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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's a well known fact that car prices fluctuate wildly throughout the year. They can be influenced by a whole host of things the weather, the season, public events, even celebrities. In order to get the best price for a car, you need to sell it at the right time. The question is, how can you ever know when the right time to sell a particular car might be?

Fortunately, there are some tell tale signs that you can use to make sure that you'll get the best possible price for your vehicle. Here are some of the questions that you must ask yourself before you decide to sell.

Is The Car Paid For?

You are advised to find out whether or not you are 'upside down' on the loan you used to pay for the vehicle. If you paid for your car using cash this isn't an issue, but if you paid using credit it can be a big problem. For example, you buy a new car for a total of £35,000. After three years you decide to sell it. Your payoff on the loan is still £15,000, but your car is now only worth £12,000 leaving a shortfall of £3,000 that you still must pay for. If you are 'upside down' on a loan, you are advised to hold on to the vehicle for as long as you can or you will lose money, says AOL automotive expert Jim McCraw.

What Condition Is The Car In?

Ideally, you should sell your car before it hits 100,000 miles. It will become more difficult to sell after this point not impossible, just trickier. Even if the car is in excellent condition, the amount of miles will drag its price down, says If it's going to cost a huge amount to repair or refurbish your car, it could be a better idea just to trade it in at a dealership or sell it for its scrap value.

What's The Price Of Gas?

This is a really important issue to consider when selling a car. Obviously, there will always be demand for automotive vehicles no matter how high the price of gas, but this factor will change the types of vehicles that are popular. When gas prices go up, so does the sale of hybrids and fuel-saving compact cars. If you're wanting to sell a gas guzzling SUV it's probably best if you wait until fuel prices are relatively low and vice versa.

What's The Weather Like?

Most sellers don't give the weather any thought at all before they go ahead with advertising a vehicle. It happens to be one of the most important factors involved with selling a car. Take a look out of the window. What type of car is best suited to today's weather? If it's snowing, you're not going to be able to shift a sports car with a soft top roof, says Rolls Royce dealer Tom Hartley. In the blazing midst of summer, few people are going to want to be driving round in a hulking great SUV or 4X4 unless they live on a farm or are big fans of off roading.

What's Popular In Your Area?

Use the internet to find out what types of cars are the most popular in your area. AutoTrader has an online search feature that will allow you to look at all the used cars currently being sold in your town. If you repeat this same search several times over a month, you'll start to build up a picture of which cars sell fastest and which tend to languish on the website for the longest. If you're selling a Toyota Yaris and the AutoTrader website is full of the things you might want to keep hold of it a little while longer.

How Lucky Are You?

Though there are several things you can use to pinpoint the perfect time to sell your car, when it comes down to it luck rules all. There's always going to be somebody strange and illogical looking for a convertible in the middle of winter. Who's to say you won't cross paths at just the right time?

Author Bio: Jane is a used car salesman. She recommends Inchcape Lexus for the best new and used Lexus models. She can be found online sharing buying and selling car advice.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

When it comes to holidays, one has to set up a excellent journey strategy. Obtaining a price variety is the most essential thing as one clearly needs to know how much to invest. Then the next step is to chalk out a strategy of how to invest. To create the most of your vacation, a car at your front door is necessary. The schedule and strategy of our vacation can be changed or scarred with a leased car.

Cheap Car Rentals comes as an advantage to visitors. When journeying it is excellent to have a car at your comfort. One can discover, sightsee, and stay out late without concerning about factors such as local transportation features or the lack of. Do purchase a map with city driving guidelines and vacation as your heart wishes. Whether you are looking forward to book a luxury automobile or a SUV, RVs or chauffeur driven limousines, you can get solutions online from your home. Car hire deals cover your entire traveling journey from picking up from the airport terminal to touring and enjoyment, preserving you the cost of deals and complications.

Hire a car on rent according to your requirements on your vacation journey and enjoy yourself with shopping, luxurious meals, magnificent services, touring, spa services and other factors you love to do on your vacation.

The Car Lease Market

With the flourishing travel and leisure industry, the car rental industry has extended and is very competitive, which is excellent for visitors. To entice vacationer and bring in earnings car rental organizations have enhanced their solutions and reduced the excessive prices. Many car rental companies provide offers and last minute deals to entice customers. You can quickly get inexpensive car rental solutions and on the internet with Cheap Car Rentals.

The best way to learn about possible special discounts is to demand online quotations from several car rental solutions. You can quickly and quickly evaluate before deciding. Check carefully for days of the weeks' time that have lower prices. Generally the middle of the weeks' time is when rental organizations provide the smallest prices. You can attack a deal about your prices of the automobile by creating a booking. Few days bookings should be prevented if possible as prices are the highest presently. Car rentals have created journeying a lot simpler and extended comfort while journeying.

Services that create traveling easier

In the present duration of journeying, online sites are an advantage. Travel websites present all information needed with simple mouse clicks. You can evaluate and guide routes from a extensive price variety range with well-known airways, resort deals according to your price variety, needs and preferences, inexpensive car rentals matching your needs can be reserved prior to traveling therefore preserving the irritation of being trapped in a relatively unidentified position and also choose from the extensive variety of and offers that suit your vacation the most.

Author bio: Jenni is a freelance author and blogger who loves to travel. She loves to writing article on various blog.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2012 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque coupe Dynamic

Base Price: $44,995

As-Tested Price: $58,745

Drivetrain: a pair of.0-liter turbocharged I4; AWD, six-speed automatic

Output: 240 horsepower @ five,500 rpm, 251 lb-ft @ one,750 rpm

Curb Weight: three,902 lb

Fuel Economy (EPA City/Highway/Combined): 18/28/21 mpg

AW discovered Fuel Economy: eighteen.4 mpg

Options: Dynamic Premium package together with black grille, side vents, mirror caps, spoiler extension and waist finisher, sports exhaust tips, rear skid plate, oxford-leather handwheel, perforated animal skin seat center panels, door panels with distinction handicraft, bright aluminium pedal finishers, passive entry, surround camera system, HDD navigation, intuitive voice management, 825-watt Meridian surround system with seventeen speakers, chemical element headlamps with AFS, AHBA, blind-spot observation ($7,900); 20-inch shadow chrome alloy wheels ($2,500); climate comfort pack together with heated front seats, windshield, handwheel and washer jets ($1,000); special exterior paint ($950); Sirius satellite radio and HD radio ($750); distinction black roof ($650)

I really enjoyed a weekend within the 2012 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque coupe. It actually sounds like associate degree SUV and a auto, that may be a laborious exploit to accomplish. It attracts attention for its sharp style, that appears like a electrical device or a toy -- however during a great way. It strikes a chord in my memory of a real automobile show construct come back to life. I actually have to convey props to the stylists for taking risks associate degreed actuation off an attention-getting execution with spectacular lights, curvy wheel wells and one amongst the foremost angulate rooflines within the trade. That, however, ends up in a number of the faults of this vehicle. The roof is thus raked it inhibits visibility to the rear, creating the backup camera a necessity. i would not amendment it, however it's one amongst the occasional foibles of spectacular style. The attractive window runs the length of the roof, and it's awe-inspiring.

The powertrain is adequate, although not exalting. The force comes on quickly. But, a number of the shifting makes for an ungainly expertise, particularly once driving around city. Between 2,000 rev and four,000 rpm, the engine stretches out, power unit impending stronger. It is fine, and therefore the enthusiast driver can get wont to it; traditional passengers are going to be flung forward and back because the turbo and force work their magic.

There's adequate area within the enclosure, and therefore the cabin is nicely appointed. The two-tone materials with animal skin mesh and therefore the sleek system create a snug driving atmosphere. It looked and felt spectacular on nearly each surface.

The steering is OK. I did not love it initially, preferring a little additional response, however because the weekend went on I got wont to it, and it's good. i might sort of a sport setting to quicken response.

The chassis is nicely mark, and therefore the ride height is elevated, creating for associate degree expertise Americans can like. All-wheel drive is OK, however most likely not necessary for what several can use this machine for in daily duty.

Like most of the people within the workplace, I actually have mixed feelings regarding the 2012 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque coupe. As a variety Rover, the inside is unsatisfactory in terms of beauty and build quality and therefore the like. additionally as noted on top of, if you have got children, the auto version is impractical.

But there is some great things here, too, significantly if one appearance at the Evoque -- as I tend to -- as a go-anywhere do-anything unrestricted hot(ish) hatch for one person or empty nesters. checked out that manner, it's pretty cool.

The styling to my eye is terrific. and that i was stunned at the response I got last night: a bloke force up next to Pine Tree State at a lightweight and asked all types of queries. He'd ne'er seen one before. Nor had my neighbor. The thing's been out for what, a year? Why do not individuals fathom it?

I like the manner it drives, principally -- taut and semi-sporty.

Power? it is not quick specifically, however i would say there is some fun to be had once the turbo gets with the program; although yea, there's some lag. It quite strikes a chord in my memory of a Volkswagen GTI from a couple of generations agone.

As associate degree previous married beau with 3 kids: This automobile extremely is not on behalf of me. and that is dead OK. however like I same, if I were single . . .

Sunday, December 23, 2012

This is the all-new, second-generation Kuga, Ford's mid-size SUV. As before, it's supported Focus underpinnings, however the massive news is that it replaces each Europe's Kuga and also the utterly completely different and long-established Escape SUV within the United States of America thence it's the Escape within the United States of America. It's a troublesome equalization act: the Escape incorporates a name as a durable, direct, sensible SUV. The Kuga is a lot of of a classy crossover.

It's a great deal a logo of Ford's One Ford global-car policy: the platform is built in Cologne, the powertrain in Dagenham and also the higher body and interior in port. It'll be in-built urban center, America, and Valencia, Spain.

There square measure a selection of 2 one.6-litre turbocharged Ecoboost petrols with 148bhp or 177bhp, each putt out a similar 177lb linear unit and 2 a pair of.0-litre turbodiesels with 138bhp/236lb linear unit and 161bhp/251lb linear unit.

The base gasolene will solely be had in front-wheel drive type with a manual gear case, whereas the 177bhp model is had solely with all-wheel drive and also the Powershift machine. The 138bhp diesel, meanwhile, is had in front- or all-wheel, however solely with the manual transmission, whereas the range-topping TDI will have either gear case, however four-wheeled drive solely.

There's additionally the same old line-up of Zetec, metal and metal X trim levels. costs vary from £20,895 for a one48bhp 1.6 Ecoboost Zetec to £29,795 for a 161bhp a pair of.0 TDCI.

We're driving a 161bhp a pair of.0TDCI metal all-wheel drive manual, yours for £25,545.

It's good, if usually quotidian. the foremost powerful diesel is entirely flat below 1500rpm, however keep it higher than that level and also the force zings you on on a wave of boost that doesn't stop till 4000rpm. this can be usually all well and sensible, however it will feel perceptibly unpunctual on inclines.

The steering is Ford's acquainted electrically motor-assisted set-up, that is fast and meatily weighted and absolutely pleasant to use, however if something it's too springily desperate to self-centre.

You sit high and also the chassis is sort of soft that doesn't lend a very gaudy feel, however the Kuga is truly quite in a position handler: the compliance means that it soaks up bumps while not turning into upset over rougher tarmac, and the four-wheeled drive system is pretty wonderful it's Ford's own hardware and package, and it's as if the tall ride height and soft chassis is doing its best to disguise the brilliance of this method. It subtly snuffs out the onset of understeer with one thing a lot of neutral, which means cornering speeds is indecently high, and it quickly juggles force between the axles, which means its way quicker acting, a lot of reactive and a lot of participating to drive than, say, a Haldex system. It'd be fascinating to mix this with, say, a Focus RS.

Really, though, this can be a awfully comfort-oriented automobile, with spectacular levels of refinement.

It is. The seats square measure cozy part-leather with grippy material centres in our Titanium-spec model and there's lots of headroom all spherical, and there's rather more legroom within the back than you'll realize in a very Focus one thing that the rigorously crenated seatbacks solely exaggerate. The rear-seat passengers will recline their seats a trifle with a pull on a handle, whereas a similar handles permit the 40/60 split seats to fold flat in a rapid. There are lots of cupholders and cubbyholes, and also the door cards square measure sharply carved too, giving bigger room.

The new automobile is 81mm longer than the first-gen Kuga, however it's additionally 4mm narrower and 8mm lower. Those reclining seats mean there's a spread for the seats-up bags area instead of a collection range, however it currently stands at 438-481 litres versus the previous 410 litres.

However, there's no seven-seat possibility, as you'll realize in Ford's Grand C-Max or, indeed, Nissan's rival Qashqai +2, therefore you're primarily handling a a lot of spacious Focus, instead of one thing that genuinely offers up a lot of creative ways that to use a similar quite area.

The Kuga gets keyless access, and you'll be able to open and shut the tailgate by waving your foot below the bumper a bit like you'll be able to on the Merc FTO and BMW 3-series. It's simply a shame it takes see you later to really open which the load sill is fairly high.

The Kuga may be a sensible, refined automobile, however one that struggles to square out compared with the already excellent opposition. it's sensible, however obscurity close to pretty much as good as a (far a lot of expensive) vary Rover Evoque or maybe, whisper it, a (cheaper) Kia Sportage, and it doesn't have the desirability of either the Rangey or the VW Tiguan. It's sensible to drive, however terribly comfort-focussed: the Evoque is much a lot of dynamic.

The Kuga doesn't extremely place a foot wrong, however nor will it do something that creates you're feeling compelled to shop for it. It's a solid, practical, snug automobile that ought to work simply into family duties, however one which will do therefore while not ever dazzling you with its brilliance.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Car buying can be somewhat stressful for many people, but it doesn't really have to be that way. Sometimes one's personal situation dictates exactly what type of car they have to get. If it's an automobile that is meant to be used for family transportation, obviously a sporty convertible isn't going to work. Both minivans and SUVs have become extremely popular over the last two decades and are automotive designs that manufacturers literally invented in response to market demand.

Minivans can be extremely practical, allowing for several people to be seated comfortably and allowing a large family to move as one, or even bringing along some friends for the ride. SUVs were basically a creation that rose from the original heavy-duty vehicles that were used in the outback such as the famous Toyota Land Cruiser or the Range Rover, both of which were known for their extreme durability under challenging conditions. Car manufacturers found that even people who lived in urban environments wanted a rugged-looking car which also offered excellent collision protection. It may have appealed to a macho show sense of outdoor adventure, but many women also found that while they were fairly large, these vehicles made them feel safe.

Image Credits: jonrawlinson
People who have the opportunity and are true enthusiasts are looking for cars for sale that can provide them a little excitement. Exotic supercars are highly valued for their futuristic and streamlined look, as well as the advanced technologies that are employed. Rather than regular steel, most of the chassis is constructed either of aluminium or even more advanced carbon fibre, which while incredibly expensive is very light and strong. Engines are obviously extremely powerful and can be either eight, ten or twelve cylinders. Often, they are turbocharged to increase the power. Combining extremely powerful engines with an extremely light chassis requires excellent handling and control. Needless to say, a lot of attention is placed on the braking system, which has to be able to stop the car in as short a space as possible from extremely high speeds.

History on Wheels
One of the iconic brands that have always been associated with high-speed, exotic cars is the Italian marque Ferrari. It was founded early in automotive history by its namesake Enzo Ferrari, who had a singular vision of producing the very best sports cars in the world. Long associated with car racing, especially Formula One, Ferrari has had great success both on the track and as a manufacturer of limited production, high-quality supercars. Due to the tremendous costs and pressures of building such exotic automobiles, Ferrari is substantially owned today by the Italian conglomerate Fiat. However, it remains fairly independent, and its factory in Maranello, Italy, is basically in the same location where it has always been. A Ferrari car inspires a great amount of passion amongst enthusiasts.

Many of the famous models from several decades ago are still worth millions of dollars and are collected by rich enthusiasts, even though they may not be driven very much. However, in many parts of the world, Ferrari clubs are quite popular and host stage events where all the owners get together for a weekend and drive their cars on a closed circuit, exchanging stories and experiences. Given the reputation and mystique that the brand has produced over the last 80 years, it is highly unlikely that they will ever produce an automobile for the mass market.

You Can Make a Wise Automotive Investment
No matter where your tastes lie, there is a car out there that is perfect for you. You can choose from a wide range of cars for sale, finding just the style and model that fits your needs. Happy motoring!

Tina is a US-based lifestyle writer covering the latest advances in modern consumer habits, including cars for sale. She writes on a freelance basis for many of the major lifestyle blogs.

By Tina Antony