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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Please read the following article to see if any of the items listed apply to you. If they do - then a lifestyle change for you is imminent. It shows how smoking, alcohol, drugs, prescription medicines, etc can affect a guy's penis and reproductive system. Stress, anxiety, depression, diet, lack of exercise all play an important role in your sexual health also.

Definite DON'Ts

Smoking - Nicotine reduces arterial pressure and as a result, prevents blood circulation to the penis. In addition, toxic substances from smoking are detrimental for sperm maturation.

Alcohol - Alcohol kills reproductive cells and decreases sperm viability. It also disrupts the link between the brain and the penis. Excessive use of alcohol inhibits the creation of the male sex hormone, androgen.

Marijuana - Sharply reduces the level of male sexual hormones, disrupts chromosomes and promotes undesired genetic changes.

Overweight - Being overweight can disrupt your hormone balance and, as a result, the production of hormones necessary for achieving erection can become insufficient.

Anabolic Steroids - Anabolic steroids bear a close resemblance to testosterone and as a result, the body stops its natural production causing impotence to occur.

High Cholesterol - Too much cholesterol blocks the vessels providing blood to the penis and thereby reduces the blood flow necessary to maintain an erection.

Chemical drugs - Studies show that out of two hundred most used medicines; as many as sixteen are likely to cause impotence. Among the most risky are drugs used for the treatment of high blood pressure, depression, insomnia, ulcers, tumors, plus a couple of medications used to combat allergy.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Becoming a vegetarian will have many impacts upon your life, for the most part it will improve your life and your body. I know you are most probably thinking, well, why change now? Let's take a look...

A major reason is due to the meat itself, some make the switch to save the animals but the main reason I have found is because of the adverse effects the meat has on their bodies due to the high fat content. Changing to a vegetarian diet will reduce your weight rapidly and safely. Answer me this:
  • Are you overweight?
  • Do you feel full of energy?
  • Do you feel tired and sluggish?
  • How is your health as a whole?
  • Is your blood pressure healthy?
  • Does your doctor say your cholesterol is very high?
If your blood and cholesterol levels are high I would consider trying out this diet, even if it is just for a short period of time. For example if your blood pressure is high as well as cholesterol, you should switch. Get the most out of food and give your body what it needs, feel energized and refreshed.

In fact, many people that eat meat are overweight due to eating too much meat and eating too much fat that meat contains. More often than not, such a one-sided diet can bring on health problems such as diabetes or other, serious conditions. All of these problems can be prevented by changing your diet, even your doctor will tell you this!

Allow me to give you an overview about vegetarian diets today together with their numerous advantages and benefits. With this overview you should not have a problem to find the right one for you.

Types Of Vegetarian Diets Available

There is more than one type of vegetarian diet, it doesn't mean you have to give up on foods such as cheese or milk if you prefer so. The main types of vegetarian diets you can choose from include:
  • The Lacto Vegetarians - Those prefer not to eat meat or eggs but can eat cheese, milk or yoghurt.
  • The Ovos - Eggs are allowed but no diary and no other animal products.
  • The Lacto-Ovos - This diet is no animal products but they will eat eggs and other dairy.
  • The Vegans - If someone is vegan they do not eat any animal based products (meat, milk, eggs etc.). Short: Only plants are allowed
You can look at your own preferences and what you cannot be without, for example if you want to stop eating meat but still want milk or cheese. If so the Lacto is for you! If you want to eat eggs, choose the Ovo vegetarian diet..

You might have heard that saying "You are what you eat" - this is without a doubt true since your diet will play a big part in the way you feel. Without a doubt, this old saying is 100% true.

Why is this saying true? Easy - Because eating unhealthy with an unbalanced diet will bring on all kinds of health issues affecting literally any part of your life. Since it will have such a dramatic effect this saying is 100% accurate.

The Health Effects Of Being A Vegetarian

You will be amazed of the health effects being a vegetarian brings in a short period of time, you will feel energized, feel physically different in terms of weight loss and many more!

Once you started with the vegetarian diet your body will start cleansing and flush out harmful chemicals and toxins. It only takes a few days once you start with the diet to see this effect.

Most people who eat vegetarian have significantly lower "bad" cholesterol levels. The ones who also eat dairy products and eggs also see the change in cholesterol levels.

As the toxins are carried out of the body by the food the body craves and loves, all of the levels in your body effected by the bad foods will also drop and the pounds will drop off.

Once You Decide To Make The Switch To A Vegetarian Diet

Chances are, you will like your new vegetarian diet so much you want to let your family and friends know about it too. In fact, if you are a parent you will definitely want to make sure your child's diet is looked after as they grow into adulthood.

The big benefit of sharing the knowledge and letting the entire family be part of it is that you won't be tempted anymore if someone else would keep eating meat. It can be very tempting especially with all of the adverts on the television, radio and inside magazines!

Switching to vegetarian can happen quite easily and you can do that the next time you are out shopping. It can be as simple as to avoid unhealthy snacks and substitute them for healthy fruits. Also if you are a rice eater buy brown and not white. This is a great way where you can educate your children in healthy foods and how to find them in the store, as opposed to buying junk food that's unhealthy for them.

It is really important to educate your children from early on what it healthy for them and what foods they would need to avoid - education starts early and cannot happen early enough. You will be surprised how many children will understand it because most children love animals and will agree that a vegetarian diet will be a much better choice.

Smaller children wont realize that you are doing them a favor and protecting their health but later on down the line they will thank you loads for it! Their academic levels will also increase with this new change in diet as they will focus more.

What You Want - Some Tools And Things

One of the main things vegetarians do is change the way they cook. One of the favorite tools might be a blender. This is a good opportunity to make a shopping list for your next time in the grocery store:
  • Brown rice
  • Walnuts
  • Spinach
  • Limes
  • Cheddar
If you want, you can make your own list: Obviously, tastes are different and you will have plenty of room for experiments here. Who knows - you might enjoy cooking those new, vegetarian foods so much cooking will become your favorite hobby! There is also tons of vegetarian food recipes online. Google some out and take a look at some.

Just remember, you are saving the animals lives as well as your own by making the switch. Don’t tempt yourself away from the diet and stay on track, the results you will see may surprise and shock you. No reason to wait any longer!

About the Author: Mike Buyco is a regular writer at ihealth market website. Find out his latest post on african mango diet.