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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Most people don't think about shoes when they think about being healthy. You might think about getting proper sleep, eating a healthy and nutritional diet, having regular exercise, and managing stress, but you probably aren't going to think about wearing the proper shoes. However, wearing comfortable shoes that offer your feet all of the support that they need can greatly contribute to your health.

Many people women especially will go to extremes to look good. They wear unusually high heels that are not good for their bodies. Studies have shown that wearing these types of shoes may give you back injuries later in life. Men, however, are also guilty of wearing shoes that do not offer the proper support that their feet need. Both men and women frequently wear shoes that are uncomfortable for whatever reason.

There are many health benefits associated with wearing comfortable shoes. With the proper support in tools like orthopedically designed airbeds, your feet will get the support that they need, and you can avoid ankle, leg, or back injuries. Also, if your shoes are more comfortable, you will be more likely to walk on a regular basis. You would probably go out of your way to avoid walking if your shoes were pinching your feet and giving you blisters all of the time, right? Wearing uncomfortable shoes can also increase your stress levels, and we all know how negative stress can be on several aspects of a person's health.

Many people think of comfortable shoes as being ugly shoes. This may have been true in the past, but there are starting to be more and more options when it comes to comfortable shoes. For example, Born shoes offers many different styles and models from dress shoes to sandals to boots for both men and women. Also, Clarks shoes offer a wide variety of comfort shoes, and they even offer some pairs of heels. With brands like Born and Clarks, being comfortable does not mean that you have to also be unfashionable.

The important thing is that the human body works best when you are taking care of the entire thing, and many people neglect the feet. One of the best ways to have healthy feet is to wear comfortable shoes that offer you proper support. For more suggestions on comfortable shoes, you can ask your orthopedic doctor and see which shoes he or she would recommend.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

There are three major classification of how a runner's foot strikes the ground:

Heel Striking
Heel lands first, then the forefoot comes down (heel-toe running)

Midfoot Striking
Heel and ball of the foot land simultaneously

Forefoot Striking
Ball of the foot lands first (usually below the 4th and 5th metatarsals) before the heel comes down (toe-heel-toe running

"Approximately 75% of habitually shod runners all over the world heel strike (Hasegawa et al., 2007)."

Running injuries
Studies suggest that at least 30% of runners get injured every year, and many of these injuries stem from problems that arise in the foot or lower leg (va Gent et al., 2007).

Bere Foot for Long Running
The bare foot may be well suited for running long distance without requiring modern, heavily cushioned, high-heeled running shoes.

Running Shoes vs. Bare Foot
Most runners who wear standard running shoes usually heel strike, but our research suggests that most barefoot or minimally shoe endurance runners barefoot and sometime midfoot strike.

History of Running
Human and our recent ancestors have been accomplished endurance runners for more than a million years (Bramble and Lieberman, 2004).

Minimal Footware
Humans evolved to run and before the mid 1970s all humans ran in either no shoes or very minimal footwear such as sandals, moccasins or thin running flats.

Safely Foot Landing
Humans were able to run comfortably and safely when barefoot or in minimal footwear by landing with a flat foot (midfoot strike) or by landing on the ball of the foot before bringing down the heel (barefoot strike).

Is a study gathered and illustrated By about the advantages of barefoot running.