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Saturday, May 03, 2014

Customized Experience, Consolidated Management

For some businesses or organizations, different parts of their website may require different live chat experiences. For instance, the live chat style can vary a lot for the home page, the product pages, and the support center. With Comm100 Live Chat, users can set up as many live chat plans as they want and fully customize them to match different parts of their website or even multiple websites while managing all the visitors, chats and reports within one account.

Customizable items in each live chat plan include chat button, chat window, chat invitation, pre-chat survey, post-chat rating and some other chat settings. All of the items can be freely tailored to users' business needs. Take the pre-chat survey for example. Users can choose to either enable or disable it and if they have it enabled, they can give it a new title and branding image, change the greeting message and configure the fields to be displayed. By using multiple live chat plans, businesses or organizations can provide customized visitor experience and at the same time, enjoy the convenience of consolidated management.

Visitor Navigation History Tracking

The ability to identify potential customers and know their needs is critical for online businesses to make effective customer communication and increase website conversions. Comm100 Live Chat offers a full visitor navigation history allowing users to analyze the navigation behavior of their website visitors and identify those with great purchasing potential to engage actively.

Users can easily see how many times a visitor has come to the site, which pages the visitor visited each time and how long the visitor stayed on each page. Together with about 30 real time visitor parameters, such as current page, search keyword, etc., the navigation history empowers online businesses to not only spot visitors ready for contact, but also fully understand their points of interest, which means more targeted sales pitching and higher possibility of sales conversion.

Auto Chat Invitation Rules Engine

When there are quite a few visitors on a site, analyzing each visitor's behavior manually can be time-consuming and sometimes, even impossible. To help businesses make use of each sales opportunity in a highly efficient way, Comm100 Live Chat offers an intelligent auto invitation engine to identify potential customers and send out chat invitations automatically based on the rules and settings users predefine.

Users can set up multiple auto invitation plans and configure the invitation rules, invitation style and message, and routing rule for each plan separately to fit into different business scenarios. There are currently 12 parameters that can be used to form the invitation rules, including time on website, time on current page, current page URL, referrer page URL, search keyword, visit times and more. By combining these parameters, users can set up invitation rules that echo to their unique needs and deliver a highly personalized chat invitation. The auto chat invitation makes it easy for businesses to take full advantage of the sales opportunities on their website

Integration with Comm100 Ticket

There are cases that cannot be closed right on the spot, be it sales or support. The ability to track and follow up on these cases, unavailable in most live chat products, is essential to an optimal business practice. On top of Comm100 Live Chat, Comm100 also offers a support ticket system Comm100 Ticket which can be seamlessly integrated with Comm100 Live Chat to easily convert live chats or offline messages to tickets for effective follow-up.

The integration enables users to either automatically or manually convert a live chat or an offline message to a ticket and the ticket can then have properties such as status, priority, assignee and more for clear responsibility and quick response. By requiring visitors to enter their ticket ID (if any) in the pre-chat survey, users can immediately get to know all the case details as the chat starts and provide a highly efficient and personalized chat experience. With the integration of Comm100 Ticket, businesses or organizations can keep track of all the customer communications and ensure that each case or sales lead is handled appropriately.

Integration with Salesforce CRM

Many businesses or organizations rely on the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to manage their leads, contacts and customers. Thus it's important to link up customer communication channels with the CRM system for streamlined operation. Comm100 Live Chat can be easily integrated with Salesforce CRM, making it simple for users to manage leads or contacts from the website following their sales or support workflow.

With the Salesforce integration, leads, contacts or cases will be created or updated automatically in Salesforce CRM when users finish a live chat with their website visitors, with chat transcripts and other information collected through Comm100 Live Chat added. If a website visitor is already a lead or contact in Salesforce CRM, users are able to see that in their chat panel and retrieve his/her information with just one click to make more targeted and effective customer communication.

Apps for Major Mobile Platforms

According to an IDC forecast, web surfing on mobile devices is to surpass that on PCs by 2015. The whole world is going mobile. So is customer communication. Comm100 Live Chat's handy mobile apps free users from the desk and make live visitor engagement possible, literally, anywhere anytime. Users no longer need to cut their live chats when heading out of the office.

Comm100 Live Chat offers full functional apps for almost all major mobile platforms or devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android devices and Blackberry phones. It enables users to keep connected with their website visitors while on the go, increase their online time and ultimately, boost sales and customer satisfaction. The mobile apps, complemented by a cross-browser compatible web version and an Adobe Air based desktop app, give businesses maximum flexibility and convenience to use Comm100 Live Chat.

Getting started with Comm100 Live Chat is easy.

1. Register for a Comm100 Live Chat account.

2. Copy and paste the live chat code onto your web pages.

3. Get online and chat!

About Comm100

Founded in 2009, Comm100 is the leading global provider of enterprise-level customer service and communication solutions, including live chat, email marketing, ticket, forum, knowledge base and help desk. As business grows fast, Comm100 has been embraced by over 200,000 businesses around the globe.

Headquarters: Suite 238, 1027 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC, V6E 4L2, Canada
Telephone: 1-778-785-0464

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Having a virtual office in your mobile device isn't as ridiculous as it seems. These days, it's becoming normal for a person to bring work home, or to keep in touch at least with what's happening in the office, even when in transit. And in the case of laptop users, you can even decide to catch up and do some last-minute stuff at a local coffee shop or, if in the mornings, get some work done early while the office isn't open yet. You can even get some work done ahead of time if you have a boring weekend. Whatever the case may be, here are some ways to go mobile with your office.

  1. VoIP and PBX services Aside from your standard mobile and online instant messaging, having a VoIP suits the idea of the mobile office, as it still allows you to be a part of the office's PBX system, even if you're in the office. That way, you can still receive calls if people are calling the office and the PBX is switching calls to your "desk." This will also work well with voice mailboxes, and can integrate well with legacy functions (more on that later).
  2. Landline If you have VoIP, then it's a good idea to expand it with a landline crossover, so that with some dialed commands, you can shift to a direct landline that clients or teammates can call, which will then switch over to the VoIP line.
  3. Mobile line It's still a good idea to keep the standard mobile line, given that some people will be contacting you through their mobile cell phones, anyway.
  4. Legacy functions It's no joke that many businesses still use legacy communication services. The most common is the use of a fax machine. Again, a proper VoIP setup with a landline crossover will allow you to send an e-mail as a fax message heck, you can even send an image, such as a photo of an important document (taken by your mobile device's camera), to a client or officemate's fax machine.
It's the same thing with going the other way you can set it so that you will receive faxes as e-mails. This is an outgrowth of having the VoIP and landline crossover, except that the idea is that the "legacy" end is a fax machine.

You should always make sure that your mobile device is secure. Aside from using all the possible default security measures of your mobile device, it might be a good idea to have a secure file vault, aside from encrypted e-mail. It's also a good rule of thumb not to allow the device to store your passwords. However much of a hassle it is, memorize as many of your passwords as possible.

Storing memory is an iffy thing some opt to have separate memory cards where they keep important files, then swap it out with a personal card for when they are out of the office. However, one good idea is to keep everything in cloud storage, and to make sure that all possible security measures are followed.

Office suite
Files will be useless unless you have the proper tools in this case, apps or programs to use them. Depending on your needs, a reader app might be enough, though if you will edit documents or even create them, then it's a good idea to pay for a full office suite app. Aside from that, you should also try getting a compatible keyboard. Typing on a small screen may not be the best of ideas when working on an office document.

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Tyrone is a freelance writer who's had extensive experience in the Outreach Program. This time he brings his extensive Writing expertise to Business and Technology. The articles he posts will surely be informative and comprehensive especially for individuals who are in dire need of these resources. He writes to cater impressive pool of different clients.

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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

In recent decades, there have been a lot of technological innovations that surely made our life easier. We continue to do research to produce information that is vital in the invention or creation of new technological tools, which are essential in making our life more convenient. In addition, we want to have a simpler way of doing things to improve the quality of life. Below are some of the technologies that have been making our life more convenient and enjoyable:

Smartphones for Better Communication and Instant Entertainment

The latest in the evolution of electronic mobile phones is the Smartphone. Unlike cellular phones, Smartphones have more functions and features. It can be used to perform several communication actions such as checking and recording of voicemail messages, sending and receiving of SMS or MMs, making and receiving of local or long distance calls, and so much more. Aside from these, Smartphones can be used to browse the web and to check emails. This is particularly helpful if users want to visit online stores or social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This can be done easily as Smartphones are Wi-Fi ready. Many models and brands support 3G and 4G.

Today, some of the most popular brands are Apple, Samsung, Sony and Blackberry. This year, the most recent models that consumers can purchase are Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5, Blackberry Z10, and Sony Xperia Z.

eBooks for a More Convenient Reading

Since the advent of the Internet, there have been a lot of technological innovations that followed. One is the ebook or books in electronic format. Unlike the physical titles, people can store ebooks in a very small card or memory space. There is no need for bulky bookshelves and tables. Reading ebooks is much more convenient as these can be carried anywhere and anytime without suffering from any hassle. It is also advantageous as it is environmentally friendly. Why? Simply because there is no need to cut trees just to produce thousands of copies of ebooks. In this way, ebooks become much cheaper. Deduct to the cost the expenses for ink and cartridge which are also eliminated. With these, it is very clear that ebooks are more beneficial and advantageous. However, book lovers must ensure a device that has long battery life.

Voice over Internet Protocol for Enhanced Communication System

The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is another technology that has become possible when the Internet was invented. It is a technology or phone system that relies heavily on the Internet in so far as communication is concerned. Today, it is considered as one of the most affordable yet effective type of phone system. That is why more and more businesses such as the small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are switching to it. This resulted in the establishment of numerous VoIP phone service providers that offer phone services in various packages or plans. One good example is the RingCentral business VoIP that has been making a stir among SMBs. This is so because businesses particularly smaller market players found out that they can have a phone system with greater functionality and flexibility without the need to fork out huge sums of money.

Very clearly, these technologies make our life more convenient by streamlining processes. In this way, we can do more tasks within a short time frame.

Authors Bio
Tyrone is a freelance writer who's had extensive experience in the Outreach Program. This time he brings his extensive Writing expertise to Business and Technology. The articles he posts will surely be informative and comprehensive especially for individuals who are in dire need of these resources. He writes to cater RingCentral Virtual PBX and other impressive pool of different clients.

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Communication can be rightly said as the blood of any civilisation and one can imagine the importance of fast communication easily. Isn't it? The mode of communication in the earlier days differed from the one in the present day world in terms of its speed and quality. The bulky modes have been replaced by the mobile versions of the same and one enjoys a smooth exchange of thoughts and information as and when he wishes. The wireless Wi-Fi connection on a mobile phone or a laptop is worth getting installed considering the present day scenario where the opportunities arise thick and fast in the important areas of one's life and in order to keep pace with them one need to be continuously connected with the world affairs.

The advent of smart phones have made it further easy to remain connected with the outside world as they have an inherent feature that enables easy and cheap installation of a wireless or Wi-Fi device in it. The companies extend additional facilities in the guise of free calls and text messages, super fast uploading and downloading speeds with excellent browsing speed for unlimited information even when one if roaming outside the town in which the company provides the services. The companies that deal in internet installation through a modem called ADSL or modem-less Wi-Fi extend benefits such as cheap rates of international calls, free telecom services with the purchase of a Wi-Fi connection, multiple email inboxes to facilitate optimum use of the memory space of the package/deal to their customers.

Why should one go for a Wi-Fi connection at all? There are some reasons that favour it such as ability to meet the urgent demand of many clients at a time, low cost, quality at par with the wired counterpart, installation within few hours and any time anywhere access to the internet. The only disadvantage of a Wi-Fi installation is that of security and some encryption technologists are trying to overcome this constraint as soon as possible. The things do not change in an automatic fashion but one should take initiation in improving his situation. The portability of the wireless connection proves to be very crucial in improving one's work efficiency as he will always be in touch with his colleagues and will not miss out on any important deadline. A continuous up gradation of one's knowledge about the current affairs helps not only to improve the efficiency but also his overall personality in the long run.

There are plethoras of companies such as Italy based Offerte Fastweb ADSL and US based AT &T Mobility that deal in wireless communication services to bring such services at the doorstep of their customers. The customers who install a Wi-Fi for their business or home purposes are growing in number. The modern day offices have changed their style of working as they often need to interact with the important clients from abroad. The western countries have high number of users of mobile versions of cumbersome personal computers equipped with latest communication mode.

Kristen is a freelance writer who writes on different topics such as technology, marketing and social media. She holds bachelor's degree in electronics. Her famous articles includes article on Offerte Fastweb ADSL. She loves to travel and make new friends.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Technology plays a vital role in our lives. Without that the invention of technology we can't imagine how often we would find hitches. In today's world we need technology where ever we go or to do any kind of work. Since the advancement of technology it is being spread into the private lives, it aids in having a much better life.

Here are some of the best ways to make use of technology for a better and longer life:

Communicating through technology is very common and has become as an essential platform for everyone on this earth. Communication without that the involvement of technology is compared to a desert without an oasis. There are different means of communication such as usage of mobile phones, internet, TV, PC gaming and fewer gadgets etc.
  • Usage of mobile help in getting connected easily with your world, this includes your family, friends and relatives.
  • There are many updated devices available on the markets like iPhones, smart phones with many features like video calling, MMS services, instant message services, online chatting and so on.
  • If you have children and looking to get engaged with them while you are doing some activity then the best way to entertain them is consider taking advantage of tablet or mobile games.
  • Smartphones and smart devices help to browse the internet, as they are portable and can do surfing from anywhere. But to browse make sure that there is an internet access around.
  • The updated and the ongoing feature of the mobile is "Bluetooth", which is a wireless device. With this technology, people are becoming safer and secure while driving without the need of holding mobile in hand.
  • Networking sites like Twitter, Facebook are used to share your feelings, gossips and ideas with your loved ones or with a stranger too. In case, you don't want to share with others other than your profile members, you can always make your sharing ideas private by making a few changes.
  • Another source which is making everyone updated about the world is Television. Without it, you may not imagine how your house to be. You have got the most advanced and expensive television sets with different varieties in the market. According to your requirement, you can choose the best one amongst them. The following are some new features  LCD, LED, HD quality, Bluetooth, USB port, wireless, CPU adoptable.
  • When it comes to home appliances that are designed based on technology, they help you in day to day life, to run smoothly without waste of time. Appliances like grinder, chimney, water purifier, micro-oven, toaster, coffee maker have their own features in saving time and energy
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Hi there, I am Maria from Manchester, UK a passionate blogger and writer. I write about everything in general but currently researching on PPI Claims and Health & Technology. Follow me here financeport