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Monday, June 02, 2014

Adipose tissue surrounding the prostate gland of men with obesity, creates favorable conditions for the progression of prostate cancer.

What is the prostate gland
The prostate gland - is musculo-glandular organ located below the bladder and surrounding the initial portion of the urethra. The main function of the prostate is to produce secretions, which is part of semen. Ducts of the prostate glands open into the urethra.

Prostate cancer
In the early stages of prostate cancer does not manifest itself. Complaints are associated with tumor spread and metastasis. At the stage the only manifestation of the lack of symptoms, allowing the disease to suspect, is to increase blood levels of prostate specific antigen (PSA). As prevention of prostate cancer for all men should conduct an annual PSA test beginning at age 45.

By increasing the size of the tumor shows the following symptoms:
  • Frequent urination
  • Difficulty urinating
  • Urinary incontinence
  • urge to urinate.
The essence of the study

Scientists have received samples of adipose tissue surrounding the prostate gland in men with benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostate cancer and prostate cancer. Regardless of prostate disease in men with obesity , there is increased activity of genes in fat cells. These genes encode proteins involved in the immune response, inflammation, growth, reproduction, and cell death.

Increase in the activity of genes leads to inhibition of the immune response and stimulates the formation of new blood vessels, which creates favorable conditions for the progression of prostate cancer. The study's authors hope that the findings will more carefully selected treatments for patients with obesity.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

By John Smith

Since the creation of enhancement pills, many a good man has been completely religious to the idea that this is the only way to go. When Pfizer Viagra first hit the pharmacy shelves in 1998, it was received with mixed feelings some of doubt, some of excitement, and some of fear. Yet today it's become such a widely recognized name for the cure of ED, that it's hard to miss it. Most men are quick to rush to the doctor for a prescription for the little blue pill as soon as they notice that things are not going as they should be, and while there are times when a Viagra prescription may be required for genuine ED reasons, most of the times you can boost your masculine libido by natural means, that way you don't have to worry about any nasty side effects or other problems. Fruits produce one such avenue for boosting libido. Some of these fruits are:

Watermelon is top of the list of stimulating fruits. It has received world acclaim in recent times as the "fruit that works like viagra". Watermelon is rich in beta carotene, phytonutrients like lycopene (which research incidentally also links to a healthy prostate), and citrulline, which, when consumed, is converted to arginine. Arginine is an amino acid is well known for being beneficial for the heart and immune system, relaxing the blood vessels, and improving the blood circulation to the genitals. Watermelon is also said to be one of the greatest controllers of Diabetes Type 2. While this plump and heavy fruit may not be as organ specific as Viagra, it sure does its part to relax the blood vessels without any side-effects that are related to taking pills and prescribed drugs What we used to think of as a refreshing summer fruit now takes on a whole new meaning after further investigation.

Pomegranate is the next on the list. It is advised that men and women who want to improve their sexual performance through boosting libido should drink half a glass of pomegranate juice per day continuously for half a month. This finding was based on a research done by scientists at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, Scotland, where 58 volunteers, both men and women, were asked to each take a cup of pomegranate juice continuously for 2 weeks. Imagine their surprise, when the researchers found that testosterone hormone levels, female libido, blood pressure, and emotions were greatly improved after the two weeks. The results showed testosterone levels increase from 16% to 30% and improve sexual desire in both sexes as well as improve morale, enhance memory, and relieve stress. Any fear, sadness, inferiority, high blood pressure, or negative thoughts were reduced and the individuals became more positive mentally. Pomegranate juice is so high in antioxidants that it increases the blood flow all around the body, as well as to the genital area. Coincidently, pomegranate also lowers the risk of developing prostate cancer and heart disease.

Raisins. Just raisins on their own, won't do much for boosting your libido, but it countries like India, milk boiled with raisins was used as an ancient remedy for boosting low libido. Adding just a pinch of saffron to the concoction added an even better kick! Raisins also boost the arginine in your body and heighten the production of sexual hormones. Regularly eating raisins can help to boost libido in any one who suffers from low libido.

Bananas, aside from their obvious shapely relation to libido boosting abilities, are in fact filled with bromelain enzymes that boost libido. Bananas are also high in vitamin B and potassium that keep your energy levels up for a long time. They also contribute to the products of testosterone hormones that increase sex drive.

Strawberries and whipped cream has always been a winning combination for spicing up a bedroom romp for good reasons. Not only are strawberries delectably tasty, they also contain high levels of zinc. Zinc regulates the levels of testosterone that are needed for sperm production. In fact, should a man have sex 3 times in 24 hours, his entire body's zinc supply will be depleted this is where strawberries come into the picture. Strawberries are said by experts to "seriously boost your sex drive" since they are a natural stimulant for both men and women. This fruit is also high in antioxidants that help the blood to flow throughout your body with ease.

Author Bio: John Smith is an avid writer and follower of good lifestyle and health habits. He specialises in writing articles on sexual health and some of the ED products like Viagra. He has a deep faith in the potential of natural cures and this is well reflected in his articles.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Men, especially the elderly, can get a lot of benefits for physical and mental health if they are dieting based on meat and fish.

In a study of Japanese scientists, which lasted seven years, attended by more than 1,000 elderly men. Volunteers who "leaned" on meat and fish, thus reducing by 39 percent the risk of reducing the mental and physical functions (compared with men who did not practically eat animal protein). Unfortunately, the same trend was not seen in women.

Initially, participants were asked to give details about their diet, including the consumption of animal protein. Health status, as well as social and intellectual aspects of volunteers was recorded twice - at the beginning of the study and seven years later. The volunteers were divided into four groups, depending on how much meat and fish are eating. At the end of about a quarter of the study participants showed a decline of intellectual and other skills. Basically this sad trend was observed among those who neglected animal proteins. While men who ate more meat and fish, in contrast, showed a significant reduction in the risk of cognitive impairment, as well as the development of diseases associated with aging.

Critics of the study emphasize that the work was not taken into account the intensity of the exercise - an important factor in mental and physical health. Nevertheless, it is generally agreed that the proper intake of protein is important, especially for aged people, when the need for this nutrient may increase.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Sexologists say that 90% of adult men masturbate periodically. With single men is clear, but why is it necessary for those who have a permanent partner?

What is the reason?

Lonely. Well this is, in principle, has been said. You are on a business trip, visiting mom at work, you have the critical days, you're at it for something blows, but you never know there is more reasons. What now, in elementary pleasures deny yourself?

Wrong time. Say you had a hard day, you're tired, went to bed early. And if you suddenly wake up from rhythmic movements near, do not rush to turn on the lights and start to resent. On the side of your man is, one might say, caring, he did not bother you in the name of his libido. So just select one of the two behaviors. Or gently whisper in your ear, "Oh, you're ready, I see - well, I do not mind" - and join. Or convince yourself that you all primereschilos awake and sleep on. In any case, can not go wrong.

Lazily. Reverse situation: he was tired, "the foreman at him all day yelled. I want to eat a bowl of soup, drink a beer and go to the TV, but first a good idea to remove the accumulated voltage discharge. You, of course, next, all gentle and calling, he'll, of course, loves and lusts consistently, but it's necessary any foreplay ten Kama Sutra poses, and indeed many movements Oooo ... To the elderly, by the way, it is quite common refers - still full of bed acrobatics gives greater stress on the body than a five minute manual manipulation. However, frequent masturbation in men in old age still too harmful (and excessive sexual activity). Masturbation can be compared to low-tar cigarettes. Yes, it slightly less nicotine than usual. But you smoke a lightweight twice. Masturbation and three or four sessions per day deplete the body stronger than sexual intercourse.

It will be small! There are men who categorically little sex hour before bedtime. Well here is libido, what to do. And such good health. Women now begin to sigh and roll his eyes, but believe me five hours of sex with a break for coffee and cigarettes - it's perfect for a holiday romance. But to live with such a man - a heavy cross. Do bedolagi-supermacho two choices: either start a mistress (two, three, four), or restrain their impulses manually. Which option suits you more? It's a shame. Masturbation in men can be a challenge to the woman. For example, if for some reason she does not admit it to himself (which, incidentally, does not make her honor: sex - one of the most effective, but the most unsightly tools of physical and psychological manipulation). Or if he is dissatisfied with how their divergent views on sexual relations. Let's say that the missionary position under a blanket man pleases only the first couple of nights.

Dreamily. Who knows, maybe he fantasizes about someone else. Do you really think that you - the only heroine sexual fantasies of her husband? No matter how insulting - Angelina Jolie appears there is at least no less of you. Though - that offense? As if you did not dream last night, as the three of you with Brad Pitt and neighbor Vasya silk sheets ... crossword guessed.

Without complexes. Perhaps for him masturbate - just another element of sex that has the same right to exist as everyone else. Basically, he's right. Do not try to share it with him nemudrenyh action? And try. Learn a lot of interesting and feel.

Well, quite without complexes. There are men (usually young) for which masturbation - generally weakly related to sex fun, simple pleasure, such as a cup of coffee. Well relaxed - who it worse? Only partner, which somehow drove it into his head that the right (left) hand - her rival. Lovely woman, and even if you were male limb rivals, the world would become extinct because of the high availability and trouble these.

And in general - sexologists say that masturbation takes about 90% of men. Most of them probably have a permanent partner. Sex and self-gratification you can get along fine in psychology men, because we are not talking about any competition. Men tend to be very well aware of the difference between love and the process of getting an orgasm. Therefore it is not necessary to sound the alarm anyway. If the "passion" of her husband still very worried about you, the best plan of action - do yourself and your relationships. Be attentive to each other - is a versatile board for all cases of marriage.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Once married, there are many things couples dream about, and when they begin thinking of starting a family, the furthest thing on their mind is artificial insemination. However, there are those times when it does become necessary whether it is male infertility problems with the husband. Another problem can be if you are a single woman who is looking to get pregnant. Each year the clients and ratings grow for sperm donation. When looking for a donor, it is best to weigh your options on which type of donor you want.

Known vs. Anonymous Donor

Single women wanting a biological child, or those unfortunate couples who cannot conceive can benefit from sperm donation, as it's safe and effective. The question, however, is if they prefer a known donor, who has agreed to release information on their identity, or if they want an anonymous donor where their identity is unknown. There are many factors to this decision both on a personal and policy level.

When it comes to a personal level, parents need to take both theirs and their future child's needs into consideration. Once your child grows up will they want to know what their father looks like, or will they need updated medical history or maybe want to meet the donor once they turn 18? When making the decision, parents have to balance out "remaining a normal family" and not wanting to complicate their child's life with the future desire of their child and the fact that they might need genetic information someday.

When it comes to policy level, many wish that the government would become more involved. They feel it is in our best interest for the government to step in and regulate this type of service. Many countries have already banned anonymous sperm or egg donation believing it to not be in the child's best interest, the parents or the donors. They feel that anonymous sperm or donation is being guided through the "infertility industry" because it is cheaper and easier to administer.

Identified Donor Benefits

An obvious benefit of using donors are who identified is it lowers the cost of sperm vials which can range from $500 up per vial, and chances are you will require more than one vial. Another benefit is there is a potential father figure for the child. However, many anonymous donors will meet the child once they turn 18. You can obtain information at the sperm bank and you will even be able to find out if your child has siblings.

Anonymous Donor Benefits

A benefit of going with an anonymous donor is that the whole process is not as complicated as going with an identified donor. This is really because all legal and medical aspects for the donor are taken care of before you become involved. Also, there are typically no concerns later on regarding custody issues or the donor wanting rights to their offspring.

About the Author:
Tess Young has been a freelance writer for over 3 years and has experience writing about fertility and at-home insemination topics. To learn more about sperm donor and insemination, she recommends visiting California Cryobank.