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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Volkswagen is set to release a new model, the cost of which will start from 6000 euros. In an interview with Automotive News said the head of the department.

New products will be designed for emerging markets. The specific countries are not in the conversation, but with almost absolute certainty, we can say that it is not just about China and India, but also Russia and other Eastern European countries.

As to the concept of a new low-cost Volkswagen, then, according to Hackenberg, it is a full-fledged family car cost from 6 to 8 thousand euro. As the senior manager, such a price level will be achieved through a high localization of production - in Volkswagen will select worthy of regional suppliers with the appropriate level of quality.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2012 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque coupe Dynamic

Base Price: $44,995

As-Tested Price: $58,745

Drivetrain: a pair of.0-liter turbocharged I4; AWD, six-speed automatic

Output: 240 horsepower @ five,500 rpm, 251 lb-ft @ one,750 rpm

Curb Weight: three,902 lb

Fuel Economy (EPA City/Highway/Combined): 18/28/21 mpg

AW discovered Fuel Economy: eighteen.4 mpg

Options: Dynamic Premium package together with black grille, side vents, mirror caps, spoiler extension and waist finisher, sports exhaust tips, rear skid plate, oxford-leather handwheel, perforated animal skin seat center panels, door panels with distinction handicraft, bright aluminium pedal finishers, passive entry, surround camera system, HDD navigation, intuitive voice management, 825-watt Meridian surround system with seventeen speakers, chemical element headlamps with AFS, AHBA, blind-spot observation ($7,900); 20-inch shadow chrome alloy wheels ($2,500); climate comfort pack together with heated front seats, windshield, handwheel and washer jets ($1,000); special exterior paint ($950); Sirius satellite radio and HD radio ($750); distinction black roof ($650)

I really enjoyed a weekend within the 2012 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque coupe. It actually sounds like associate degree SUV and a auto, that may be a laborious exploit to accomplish. It attracts attention for its sharp style, that appears like a electrical device or a toy -- however during a great way. It strikes a chord in my memory of a real automobile show construct come back to life. I actually have to convey props to the stylists for taking risks associate degreed actuation off an attention-getting execution with spectacular lights, curvy wheel wells and one amongst the foremost angulate rooflines within the trade. That, however, ends up in a number of the faults of this vehicle. The roof is thus raked it inhibits visibility to the rear, creating the backup camera a necessity. i would not amendment it, however it's one amongst the occasional foibles of spectacular style. The attractive window runs the length of the roof, and it's awe-inspiring.

The powertrain is adequate, although not exalting. The force comes on quickly. But, a number of the shifting makes for an ungainly expertise, particularly once driving around city. Between 2,000 rev and four,000 rpm, the engine stretches out, power unit impending stronger. It is fine, and therefore the enthusiast driver can get wont to it; traditional passengers are going to be flung forward and back because the turbo and force work their magic.

There's adequate area within the enclosure, and therefore the cabin is nicely appointed. The two-tone materials with animal skin mesh and therefore the sleek system create a snug driving atmosphere. It looked and felt spectacular on nearly each surface.

The steering is OK. I did not love it initially, preferring a little additional response, however because the weekend went on I got wont to it, and it's good. i might sort of a sport setting to quicken response.

The chassis is nicely mark, and therefore the ride height is elevated, creating for associate degree expertise Americans can like. All-wheel drive is OK, however most likely not necessary for what several can use this machine for in daily duty.

Like most of the people within the workplace, I actually have mixed feelings regarding the 2012 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque coupe. As a variety Rover, the inside is unsatisfactory in terms of beauty and build quality and therefore the like. additionally as noted on top of, if you have got children, the auto version is impractical.

But there is some great things here, too, significantly if one appearance at the Evoque -- as I tend to -- as a go-anywhere do-anything unrestricted hot(ish) hatch for one person or empty nesters. checked out that manner, it's pretty cool.

The styling to my eye is terrific. and that i was stunned at the response I got last night: a bloke force up next to Pine Tree State at a lightweight and asked all types of queries. He'd ne'er seen one before. Nor had my neighbor. The thing's been out for what, a year? Why do not individuals fathom it?

I like the manner it drives, principally -- taut and semi-sporty.

Power? it is not quick specifically, however i would say there is some fun to be had once the turbo gets with the program; although yea, there's some lag. It quite strikes a chord in my memory of a Volkswagen GTI from a couple of generations agone.

As associate degree previous married beau with 3 kids: This automobile extremely is not on behalf of me. and that is dead OK. however like I same, if I were single . . .

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Audi A1 Sportback 1.4 TFSI Sport is, as you’d hope with a badge that options the word ‘Sport’ not once however double, the sportiest version of the German brand’s smallest automotive. It’s additionally the foremost valuable, cost accounting from $42,500, tho' as a typical premium little automotive there square measure still various ways that to expand your final bill.

Following the trend set by the likes of the mini hatch and edict five hundred, the Audi A1 Sportback 1.4 TFSI Sport is filled with choices and style alterations covering each interior and exterior, giving people management over however their A1 can look provided they’re willing to get it.

From different roof colors and totally different wheels, to S line tweaks applied within and out, there’s no shortage of selections once buying this flagship of the four-metre-long Audi. Our Misano red check automotive wore a superb black roof ($720) and half polished 17-inch alloy wheels ($400), however passed over on paddle shifters a further $200. You’ll need to pay far more, though, for sat-nav ($3600 for the MMI navigation and package) associated $490 for an auto-dimming rear vision mirror which may even be expected to air the quality options list.

Open the driver’s door and nestle into the substantiative, and well bucketed, sports seat, tho' and you’ll notice an enclosed that will ‘premium’ higher than any of its rivals, together with the BMW-owned mini. The high-end Audi look and feel the German complete has become therefore synonymous for is true there.

Top-notch materials used throughout the four-seater cabin mix with logical controls and a high-quality show to form occupants feel over a trifle special. The Audi A1 Sportback is equally associate Audi, on par with several of its way more valuable relatives and closely connected in quality and style to the company’s A8 flagship.

The animal skin multi-function sports handwheel is one amongst the simplest within the business associate absolute delight to carry and use and is joined within the cabin by ever-so-slightly-transparent gloss black air vent surrounds that meld cleanly into the imposingly soft-touch dash contrasted by brushed atomic number 13 rings encasing the black air vents.

The rating of the Audi A1 Sport 1.4 TFSI will take it into the realm of larger hatches, and people of the recent selection together with the Volkswagen Golf GTI (from $40,490 in five-door form) and Renault Megane RS265 (from $42,640). however the sportiest Audi A1 Sportback additionally weighs solely 1215kg 2 blokes but a Golf GTI permitting its terrific twin-charged engine to deliver just-as-strong performance and higher fuel economy.

Audi’s A1 1.4 TSI options a similar twin-charged 1.4-litre four-cylinder engine found within the $27,790 Volkswagen Polo GTI. With 136kW at 6200rpm and 250Nm from as low as 2000rpm, the punchy and versatile engine is simply as happy taking part in cart or tearing through the mountains.

One of the key party tricks of using each a compressor for low-down surge associated a turbocharger for mid-range boost square measure stats of 0-100km/h in seven seconds (a bit slower than a GTI however slightly faster than an motorcar Cooper S) and a combined fuel consumption figure of five.9 litres per 100km (more economical than each a GTI and Cooper S). we tend to averaged seven.9L/100km, in keeping with the car’s trip laptop, however saw as low as five.4L/100km.

The Audi A1 Sportback 1.4 TFSI Sport’s ride is firm however manages the difficult balance between stiffness and compliance well, ne'er obtaining unsettled over bumps and creating for a confidence-inspiring drive. whereas road joins will jar, the A1 is obscurity close to as rigid as a mini Cooper.

Sharp, direct associated communicative steering is one amongst the simplest on an Audi with a purity and consistency oft missing from costlier Audis, together with even some RS models. The brakes, too, square measure terrific, providing consistent feel and a solid, dependable pedal even when perennial serious stops.

The dual-clutch shell are often a supply of frustration, frequently dynamical from fourth or fifth gear down into third mid-corner, even once in manual mode, associated an odd awkward shift will occur sometimes. Cogs square measure swapped quickly, though, and in additional relaxed driving with cheap runniness. like the dual Polo GTI, there’s no manual various.

With a gap value that sees it square up against a number of the present era’s best hot-hatches with extra space and additional power, the Audi A1 Sportback 1.4 TFSI isn't getting to attractiveness to patrons sorting out a cut price. except for those craving for a automotive that includes the four-ring badge at a additional come-at-able value, the Audi A1 Sportback 1.4 TFSI Sport could be a little, mighty, luxurious very little package that’s correct fun.

Source CarAdvice

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lamborghini could launch an SUV in 2017, CEO Stephan Winkelmann told a German newspaper.

The Italian supercar brand will unveil a concept for the vehicle at the Beijing motor show on April 23 to test public reaction, according to a report in the German business daily Handelsblatt on Thursday.

Winkelmann wants the SUV as a third model line along with the Gallardo and Aventador super cars to help make the brand profitable. China is a key market for high-margin luxury SUVs.

"We definitely need a third line in the mid and long term," Winkelmann told the paper. "An SUV would be the first Lamborghini for everyday use, not just for the race track or weekends. We would have the opportunity to win new customers."

Lamborghini has been losing money since 2009 and is under pressure from parent Volkswagen Group to become profitable, the newspaper report said.

Winkelmann told the paper that he hopes that VW will decide this year whether to allow the brand to build an SUV. "It usually takes 48 months until an all-new vehicle arrives at dealers, so the new Lamborghini would not be available to buy before 2017."

The paper quoted company sources as saying the decision is certain to be positive.

If the car is approved for production, Lamborghini would join VW stablemate Bentley in diversifying into the growing super-luxury SUV market.

Both brands will be able to call on a new version of the VW Group platform that currently underpins the Audi Q7, VW Touareg and Porsche Cayenne.

Bentley is planning to launch within three years an SUV based on the EXP 9 F SUV concept shown at the Geneva motor show in March. Next year, Fiat's Maserati brand will launch sales of a production version of the Kubang concept unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt auto show.

Lamborghini is expected to use its own engines for its SUV, most likely a revamped version of the Gallardo's V10 gasoline unit.

Last year, Lamborghini sold 1,602 cars globally, an increase of 23 percent on the previous year. China is the brand's second-biggest market after the United States. The U.K. is next, followed by Germany and Italy.

By: Nick Gibbs

Monday, March 12, 2012


Body: 5-door hatchback
Size: 4.50 X 1.79 X 1.43 m. Wheelbase: 2.69 m.
Transmission: Front wheel drive. Automatic clutch. Single gear.
Tyres/wheels: 215/55-17 (7.0 X 17)
Engine: Electric AC syncronous motor.
Power - torque: 111 kW (151 hp) - 273 Nm
Maximum speed - 0-100 km/h acceleration: 160 km/h - 9 s.

The joint candidacy of Opel/Vauxhall Ampera and Chevrolet Volt, with 330 points, has been distinctly preferred by CotY 2012 Jury members, who put Volkswagen Up! second with 281 points and Ford Focus third, with 256.

Volt/Ampera offer is a mature product, after years of development and perfectioning by General Motors, and the first example of an electric vehicle with extended range. Others will come along this path. The concept, addressed to the fears of potential customers in front of an incipient recharging net of electricity for vehicles, implies energy generated on board, to continue the journey, once exhausted the rechargeable batteries. In the case of the Ampera/Volt, that means a 1.4 petrol engine working in semi-stationary regime. The balance between electric drive range and combustion-engine help takes in account the usually short daily displacements of the average car user. The electrical autonomy is rated at around 60 km with normal driving, then it comes the 1.4 to the rescue.

Viability of such approach, in a time when recharging possibilities on the road are limited, has been positively assessed by Jury members, who see in the Volt/Ampera a product better suited to consumers' needs than the conventional electric car. By the way one of those preceded the Opel/Chevrolet in the CotY title. In the early phase of distribution in Europe, Opel has reckoned to have around 7,000 firm orders of this model, in spite of a high price, somewhat moderated by public subsidies.

Some stringent crash test in USA recorded heat control problems in the battery pack, and the possibility of a fire. GM has thoroughly addressed the matter and applied new solutions, with better protection of the batteries and more efficient cooling systems, so customers can be assured.