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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

There is nothing worse than getting in from the gym and feeling strained and tight. You wake up the next morning and even walking seems to be a struggle. You convince yourself it is because you have worked too hard and need a break. But, it happens again, and again, and again. The truth is you probably need some body massage therapy. You need to look after your body and this does not only involve working out and being fit. You also need to ensure your body cools down and your muscles relax. Whether you are an athlete or simply exercise regularly, this is a concept that applies to all.

There are many benefits linked with booking in a body massage in London. In fact you should try and do this on a regular occasion. One of the main advantages related to body massage therapy is the relief of any pain or stiffness. It is not unusual to feel stiff after a workout. A full body massage can help your body feel relaxed and at ease. Furthermore, a massage can help to eradicate any pain being experienced. From pulling a muscle to a more serious injury a massage is always a recommended part of the recovery process.

In addition to this, a massage is recommended in order to increase an individual's blood circulation. This is crucial because it ensures that all of the necessary nutrients and oxygen reach the organs and tissues. This is imperative for your body internally. After all, if your blood circulation is weak then you can suffer from high blood pressure. This can seriously damage your wellbeing and affect your level of fitness. Furthermore, increasing the blood circulation helps individuals to recover better from any injuries they may be experiencing as well. This is because the nutrients target the muscles and help them to rebuild themselves.

Another reward connected with massage therapy is the fact that it helps individuals to sleep better. There are many studies that have proved this point true and they have concluded that this is the case because the therapy affects the delta waves. Delta waves are the brain waves that are connected to an individual's deep sleep. As everyone knows, if you don't have a good night's sleep then you can end up feeling grotty and out of sorts in the morning. Exercising whilst being tired is not recommended because your body will not be able to adjust properly. You then increase the potential for stiffness and pain.

Apart from the points already stated, massage therapy is valuable because it helps individuals to constantly improve their level of fitness. A massage will help you to be able to develop your level of muscle flexibility and potential for more motion. The more you engage in this massage therapy the better your performance will be. If you continue this circle of exercise and massage you will be able to achieve your optimum level of health and fitness.

If you partake in regular exercise and are concerned about your health and fitness levels then it is essential you couple your excursions with body massage treatment. This will ensure you repair quickly from injuries, aid proper blood circulation, eradicate any stiffness or pain, get a better night's sleep and continue to improve your fitness levels.

Author bio: Maria is a freelance health instructor. She used Central Health to discover more about body massage in London. Thus, if you want to find out more you should visit this page.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Building muscle mass is not as easy as 1-2-3. Diet plays an important role in order to build muscles by increasing calorie intake and getting enough protein and fat. Aside from this, doing the right weight training exercises can give you the amount of muscles in the right places. Although building muscles does not happen overnight, by executing these weight lifting routines, you can immediately get the results you wanted. One of the most highly acclaimed home weight training programs is Beachbody's Body Beast. If you'd rather exercise from home check it out.

Warm Up

Warming up is very important before starting any exercise routines. It can help burn calories even without starting the exercise proper itself and at the same time, prevent injuries. It also brings the body into a condition where it can quickly respond to action as it prepares the muscles and activate the energy system of the body.

Gain that chest muscles

Bench press is the proven and most dependable technique in gaining chest muscle. Lift weights you can handle in 3 sets with 10 repetitions. The other way to do is to elevate the bench at least 40 degrees. This may be difficult than the ordinary bench press so lesser weights must be used. If you are not comfortable with weights, doing push-ups is also an effective chest exercise.


When focusing on your biceps, arm curls with dumbbells or using a weighted bar is the most effective way to develop those arm muscles. Pull ups can also be another way of developing biceps. Using a horizontal bar, lift your chin up to the bar by using your arms for 2 sets with 8 repetitions.


The most effective way to develop your triceps is by doing dips. You can do this by placing your hand at shoulder-width with your body stretched out. Then bend the elbows and lower body down until your butt nearly touches the floor. If you have an access to a dip machine, then chest dip may also be done.

Focus on quads and hamstring

In order to build muscles on your legs, doing some squats is the best exercise. Standard squats can be performed using a weighted bar. The bar should fit comfortably between your shoulder blades with your knees slightly bent. Lift the bar up and move backwards with one step with your legs slightly wider than the shoulder length.

Front squats can also be done by positioning the bar in front of your shoulders. Keep your back straight as you bend your legs into a squat while your hips are under the bar. If you don't want to utilize the weighted bar in building your leg muscles, you can do some Belgian squats using a dumbbell. By holding out a dumbbell in front of your chest, lift your right leg back so that it's parallel to the floor then bend into a squat using the left leg making the right knee almost hitting the floor.

In order to gain more muscles in your body, gradually increase the amount of weight you're lifting and at the same time limit the cardio workout. Through this, you will be able to develop and build the muscles you wanted in your body.

Author Bio:
Milton Perret is a content specialist for Through All Workout Routines website, he provides informative articles on workout plans, cardio exercise routines and home workout videos.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

In India, post the now infamous, tragic, Delhi gang rape, the number of women signing up for martial arts based self-defence classes has increased by leaps and bounds, resulting in a mixed response in context with the actual effectiveness of some forms of what is popularly known as "MMA" or Mixed Martial Arts. Understanding the pros and cons of some popularly taught forms of MMA, and juxtaposing them with practical knowledge such as learning how to remain calm during an attack, will allow us to develop an easy-to-master and easy to implement set of personal safety skills which will serve to protect us in case we are attacked.

One of the most popularly-taught forms of self-defence is Krav Maga, which constitutes a blend of mixed martial arts techniques such as boxing, Muay Thai, jiu-jitsu and Wing Chun, is non-competitive in nature and was developed in order to train Israeli Military Forces. Krav Maga is popularly taught, and is said to be effective for women as it is easy to learn and focuses on attacking vulnerable parts of the attacker's body such as the throat, eyes, groin and joints.

Aikido is another method which is popular due to its philosophy of combining self-defence without causing harm to the attacker. The philosophy behind Aikido is that when someone attacks you, they automatically lower their own defences, and that you remain defensively invulnerable if you do not counter-attack them. The technique involves learning how to fall, learning how to throw, and also involves mental and physical conditioning exercises. Its effectiveness is high but it could take time to master.

Jiu-jitsu is said to be one of the more female-friendly forms of self-defence as it allows relatively smaller people to disable larger and heavier attackers by disabling their centre of gravity. The method also involves gouging, kicks, choke holds and joint locks, which, if practised regularly under a trained instructor, would be highly effective during a fight.

Wenlido offers a combination of practical moves such as using specific words [learning to say "NO"] and various other preventative measures which are aimed towards avoiding a physical confrontation; physical confrontation, unlike the other aforementioned methods, is a last resort. Wenlido focuses mostly on mentally training women on how to ward off an attack, and can be mastered within 2 days.

Apart from popular MMA based self-defence techniques, some classes offer a blend of other, lesser-known but equally effective arts such as the Philippines based Escrima, which teach people how to use everyday articles and objects as "weapons", such as newspapers, umbrellas, even mobile phones. Escrima is a technique made popular by the Bourne series of films.

For those who are not interested in investing time and money into developing MMA-based skills, there are a host of other forms of self-defence, which range from wearing a whistle, to carrying cans of pepper spray, to loading handbags and purses with sharp objects to poke an offender with, and in extreme cases, carrying actual weapons. On a practical note however, it is safe to conclude that the most legal and lethal weapon every person can have is their own body strength, which is why learning some basic self-defence techniques, whether MMA-based or not, is not only recommended, but a valuable life skill.

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

No matter whether it was a new year's resolution or you have been fitness addicts for ages, it is getting extremely tough to fit workouts in your busy schedules. Almost everyone is living with a tight schedule nowadays coupled with a slight lack of motivation for exercise. This results in skipping the gyms and workout plans and before you even know it, a month has passed by when you last stretched your body.

How to Find Time for Exercise:

You only need 30 minutes for couple of days every week and that will be enough for an average person. If however, you cannot do exercise for this small amount of time, there are some micro exercises that you can do easily. Nonetheless, you have to make a schedule and stick to it to maximize the benefits. Following lines explain some sneaky methods to find some time for workout sessions.

Make Use of Lunch Hours:

Instead of stuffing a sandwich or chatting with friends in company cafeteria, lunch time can be utilized to stretch the body and refresh your mind. Therefore, you can find a near by gym offering classes in 12-2 pm slot or if you are a social guy, can go for a small walk with your friends. This will not only make your body to have some physical exercise but will rejuvenate your mind as well.

Commute Your Habits:

Everyone cannot manage this but if you can do so, you can get some welcome exercise while going to and coming back from work. For instance, if office is situated close to your home, leave the car behind and make use of your legs or bicycle. On the other hand, if you have to go far enough, leave the bus or train one stop before your destination and walk to your office. The advantage of commuting is that it will seamlessly adjust into your routines providing a myriad of health benefits.

Start Your Day With Exercise:

If you want to start the exercise, make it a priority and do it before anything else in the day. If you perform the workouts in the morning, you will not have to find time for it later on. Morning jerks are often more effective than coffee and things like gentle walk will do the job for you. If however, as a starter you are troubled by hectic exercises, you can use natural muscle building and fitness supplements to ward of the fatigue and tiredness.

Exercise Immediately After Work:

It is a wrong thinking to go to gym after dinner because in most of the cases you remain glued to your sofa or bed. So it is better to go straight to gym after work because once you get home, it is mostly very difficult to induce enough motivation and energy to attend the gym classes.

Exercise With Kids:

It is difficult job to handle kids but you can make it interesting by exercising with them. Therefore, instead of going to bowling, take your kids to nearby park for a gentle walk. Furthermore, get rid of your pride and enjoy with your kids and you can even take them to explore country sides on weekends.


These subtle changes in your lifestyle will definitely bring many health benefits for you and you will experience a better body and more energetic brain within that body.

Monday, March 04, 2013

Physical fitness can't be achieved if your abdominal muscles are not in good shape. Fat is deposited around the areas of belly button and one desire to have a washboard stomach. This is a technical term used for weight reduction and fitness on the internet widely.

People want to get rid of their chubby abs and tone it down properly. For this, you have to clear your belly fat first and then develop its muscles. It helps abs to give a firm look like in 6-pack in men. Moreover in sports, all athletes have to work on their abs fitness way to their back to strengthen their muscles to perform well in sports like in running sports.

There are numerous workouts that develop and fortify abs muscles but firstly you have to reduce overall body mass instead of targeting abs only. This will reduce the extra fat on abs for you to start with. Secondly you have to opt for workouts that target abs muscles. Effective workouts are available to tone done your muscles like compound workouts; including squats and dead-lifts.

Here are 10 major abdominal exercises that contribute to body fitness:

1. Crunches
It is a common exercise that focuses mainly on rectus abdominis. Lay down on floor with face up and knees bent. Tie hands behind the neck or cross them over your chest and then curl the shoulders toward the pelvis. Don't try to thrust against the neck or head in this exercise because it may harm you.

2. Situps
In situps you have to bend your knees to an angle of 45 degree with your hands falling along your thighs or simply crossed at the front.

3. Bicycle Crunch
It is one of the most effective exercises for abs to start with. It mainly targets the 6-pack area along with the waist. Lay down starlight such that the lower back of yours is pressed against the floor. Tie hands alongside the head and lift knees to 45 degree angle in air and make a pedal motion of a bicycle.

4. Captain's chair or hanging leg lifts
This exercise is commonly used in gyms today in which you lift the legs in air by supporting your weight on two arms of a chair. It also focuses on abs muscles, hips and obliques to tone them properly.

5. Wheel Rollouts
In this exercise you have to shove he wheel frontward until the whole body gets extended or tipped and then drawing the body back to its previous position. It is very effective in building muscles of abs but difficult to perform.

6. Fitball rollouts
There are different versions of Fitball rollout that target abs muscles, lower back and to some extent the shoulders and arms. You have place your body weight on an exercise ball by lying upside down, raising your knees from floor while balancing with toes for a short time and then roll back. This will exert pressure on your abs and help to tone it down.

7. Deadlifts
It helps to strengthen your back against a heavy load. You have to pull a barbell from ground by extending your body, deadlift with the help of heels and bring the hips frontward. Don't haul with the lower back.

8. Squats
In squats you have to bend the knees and hips to lower the torso by lifting the bar at upper back and then coming back to the actual position. Keep in mind that the hips should be lower than the knee joint before you stand up again.

9. Bent over rows
It primarily focuses latissimus dorsi muscle of the body with its different versions. It is commonly used in powerlifting and body building that helps to boost up your size and strength. You have to bend the knees with back straight over the bar and hold it firmly. Now lift the bar up to the upper waist. Return to your previous position such that the shoulders are arms get extended.

10. Seated cable rows
It is good workout to fortify the mid-back area of your body. You set your feet on the foot plates of low cable equipment having a bench to sit on. Don't use force while doing this exercise, otherwise the pay off will be reduced and may cause injury as well.