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Saturday, May 03, 2014

Customized Experience, Consolidated Management

For some businesses or organizations, different parts of their website may require different live chat experiences. For instance, the live chat style can vary a lot for the home page, the product pages, and the support center. With Comm100 Live Chat, users can set up as many live chat plans as they want and fully customize them to match different parts of their website or even multiple websites while managing all the visitors, chats and reports within one account.

Customizable items in each live chat plan include chat button, chat window, chat invitation, pre-chat survey, post-chat rating and some other chat settings. All of the items can be freely tailored to users' business needs. Take the pre-chat survey for example. Users can choose to either enable or disable it and if they have it enabled, they can give it a new title and branding image, change the greeting message and configure the fields to be displayed. By using multiple live chat plans, businesses or organizations can provide customized visitor experience and at the same time, enjoy the convenience of consolidated management.

Visitor Navigation History Tracking

The ability to identify potential customers and know their needs is critical for online businesses to make effective customer communication and increase website conversions. Comm100 Live Chat offers a full visitor navigation history allowing users to analyze the navigation behavior of their website visitors and identify those with great purchasing potential to engage actively.

Users can easily see how many times a visitor has come to the site, which pages the visitor visited each time and how long the visitor stayed on each page. Together with about 30 real time visitor parameters, such as current page, search keyword, etc., the navigation history empowers online businesses to not only spot visitors ready for contact, but also fully understand their points of interest, which means more targeted sales pitching and higher possibility of sales conversion.

Auto Chat Invitation Rules Engine

When there are quite a few visitors on a site, analyzing each visitor's behavior manually can be time-consuming and sometimes, even impossible. To help businesses make use of each sales opportunity in a highly efficient way, Comm100 Live Chat offers an intelligent auto invitation engine to identify potential customers and send out chat invitations automatically based on the rules and settings users predefine.

Users can set up multiple auto invitation plans and configure the invitation rules, invitation style and message, and routing rule for each plan separately to fit into different business scenarios. There are currently 12 parameters that can be used to form the invitation rules, including time on website, time on current page, current page URL, referrer page URL, search keyword, visit times and more. By combining these parameters, users can set up invitation rules that echo to their unique needs and deliver a highly personalized chat invitation. The auto chat invitation makes it easy for businesses to take full advantage of the sales opportunities on their website

Integration with Comm100 Ticket

There are cases that cannot be closed right on the spot, be it sales or support. The ability to track and follow up on these cases, unavailable in most live chat products, is essential to an optimal business practice. On top of Comm100 Live Chat, Comm100 also offers a support ticket system Comm100 Ticket which can be seamlessly integrated with Comm100 Live Chat to easily convert live chats or offline messages to tickets for effective follow-up.

The integration enables users to either automatically or manually convert a live chat or an offline message to a ticket and the ticket can then have properties such as status, priority, assignee and more for clear responsibility and quick response. By requiring visitors to enter their ticket ID (if any) in the pre-chat survey, users can immediately get to know all the case details as the chat starts and provide a highly efficient and personalized chat experience. With the integration of Comm100 Ticket, businesses or organizations can keep track of all the customer communications and ensure that each case or sales lead is handled appropriately.

Integration with Salesforce CRM

Many businesses or organizations rely on the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to manage their leads, contacts and customers. Thus it's important to link up customer communication channels with the CRM system for streamlined operation. Comm100 Live Chat can be easily integrated with Salesforce CRM, making it simple for users to manage leads or contacts from the website following their sales or support workflow.

With the Salesforce integration, leads, contacts or cases will be created or updated automatically in Salesforce CRM when users finish a live chat with their website visitors, with chat transcripts and other information collected through Comm100 Live Chat added. If a website visitor is already a lead or contact in Salesforce CRM, users are able to see that in their chat panel and retrieve his/her information with just one click to make more targeted and effective customer communication.

Apps for Major Mobile Platforms

According to an IDC forecast, web surfing on mobile devices is to surpass that on PCs by 2015. The whole world is going mobile. So is customer communication. Comm100 Live Chat's handy mobile apps free users from the desk and make live visitor engagement possible, literally, anywhere anytime. Users no longer need to cut their live chats when heading out of the office.

Comm100 Live Chat offers full functional apps for almost all major mobile platforms or devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android devices and Blackberry phones. It enables users to keep connected with their website visitors while on the go, increase their online time and ultimately, boost sales and customer satisfaction. The mobile apps, complemented by a cross-browser compatible web version and an Adobe Air based desktop app, give businesses maximum flexibility and convenience to use Comm100 Live Chat.

Getting started with Comm100 Live Chat is easy.

1. Register for a Comm100 Live Chat account.

2. Copy and paste the live chat code onto your web pages.

3. Get online and chat!

About Comm100

Founded in 2009, Comm100 is the leading global provider of enterprise-level customer service and communication solutions, including live chat, email marketing, ticket, forum, knowledge base and help desk. As business grows fast, Comm100 has been embraced by over 200,000 businesses around the globe.

Headquarters: Suite 238, 1027 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC, V6E 4L2, Canada
Telephone: 1-778-785-0464

Sunday, October 06, 2013

The Nokia Lumia 925 is the most refined, and improved version of its sibling, the Lumia 920, bringing a variety of cool features, apps, and solid specs for a much incredible mobile entertainment. Unlike the polycarbonate bodies of other Lumia units, this handset is the very first to introduce the metal body to the family, so it looks quite premium and sleek. Apart from that, it also offers a mid-sized AMOLED display, slightly better rear camera, user-friendly operating system, and a dual core processor for seamless multitasking.

Design and Display

Design-wise, the Lumia 925 is fairly similar to the Lumia 920. But what makes it more attractive is the aluminum frame surrounding the unit, unlike its other Lumia siblings, which are mostly made of quality plastic. Apart from the metal frame, another asset of this unit is its thin profile. It is actually the thinnest Lumia yet at only 8.5 mm. As to what you would expect from its svelte body, it is also lightweight at only 139 grams lighter than the bulky Lumia 920, which weighs 185 grams.

Build quality is excellent and its smooth curved sides give you a solid yet comfortable feel in the hand. Up top sits the standard headphone jack, micro USB port, and microSIM slot. Along the right hand side, you can find the power button, volume control rocket, and the shutter button while the left hand side is totally bare.

The front of the Nokia Lumia 925 is dominated by a large, 4.5-inch display. It uses an AMOLED screen, so you can clearly view images and read messages even under direct sunlight. It’s bright, razor sharp, and vibrant. Colors are vivid, and viewing angles are also quite impressive. It offers 768 x 1280 pixel resolution, and uses PureMotion HD+ ClearBlack technology just like its predecessor, thereby giving you a satisfying viewing experience.


The camera of the Lumia 925 is slightly beefed up as compared to the Lumia 920. Just like the latter, it uses a 8.7 megapixel sensor. The only difference is that it uses Carl Zeiss optics, which is more than enough for mobile camera aficionados out there. Apart from that, it offers more clever features and other useful functions to capture the Kodak moments with your loved ones.

Some of the cool features you can enjoy include the Bing vision, cinemagraph, panorama, and the Nokia Smart camera. Another notable feature is the optical image stabilization, which greatly reduces the camera shake effect, especially when recording videos.


Powered by a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, the Lumia 925 is good enough for those who are into multi tasking but not as great as compared to its rivals with quad core processors. And with Windows Phone 8 operating system, navigation is made easier and smoother. The OS comes with a number of features including the popular social network apps like Facebook and Twitter. Web browsing is also quick, so you can always visit your favorite websites without any hassle or delays.

Call quality on the other hand is slightly disappointing, so you may encounter minor problems, especially when you’re calling at a noisy place. This is just a heads up for those who are engaged with other third party services just like the RingCentral. Nevertheless, it still allows you to keep in touch with your loved ones anytime, anywhere with its extensive connectivity options and good battery performance.

  • Excellent build quality
  • Slim and lightweight design.
  • Much improved rear camera

  • Only offers 16 GB of storage.
  • Poor call quality.
Overall, the Nokia Lumia 925 is undeniably a great Windows Phone 8 Smartphone with solid specs. It’s classy, stylish, durable, and lightweight. However, there is no denying that it sits in an odd position because it is quite similar to its predecessor, with only little improvement. Nevertheless, it’s certainly a better performer than the latter.

Authors Bio
Tyrone is a freelance writer who’s had extensive experience in the Outreach Program. This time he brings his extensive Writing expertise to Business and Technology. The articles he posts will surely be informative and comprehensive especially for individuals who are in dire need of these resources. He writes to cater RingCentral Virtual PBX and other impressive pool of different clients.

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Friday, October 04, 2013

After the release of the Google Nexus 7, here comes the much improved Nexus 7 2. Due to its superb features, it is considered as the best non-iPad tablet in the market today. Google and Asus came up with this tablet that somehow surpassed the iPad in terms of the screen display.


The Google Nexus 7 2 is sleek and sexy with a silky soft-touch black plastic that feels great I the hand. Its thin hard plastic seam between the screen and the back is far less pronounced than fake metallic join on the original. It flaunts a 7-inch full color touchscreen, in retina class, with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels as compared to the Kindle Fire HD 7's 1280 x 800 pixels and iPad Mini's 1024 x 768 pixels. It is 6mm narrower, 2mm thinner and 50g lighter than its predecessor.

Its headphone jack at 3.5mm is located at the top while the microUSB charging socket is at the bottom. Placed at the back, one at the back and one at the bottom are the speaker grills, plus the 5MP rear camera.

Camera and Speakers

A 1.2MP front camera and a 5MP camera would be good in capturing moments. Taking pictures outdoors will result to decent quality. However, when taking snapshots in indoor or low-light, the quality could be disappointing. Pictures lack definition and noise is very evident. Although there could jitters and problems in focus, the camera is good in terms of video taking and video calling. When taken in good light levels, video quality at 1080p video is impressive, images are bright and vibrant.

Its more powerful surround speakers and drivers by Fraunhofer made a big difference in the performance of the Nexus 7 2 compared to its predecessor. Its location in the top and bottom makes it easier to hold in portrait since it will not be covered. Music playing and video streaming will be a good experience given the satisfactory quality of sound it produces.


The Nexus 7 2 tablet is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon S4Pro running at 1.5GHz with an Adreno 320 GPU and 2GB of RAM. This is a very good advantage among the other tablets available in the market. When used in gaming, the Nexus 7 2 is superb in performance. You can play even the most intensive 3D games available.

This tablet is the first Google device that uses the latest Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. One of the best features of the Android 4.3 is the ability to add multiple user profiles. With this, profiles can be kept private and restricted from children and other users without concerns. Downloading applications would not be a hassle since the Android 4.3 is compatible with almost every app available in the market. Although the Google apps are already available, you are not stuck or limited to Google alone. Third party apps and services like RingCentral will also be enjoyed.

Its 3,950 mAh battery is claimed by Google to last 9 hours in active use, but independent tests show that it can only last up to 6 hours, playing a 720p video with screen brightness of 50%. This battery life is good enough for video playing, internet browsing and other stuff you might wish to do.

One feature added by Google is wireless charging.

  • High Resolution
  • Impressive Processor
  • Good Battery Life
  • Android 4.3 Jelly Bean
  • Expensive
  • Front Camera at only 1.3 MP
  • No SD slot
With the features displayed by the Nexus 7 2, it is indeed a great buy for those who crave for gadgets with great quality and style. Eventhough it may cost quite a lot, your money will be worth it because of the performance and features of this tablet.

Authors Bio
Tyrone is a freelance writer who's had extensive experience in the Outreach Program. This time he brings his extensive Writing expertise to Business and Technology. The articles he posts will surely be informative and comprehensive especially for individuals who are in dire need of these resources. He writes to cater RingCentral Virtual PBX and other impressive pool of different clients.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Shopping for gift items in wholesale can be a mess, if you are in the wrong store. This is why we at ThumbsUp UK, have been innovating throughout the years in improving our services to our customers. Since the establishment of our store back in 2004, we have been committed to distribute the latest interesting products available.

Once you visit the Thumbs Up website, you will discover that we are not your usual kind of wholesale gift shop, especially if you are looking for unique and high quality gifts. We are proud to say that our store truly deserves our name, because we literally have something for your customers, no matter where you are.

We have a wide range of extraordinary products from our categories such as Tech, Fun Stuff, Party Time, Living Extra, Boys' Toys, Gadget Girl, and Timezone. Our items have fast turn around time because we make sure that we are selling the latest gift items and accessories to our local and international retailers, online and offline.

Below are some of the hot gift items that are now available at ThumbsUp:
  1. An iPhone Retro Cassette Cover that looks like an old audio cassette and can protect your phone from dust and damage
  2. A waterproof case for iPads so you can still read the news online while taking a bath
  3. A hilarious Dancing Cat Speaker that does not only plays music, but dances with it as well
  4. A Talking Toilet Paper, where user can record a voice, which will then be heard by the next user once he pulls on the paper
  5. Emoticon Balls, including Happy Harry, Clumsy Claude, and Uh-Oh Olly. They create sounds when thrown in the air or any movement with impact.
Here at ThumbsUp, we design, manufacture, and supply wholesale gifts, keeping us ahead in this industry. To do this, we have a creative R&D team that has a "sky is the limit" approach in product development and do beyond the normal way of cultivating its imagination.

ThumbsUp store is located in Middlesex, United Kingdom, but we also have offices in Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, United Arab Emirates, and USA. We have a healthy professional relationship with various factories worldwide, to ensure that you can buy our products in any part of the globe.

And because ThumbsUp believes that gift shopping is not about making people happy and offering the best customer experience, we also comply with the strict standards when it comes to safety, health, and being friendly with the environment.

We were awarded an ISO 9001 certificate for our proactive approach in providing customer satisfaction. We only sell products that have CE marking, which is required to manufacturers of specific products to make sure that they conform with the EU safety standards.

You can be sure that ThumbsUp sells products that meet the RoHS regulation about the restriction of using hazardous materials when manufacturing the product. We show our love for Mother Nature by being involved with various recycling activities. We are therefore engaged in the Green Dot scheme, which encourages manufacturers to reduce packaging materials.

If you are among those who want to enjoy these benefits when shopping for gifts and gadgets in wholesale, buy them at You can also visit, which is our online community where you can read and upload reviews, images, and videos about the products we are selling.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A number of mobile companies in this Modern Era are aspiring to be on top of the list when it comes to creating the best Smartphones. The latest mobile devices are still used primarily for communicating with clients and loved ones, but there are more advanced features that are in fact very advantageous. Businessmen nowadays are more inclined to purchase Smartphones rather than the usual feature phones. Aside from its faster processors and enhanced screen display, the Voice over Internet Protocol technology can be supported by the Smartphone. When opting to invest for your business phone needs, it is vital to choose the best services in the market such as the RingCentral phone service providers. They offer various types of products and reinforcements which aim to give clients the satisfaction of their communication requirements. Every business should be flexible in adapting what technology can offer these days, especially in the aspect of communication. Having the ability to make the incoming as well as the outgoing calls flow smoothly in an office pushes the possibility for a more organized and successfully inclined business.

The ZTE mobile company is a Chinese Corporation which largely focuses manufacturing various equipment to be used in the telecommunications industry. Its roots began in 1980's and continued to grow until it distributed its products all over the world. In the second quarter of 2013, ZTE will be releasing the ZTE Blade III Pro. Surely, many Smartphone fanatics will be buzzing about this unit when it will be sold in the market.

Basic Features of the ZTE Blade III Pro

Most of the latest Smartphones that were released this year have bigger screens, clearer resolutions in the display and camera, added connectivity features, and many more attributes that make them quite pricey. The ZTE Blade III Pro however is a middle range handy phone which can be best described as highly functional yet easy on the budget. The 4-inch display makes the unit manageable even with just one hand. Its screen resolution is 480 x 800 pixels in a 233 ppi pixel density. With a Random Access Memory of 1GB, it is capacitated to let a number of software applications function smoothly without decreasing the overall functionality of the whole unit.

Memory, Data and Other Distinct Features

The ZTE mobile company manufactured this Smartphone to have a memory card slot for an additional memory space of 32GB and a couple with its internal memory of only 4GB. As an Android device, it is installed with the Jelly Bean operating system in version 4.1. Along with this are its processors; a GPU of Adreno 302, CPU of Cortex-A5 Dual-core 1.2 GHz, and chipset of Qualcomm MSM8225 Snapdragon. The primary connectivity characteristics of a Smartphone are present in this device such as its Wi-Fi ability, Bluetooth, HSUPA and HSDPA, Wi-Fi-Direct, and DLNA.

  • There is no longer a need to download an FM radio application since such feature is readily available in the device.
  • Sharing the Internet connection with other Wi-Fi abled devices may be done since it has a tethering capability.
  • Music lovers can enjoy listening to music and other audio files with this unit's sound enhancement by Dolby mobile.
  • The ZTE Blade III Pro is only manufactured in the colors white and black.
  • Secondary camera is not very impressive since it is only VGA in quality.
Authors Bio
Tyrone is a freelance writer who's had extensive experience in the Outreach Program. This time he brings his extensive Writing expertise to Business and Technology. The articles he posts will surely be informative and comprehensive especially for individuals who are in dire need of these resources. He writes to cater RingCentral Virtual PBX and other impressive pool of different clients. Connect with Tyrone on Google+