinkles are smoothed out. You can even enhance your facial contours, making them more prominent.

Stacie Morris is a writer for Botox Ottawa. Stacie's primary concern? Wrinkles, of course! Her favourite treatment is a customized skincare regimen at home (which includes peptide-rich products) and Botox.

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

The process of massaging involves rejuvenating the various tissues and muscles of the body by exerting certain amount of pressure, applying certain technique to specific regions of the body. This process helps in enhancing the functioning of the tissues, heals the areas that are injured and bring down the level of the excitability of the nerves. Full body massage can be performed using different techniques. Since ancient times, a number of techniques are practiced to provide relaxation and healing to the body. The three main techniques still practiced today are listed below.

Relaxation of the body
This therapy benefits by providing relief from pain, reducing the level of anxiety and improves sleep by treating sleep related disorders. The three main types of massage are:
  • Swedish: This is one of the most popular types of therapy. In this technique, various strokes are used to either decrease or completely get rid of the pain. It is said that the technique is quite complicated but contrary to this saying, it is found that the kneading and other strokes are easy enough to learn.
  • Deep tissue: True to its name, this type of massage reaches the underlying layers of the skin. The massage reaches inner muscles and tissues and can be used for providing relief from sports injury. Since the massage is deep rooted, most the specialists keep talking to the receiver all through the therapy process so that the receiver does not feel much pain form the massage.
  • Sports: Sports injuries are very common these days. The number of sports has increased and so has the rate of injuries. This type of therapy is worked on the receiver before the start of a match/game to prevent the receiver from getting hurt during the game. The massage is continued after the conclusion of the game/match as this helps in increasing circulation and prevention of injuries.
Apart from these popular techniques, another technique is very common and very popular- the technique of tapping. This includes:

Pounding of the fist: This is a simple method in which one has to form his/her hand in a punching state. Then one has to pretend hitting a punching bag and the punching must not be too hard. Gently, punch with the palms and it will produce the desired effect.

Tapping of the fingertip: One has to form his/her enacting a clap. Then with the tips of the fingers, gently tap on the body part that requires attention. This will ease the muscles and relax the entire body, bringing a sense of relief.

Karate hacking: Similar to the above technique, in this method the palm's side is used instead of the fingertips and can be performed over areas like the calf muscles. But care must be taken not to hit to hard, especially on the bones. Otherwise, all these techniques are stress-relieving and soothing.

While massaging, it must be noted that fragile areas like the spine and the kidneys must not be touched. This can bring detrimental effect. Otherwise, it is okay to receive and perform massage as it is helps in rejuvenating the body and the mind.

Author's Bio:
James Pattrick has a wide range of knowledge on topics such as tantric massage Maui, Tantra Hawaii. His articles have helped many a reader to achieve immense pleasure. He refers to for detail information.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Your hair is one of your greatest accessories this, I truly believe. The real beauty of a woman does not only lie on fancy clothes or on the most expensive high-heeled shoes. Instead, it is holistic health that gives any woman both her inner and outer glow. Besides, what good can a pretty face do if your hair is all tangled? Your hair does not only serve as an accessory, it is also a big part of you. If you know how to style it and take care of it, then you can definitely make a good impression on other people.

Hair health does not only mean that you need to regularly moisturize your hair and so on and so forth. Your daily diet also plays a big role on how healthy your hair becomes, and you must always choose what you eat as it has a huge impact not only on your well-being, but on your hair as well.

Hair Loss Antagonists
  • Spinach: This green and leafy vegetable would surely help you fight hair loss as it is full of essential vitamins and minerals that will be your shield against iron deficiency. A huge decrease in iron greatly contributes to hair loss, and all you need is a leaf or two of spinach.
  • Carrots: Vitamin A is integral in maintaining oil in your scalp. Since carrots are filled with beta-carotene which then converts into Vitamin A, carrots can truly help in making sure that your hair and scalp are provided with enough oil.
  • Walnuts: I'm pretty sure you have heard about the power within a walnut when it comes to maintaining healthy hair. These nuts contain oil that is needed for your hair to grow longer and stronger. Without oil, your hair will simply be prone to breakage, and you'd have to say goodbye to your dream of having long, strong hair.
Hello, Healthy Hair!
  • Salmon: Since salmon is jam-packed with vitamin B12, iron and omega 3 fatty acids which are needed for healthy scalp, nothing can ever equal the benefits of eating salmon.
  • Berries and Lemons: Collagen is a known important component of your hair. To increase its production, you need loads of Vitamin C and there are lots of fruits rich in this vitamin. Aside from citrus fruits, you may add your intake of berries which are also rich in the said vitamin.
  • High on Olives: Olives are rich in vitamin E, which is essential in renewing and revitalizing damaged hair. Vitamin E boosts the production of keratin, which is important in reducing breakage.
  • Lentils: If you are finding ways to make your hair grow longer and faster, then, include lentil in your diet. Since it is rich in folic acid, it would be helpful in increasing blood supply and oxygen in the scalp.
These super foods will surely make your dream of standing out in the crowd come true by providing you with long and extra strong hair. Also, you won't have to worry about hair loss even when you age by consuming these foods.

About the Author:
Sarah del Rosario is a beauty and lifestyle blogger from The Thrifty Senyorita. Aside from writing, she is also fond of painting and DIY crafts. She juggles all of these hobbies and never forgets that she is a wife to her husband and a mother to her little Blake. Currently. She is collaborating with Hair Booth, one the trusted online shops of Paul Mitchell products in sharing tips about hair care and trends.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Being skillful in applying makeup not only maintains a flattering skin tone but also helps save most of our time. The rule of thumb when buying makeup products and accessories is to purchase them in popular brand companies which all have positives to offer. While, some of them are a bit pricey, there are some other brands that are sold at a reasonable price without compromising the quality.

1. Moisturizers are a great way to keep skin hydrated. But when it comes to applying makeup, putting too much moisturizer can do no good. Experts advised to blot excess moisturizer when putting foundation. This is because too much moisturizer can make your foundation slip or glide. Make sure to apply only a pea-sized moisturizer and rub it throughout the face using your palms. Let the moisturizer stay for 1 minute before starting applying makeup.

2. Primers are a must. Primers ensure makeup to hold up for longer time. Primers should be put ahead of foundation or concealer.

3. Dark eye shadows and mascara should be applied first before foundation to avoid knocking excess pigments onto face. In any case, fallen pigments are simply removed by using a cotton bud dipped with clean water.

4. The right foundation is one with similar, matching shade to face and chest. Take a photo of yourself after applying the foundation to see how it looks like in photos.

5. Should there be only 3 essential makeup brushes you need - small and dense brush for eye shadowing; medium-sized and flat brush as blusher; and large and fluffy brush for removing and applying powder.

6. Use eye concealer in conjunction with eye cream. Concealer used in covering scars should be heavier. Also, eye concealer should be applied in triangle and not in circle or semi-circle to avoid panda effect.

7. When selecting a highlighter, go two shades lighter than your skin tone. And when applying it, mix it with foundation instead of applying the highlighter and foundation separately.

8. Choose a pencil lipstick that is similar to the natural color of your lips. For smooth and buttery lips, apply lip balms before going to sleep.

9. When looking for the right red lipstick, apply 3 lines on the lips then smile. The color that makes your teeth the whitest is the right red lipstick for you.

10. Choose the right foundation according to skin type. When you have oily skin, use a matte liquid foundation. If you have red skin (perhaps, sensitive), use a liquid foundation. Lastly, when you have flaky skin, use tinted moisturizer. When choosing for the color of foundation, look for natural shade for your skin.

About the Author:
Sarah Grace Del Rosario is a fashion and lifestyle blogger from The Thrifty Senyorita. Aside from blogging, she is also currently collaborating with in sharing fashion and lifestyle tips.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say. But there are various ways that can definitely help you catch any beholder's eye, and the initial step is eradicating the flaws that make you feel less of yourself. Although you may not be as handsome as Superman or as sensational as Marilyn Monroe, there are many ways you can boost your self-esteem.

Nowadays, beauty regimen does not serve its purpose for women as a large number of men are becoming more and more conscious of their physical appearance. Although unbelievable as it may seem, when you go to spas, you'd see if an equal number of men and women who seek for beautifying treatments. This is because beauty has now evolved from a 'want' to a 'need' cause all of us are striving for more than the acceptance, but adoration from our society.

As having said so, beauty regimens do not only come in capsulated forms as there are also a lot of invasive and non-invasive procedures for both men and women.

Lady Humps

Naturally, big breasts are much favoured for women and that's why there are procedures for breasts enlargement. However, if a man has larger boobs than usual, that's a completely different story. Gynaecomastia is rather embarrassing for men and this is why male breast reduction is now done for men who would like to reduce their unique gift. However, since this is a surgical procedure, any client who is considering this option must be holistically prepared.

Patients are given the option to either have this surgery done alone or with lipoplasty. Like any other reduction procedure, the excess fats are sucked out togive the breasts a firmer tone. There are surgical marks that can be visible after the surgery but in time, these will fade. This surgery does not guarantee a lifetime free of gynaecomastia as obesity can also lead to enlargement of the breasts.

Goodbye, Acne!

With the hundreds of pollutants now dominating our daily lives, it is absolutely unavoidable for our face to contract acne-one of the most irritating skin problems. Aside from topical agents that we can use, there are also treatments available for eradicating acne such as ellipse IPL.

Hello Forever Youth

So far, no one has ever found the fountain of youth, but we need not fear as facelift is here. This surgical procedure is useful in making fine lines less pronounced, as well as the sagging of the skin. These signs of ageing that we once feared are now just minor glitches with the help of science and medicine. Even though there are creams and non-invasive procedures we can use, facelift is by far the most effective surgical treatment to combat these signs of ageing. However, you must be willing to go under the knife is you're going to decide to have your face lifted.

Whether we like it or not, we now have to say goodbye to the traditional techniques of beautification. Thanks to the superior intelligence of man, we are now gifted with new ways to love ourselves more by bringing out the beauty that we truly have.

Sarah del Rosario is a lifestyle and business blogger. She is currently collaborating with, one of the leading providers of Cosmetic Surgery.