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Friday, June 13, 2014

Is riding an electric bike more effective than using an ordinary bike, when you are in a weight loss program? First, you need to understand the difference between the two. An ordinary bike rider needs to pedal in order for the bike to move. The speed of the bike depends on how the rider hits the pedal. No doubt that it is a good exercise. Cyclists enjoy it while keeping themselves healthy.

On the other hand, an electric bike has a motor and a rechargeable battery pack. This means that it may be heavier to use than an ordinary bike. But since it is pedal-assisted, the rider does not need too much effort in pedalling. Now, how is it related to losing weight faster? Below are some of the advantages of using electric bike as part of your weight management routine.

You can travel faster

Electric bikes have a speed selector, wherein you can select the speed that you like. But if you want to do more manual pedalling, you can lower the speed. Since travelling faster is not a problem, you can exercise more. Obviously, you cannot travel faster in an ordinary bike as you go along because you are now tired.

You can travel longer distance

If you can travel faster, you can travel in a longer distance. Riding an electric bike when you go to far places is not a problem. Just make sure you buy the ones with longer battery life and you charge it properly before you leave the house. There are also a lot of long distance electric bikes to choose from.

You can reach higher grounds

You will not enjoy a traditional bike, if you are living in a place that has elevated roads or near a mountain. But with the electric bike, you can go to higher grounds with less effort. Going down is also not a problem because the motor turns off when you stop pedalling and they have strong brakes too.

You can rest while travelling

With an ordinary bike, your leg muscles will feel pain earlier than you expect. As a result, you will take more rests and eventually quit. Fortunately, this is not a problem if you are using an electric bike. This is because of the throttle option, which the rider can twist so that the bike can still run without pedalling.

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Our LifeCycle Electric Bikes offer a 2-year warranty, which is applicable to all of its mechanical and electrical parts, including battery. We also allow free test ride to our clients, without restrictions. This is for you to check which one will fit your needs, before you buy them.

If you are not living near our area, you can return to us any electric bike, days after you bought it. You can get a full refund, provided that there is no damage. We are proud to tell you that there has been no return, since we implement this rule back in 2008.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Proper nutrition may not produce the desired result, and this has nothing to do about it.

This statement was made by scientists from Argentina and the United States, which conducted joint studies on laboratory.

Experts from the University of Michigan and the National Council of Science and Technology found that the longer not take care of yourself, the less effect will diet and exercise. Over time, the excess weight is regarded as the norm by the body, so it becomes more difficult to get rid of.

Obesity affects almost all the vital organs and systems. Fat people are 3-4 times more likely to develop diabetes, the risk of liver damage and cardiovascular systems they increased by 2 times, breathing problems, more likely to develop dementia, etc. "If raspolnev, rodents soon not lose weight, they have changed the internal rate rules after which the animal becomes much harder to find the old forms. We assume that people are experiencing the same difficulties. They starved yourself diets, play sports, but almost all these actions do not bring visible results. And all because I had an early start to be engaged, "- explained the researchers. However, according to them, turn the fight against excess weight in their favor can still be.

Experts observed the rats of different age groups. Experts noted that newborn rodents taken from plump mothers did not need to limit in the diet and physical activity to torture. Growing up away from their family complete, the animals maintained normal weight naturally.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nutritionists have compiled a list of fat burning foods that are not only not get better, and vice versa - to get thin.

1. Grapefruit - with regular use (150g per day) is able to reduce the weight of an average person to 2kg in 2 weeks.

2. Green Tea - Asian nutritionists recommend drinking 4 cups a day of green tea, it will give the greatest effect to burn fat

3. Spicy foods - mainly spices: black pepper, pepperoni peppers, mustard and horseradish. Such as chili, which contains the substance capsaicin "melts" the extra calories for 20 minutes after a meal.

4. Low-fat dairy products - increase production of the hormone calcitriol , which causes cells to burn more fat;

5. Cinnamon - one teaspoon per day reduces the level of sugar in the blood and prevents the transformation of excess carbohydrates into fat;

6. Water - insufficient use of its negative effect on getting rid of the extra pounds;

7. Protein foods - for protein digestion spent more calories to digest than carbohydrates and fats. As a result, excess fat is burned.

Friday, June 21, 2013

There a lot of commercial treadmills available online, but finding the right store that sells the best equipment for your gym clients can be tough. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to find them.

Most people who are under a weight loss program go to the gym, and are expecting to find the best exercise equipment. But besides weight training, which is important for weight management, your gym clients would also want to use a treadmill. This fitness equipment is not just for running and walking in one place; it can also be controlled depending on the user's requirement.

Commercial treadmills are better than a home treadmill because it is a heavy duty machine. This means that they are designed to be used frequently or for a longer time. However, it is important that you know how to find the right commercial treadmill, before buying one. You should also know if a store is selling what your customers need. Below are some tips.

Check the features of the commercial treadmills that the store offers. This includes the frame, motor speed and horsepower, running belt size, deck and suspension, elevation, maximum user weight capabilities, and computer console operation. Some of them have extra features like heart rate monitor and bottle holders. Others also have a video screen and MP3 players, where users watch a movie of listen to songs while using the treadmill.

Buy commercial treadmills that are made of high quality materials. Equipment with high alloy steel or aluminum frames that have welded parts are considered durable, rather than the ones with bolts and nuts. The treadmill deck under the belt should be strong enough to withstand continuous usage and the maximum body weight capacity. The machine must also be quiet when running, and should not require high maintenance.

You want your gym clients to feel comfortable when using the treadmill. Therefore, you should only buy user-friendly treadmills for them. Computer display should be clear when showing the running speed, distance, and speed. The console itself should easily be reached, and the controls should be quick one-touch speed and have labels that are easy to read. For safety purposes, the emergency stop button should be properly in placed.

Prices of commercial treadmills vary on the features and brand name. You can check different online stores and make some price comparisons. You may also want to check the delivery charge so you can save money. Buying such equipment is an investment. If the price of the treadmill is very low, chances are it is made of low quality materials, which may result to accident on the part of your customers.

All commercial treadmills should come with a warranty. Stores like Fitness Warehouse in Preston, Lancashire has a team of service engineers who are ready to support you even if your warranty has expired. They also offer assistance in planning a space or facility layout for the exercise equipment on your gym. Among their satisfied clients that took advantage of their affordable products include health clubs, schools and universities, as well as police and fire stations.