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Sunday, December 01, 2013

The British company Inscentinel issued a statement: you can train bees, teaching them to identify certain types of cancer at an early stage of development, says Zee News.

Based on this idea, the Portuguese designer Suzanne Soares developed glass apparatus embodying two trained bees.

The idea is that if the bees detect smell that they have been taught to react, they immediately rush into the small cavity where there is flavor. Professionals interested in the smell contained breathing person. Bees are able to detect odors imperceptible to the human nose, thanks to the special sensitivity to odors.

Bees trained, first giving them a sniff certain smell associated with cancer, and then feeding them sugar. Thus, in the brain of insects smell and entrenched Association awards. The idea of ​​a cancer diagnosis on a person's breath is not new. For example, actual breathing diagnose colorectal cancer. Already created a corresponding test, trapping volatile organic compounds associated with the activity of tumors. Estimation accuracy is 76%.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Iranian scientist invented the natural toothpaste that helps patients with cancer to deal with dental problems.

The fact that cancer patients, especially those undergoing chemotherapy, is hampered or impaired saliva production, it provokes dry mouth, which in turn leads to the development of oral infections, dental caries, tooth decay, weakening or loss of sense of taste and deterioration of quality of life in general.

Iranian researcher Omid Rajabi claims that they invented pasta contains special polymers that act like natural proteins found in saliva. These polymers remain on the surface of the gums and thus prevent occurrence of dry mouth. I must say that the idea is not new and has been in the west, there are special paste for cancer patients, the inventor does not deny it, but he insists that his pasta is qualitatively different from their foreign counterparts, because, unlike them, it is 90% of the components of natural origin and contains no artificial chemical soedineniy.Stoit also be noted that the compatriots Omid Rajabi has long been concerned about the problems with the production of saliva in cancer patients, so a little earlier Iranian scientists have presented the world their development.

Friday, September 06, 2013

There are a number of features common to all types of cancer. Doctors are advised to pay particular attention to these symptoms to detect cancer in its early stages of development and has successfully overcome it.

1. Pain in certain parts of the body. In the initial stage it just might be a state of discomfort.

2. Rapid weight loss. Cancerous tumors disrupt the metabolic processes in the body, and there is a loss of weight in a month or two.

3. A feeling of weakness. Cancer produces intoxication.

4. The high temperature. Violates human tumor immunity, and he reacts to it.

5. Changing kind of skin and hair. Cancer violates the metabolism and it shows in a person's appearance.

Monday, August 12, 2013

If twice a week to eat garlic , the risk of lung cancer will be reduced by nearly half, proved the Chinese experts.

More precisely, the risk reduction was 44%, writes Meddaily referring to The Daily Mail. Garlic helps even smokers - the risk of falling by 30% in their case. Meanwhile, smoking is at least 80% of all cases of lung cancer . The survival rate is very low - less than one in every ten are diagnosed live longer than five years after its production. By the way, the University of South Australia found that garlic reduces the risk of cancer of the intestine by almost a third.

During the most recent research staff of the Center Disease Control and Prevention, Jiangsu Province compared 1424 patients with lung cancer and 4,500 healthy people. Revealed a definite positive effect of fresh garlic. Will it heat-treated garlic, scientists do not know.

But earlier it was shown that a key ingredient of garlic - allicin - is released, if a head of garlic crushed or ground. The compound inhibits inflammation and acts as an antioxidant by reducing the extent of damage of free radicals. Therefore, garlic is considered an excellent remedy for colds , hospital superbugs and even malaria. Hence, it can work as a preventive method against lung cancer.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Breast cancer is a huge problem amongst women. Every second woman is suffering from this fatal disease. There are a lot of reasons which may cause breast cancer. If it is diagnosed in the early stage, it can be very easily cured. You can know about the initialisation of breast cancer, yourself. But once you discover it or even if you have a doubt about it rush to a doctor immediately and get it checked. The symptoms of breast cancer should not be ignored and it should be treated at the earliest and with the best treatment.

Many a times it also happens that there are no early symptoms of breast cancer. That is why it is very important to get the screen test before the occurrence of symptoms is developed.

If you find something suspicious during the screen test, or if any of the symptoms of Breast cancer are diagnosed, the physician will employ one or several methods in order to find out if you are suffering from breast cancer. If it is present, then a few other examination tests will have to be done so that the stage of cancer can be found out.

Signs & Symptoms of breast cancer

For Breast cancer Diagnosis, it is very important to know the signs as well symptoms of breast cancer. The screen mammogram is used to diagnose breast cancer and its use has increased manifold. But even mammogram screening is not good enough to detect breast cancer. Even if ideal circumstances flourish, it is sometimes difficult to diagnose breast cancer.

A lump or a mass is the most comman symptom of a breast cancer. It is painless tight mass which possesses irregular sides. This can lead to cancer but breast cancer can be very tender, round and soft. Breast cancer is generally very painful. This is the reason why it is very important to get any kind of mass in the breast or a lump checked by a health professional who has an experience in Breast cancer Diagnosis.

Some other signs and symptoms of Breast Cancer can be swelling in the whole of breast, irritation in the skin or dimples, pain in the breast or nipples, retraction of nipples, redness, thickening or scaliness of nipples or the skin of the breast, discharge of nipples other than the milk of breast, etc.

Many a times BreastCancer can flourish to the nodes of lymph which is under arm or round the collarbone, which can cause swelling or lump.

Thus, if you also notice any of these symptoms consult a physician right away.

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