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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Thanks to a group of researchers at the University of California Los Angeles (The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) published an extremely interesting application for Google Glass.

Researchers from the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Samuel Henry (Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science) created an app for Google Glass and server platform with which users can perform instant wireless diagnostic tests to check various diseases and health conditions.

In principle, the owners of Google Glass can take photos of rapid diagnostic tests - a litmus test for which fits fluid or blood, and then they change color, indicating the presence of you of any disease, including HIV, malaria or cancer.

Images can be uploaded to the server, developed by UCLA, where the analysis takes a couple of seconds.

"This revolutionary technology combined the useful aspects of the immune analysis and laptop. With this application you can real-time monitor the state of health. It can be useful in different spheres of our multi-faceted life, "- said the lead researcher on the project.

Google Glass became available recently, but has already established itself as an instrument with a wide range of applications.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

There are a number of things you cannot enjoy if you have a slow internet connection. You will have a hard time streaming movies and music online. Placing calls over the internet might not even be possible. If you want to improve your internet speed, here are some tips that you should help you do something about your sluggish connection:
  • Use an Updated and Fast Web Browser
The web browser you use can significantly affect how fast you load websites when you surf online. If you still use an outdated web browser such as the IE8, you will experience slow loading times because older and outdated web browsers are often very sluggish and unstable. They can also crash and encounter issues when you load up some new websites. Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer are currently the most popular web browsers but it is preferable to use Google Chrome because it loads websites much faster than the others.
  • Remove Malware from Your Computer
You may already be aware that malwares can steal your financial and personal data but having computer viruses, spyware, and other malicious programs in your computer does not just endanger your sensitive information. Malware in your computer can also negatively affect your internet speed. Some malwares spy on your activities online and use your bandwidth during the process causing your connection to slow down. If your internet suddenly becomes abnormally slow, your computer is probably infected with malware. Computer viruses may also cause pop-ups that can be intrusive and may slow you down when you visit sites on the net. You can improve your browsing speed by getting rid of malware that may be in your computer. There are plenty of antivirus programs you can choose from but if you do not want to spend money on security software, you may opt for the free AVG antivirus.
  • Password Protect Your Internet Connection
Make sure that you protect your internet connection particularly if you have a Wi-Fi, your neighbors and even bystanders can use your network without any problems if it is open and can be accessed by anyone. Just in case you do not know, sharing your internet can slow down your connection. It may take you too much time to download files from the internet if your share your bandwidth with people who use your connection to check their Facebook newsfeeds and watch videos on YouTube. You can improve your internet speed by limiting the number of people who can access your connection and you can do this by protecting your Wi-Fi network with a password. Make sure that you choose a strong password because your network's security can be useless if other people can easily guess the password that you have installed. See to it that you also change your router's default password to a unique and hard to guess password or else, it will be easy for other people to bypass your security.
  • Terminate Applications that Unnecessarily Hog Your Bandwidth
You may have bandwidth hogging applications that you do not use but are running on your computer. You should check these out if you want to improve your internet speed. There are applications that automatically launch as soon as you open your computer and these applications may use your internet's bandwidth. You may have to terminate some of these running programs if you want to boost your connection's speed. You may also want to adjust your computer's settings so the programs that you rarely use do not automatically start up when you open your computer. This will save you the hassles of manually terminating running applications that you do not need.

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Tyrone is a freelance writer who's had extensive experience in the Outreach Program. This time he brings his extensive Writing expertise to Business and Technology. The articles he posts will surely be informative and comprehensive especially for individuals who are in dire need of these resources. He writes to cater RingCentral Virtual PBX and other impressive pool of different clients.

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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Websites have become regulars in our daily routines. Since the very first day the Internet was introduced, online sites have turned our lives around and frankly, there is no turning back. The last decade has seen the emergence of a different breed of writer, a writer that does not make use of pen and paper but instead makes use of a computer and room in cyberspace. These people who write in digital formats are more popularly known as bloggers. They have their own niches in cyberspace where they can write about almost anything and everything that they want. This phenomenon has prompted the increase in number of those who were compelled to set up their own sites. Websites, just like anything that we use, need to be cleaned as well. It needs to be dusted off and requires a bit of spring cleaning.

Deleting Old Images

Although it is convenient to have photos or images on your website and especially on your homepage, keep in mind that it is also essential that you keep them updated just like the content on your site. There is a right time to take down all the old and outdated images on your site. After you have taken them down, it does not mean that you will just leave your site bare and void of any visuals. As soon as you have removed the photos that no longer match the content of your site, you can then start uploading new ones that are more suitable to the current content of your page. Maintaining old photos on your site can actually send the wrong message to your readers so make sure that you update them all the time.

Revitalize Your Site's Content

Every time work isn't hectic and your business phone finally has the chance to rest, take full advantage of it and use this opportunity to go through your site and assess its content. Proofread the articles you hastily posted. Correct misspellings, update all the outdated information and channel all your energy into creating fresh content to provide your loyal readers with. This is the perfect time for you to review the content on your site. Ponder if you are on the right track or if they remain to be relevant. What others fail to realize is that through the process of spring cleaning your site, it can actually help you get new ideas to write about.

A Thorough Check of Your Links

Aside from making sure that your content is top quality and relevant, spring cleaning is also the perfect opportunity for you to check all the links on your site if they are still working as intended. Most website owners or webmasters get easily annoyed when their sites show a 404 page. Figuring out how to remedy this problem may get a little unnerving for those who aren't as tech savvy as others but keep in mind that there's a plethora of tools and guides that can help you remedy the situation. You should also consider first doing an external search in order to check for other sites that make mention of your site, brand or company but fail to link back to you.

Go Over Your Statistics

There is nothing is more thrilling for webmasters than to check their site's stats. Spring cleaning is also the perfect time to check the data that has been gathered by your site's analytics software. The data in the report generated by your analytics program should aid you in determining which post or content gave you the highest hits. This can also help you decide what kind of topics you should focus on. Your statistics will also allow you to find out other essential things like what your audience is searching for or your site's bounce rates.

Authors Bio
Tyrone is a freelance writer who's had extensive experience in the Outreach Program. This time he brings his extensive Writing expertise to Business and Technology. The articles he posts will surely be informative and comprehensive especially for individuals who are in dire need of these resources. He writes to cater impressive pool of different clients.

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Taking care of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch isn't simply a matter of making sure you don't drop the device or it doesn't get bumped around. Sometimes, manufacturers even take into consideration the fact you might physically-damage device, so there are actually more important things to keep track of if you want to maintain your gadget.

Cosmetic damage is really just cosmetics

Minor dents and scratches really don't make your device malfunction or get glitches. They're just there to remind you that your device is either old or mishandled quite a lot. If in case you plan to sell your device, it can bring down the value considerably.

Take note that the back of all iOS devices are very prone to cosmetic damage. Beveled glass or anodized metal casings can easily get scratched if you don't take the right precautions to protect your device.

So what are these precautions?

To make sure your device doesn't only look pretty but work like a charm, here are the best practices you can employ:
  • 1. Get a screen protector and a case.
This is the first thing you should do, preferably once you get your device. Again, there is a wide range of prices for screen protectors and it's really easy to get a cheap one. A thin protector is still valid but it scratches easily and needs to be replaced more often than thicker, more expensive ones. If you don't mind going to the electronic shop once every month, get the cheap one. Thicker ones let you stay away from the techs for a few months or so.

A case could not only be a form of protection but also a fashion statement. Customizing your iPad is basically impossible beyond different wallpapers and lock screens since iOS doesn't give the user a lot of personalization options. Just remember that the case you get must primarily be for protection. So you want somethings secure with good lining and sturdy straps or closures. You don't really need one in leather or sophisticated material, just something that protects your device from bumps, scratches and dents.
  • 2. Get a battery app.
Being careful about how you charge your device should be one of the things you should remember when you have an iPad or iPhone. A battery app can at least tell you when you need to charge your device and when you need to take out the charger. The better apps even tell you how to extend the battery life. At the very least, a good alarm as to when you need to pull the charger out is always good.

A good battery app also advises you how to save power. One way they would tell you is to close heavy-resource apps like Infinity Blade, RingCentral, iWork and FaceTime.
  • 3. Know how to charge your battery the right way.
More often than not, the battery is the first thing that fails on an iPad or an iPhone. Some people forget that an iOS device's battery isn't replaceable as other mobile devices' power units. This is because you have to open the device up and install a new battery; which can only be done by Apple technicians. So keep in mind that even if the battery you ruin is replaceable, it may take up to two weeks' time to get your device back.

Essentially, you should never let your iPad or iPhone charge beyond 80% and get fully-drained. Keeping the electrons moving is the most important thing to do.

Authors Bio
Tyrone is a freelance writer who's had extensive experience in the Outreach Program. This time he brings his extensive Writing expertise to Business and Technology. The articles he posts will surely be informative and comprehensive especially for individuals who are in dire need of these resources. He writes to cater RingCentral Virtual PBX and other impressive pool of different clients.

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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

With tablets and mobile devices becoming commonplace both inside and outside of the classroom, app developers have been reaching out to educators with products intended to boost student learning and their own professional development. The following are five of the most promising apps for education, ranging from those that bring the social networking experience to the classroom to more efficient note-taking systems. The best part? They are all free without compromising quality.


This free app that's compatible with Android and Apple devices brings social networking to the classroom. Edmodo enables teachers to extend learning beyond traditional classroom times using a closed network that resembles some of the most popular social networking sites, like Facebook. Teachers can post homework assignments, lead virtual discussions, request classes to answer polls and award badges for positive behavior and quality work. Teachers can also track student learning, add learning apps and digital resources, and set up smaller communities where groups of students or parents can have discussions and collaborate. Edmodo is more versatile than a wiki but safer than Facebook.


There are a plethora of apps that allow teachers and students to create flash cards, but StudyBlue is free for all users and has a clean, easy-to-use interface. Compatible with both Android and Apple devices, teachers can create flashcards for students to study and quiz themselves. Photos and audio can be added to cards, and the app keeps track of learning progress so students can continue to test themselves until they reach mastery. The app also saves where you left off while reviewing, and teachers can access a massive library of pre-created flashcards.


Teachers are responsible for planning lessons, managing the classroom, grading assignments the list of duties goes on. It can be difficult to keep all of this organized, but TeacherKit provides the perfect solution. Compatible with Apple devices, this free app organizes your grade books, student and parent information, attendance and behavior tracking. Teachers can take individual pictures of students to create student information files and seating charts. Teachers can also send messages to entire classes or groups of parents. AJ Dellinger, from, calls the app a "teacher's Swiss Army knife." TeacherKit saves teachers organizational time, so that they can do more important things, like planning and conducting quality lessons.

History: Maps of the World

This free app is a must-have for anyone teaching history and geography. History: Maps of the World, which is compatible with Apple devices, provides high-definition, interactive maps that show geographical shifts from past to present. The app boasts 178 different maps, four background choices, information from Wikipedia and the ability to print or email maps. Maps are also organized by categories, like World War II and Polar Regions and Oceans. If the ads become bothersome, they can be turned off for a mere $1.99.


With a motto of "Remember Everything," Evernote assists teachers and students in being more productive and organized. Compatible with Android and Apple devices, this free app allows users to take notes, record voice reminders, make to-do lists and capture photographs. Virtual notebooks can be created and shared, and users can sync Evernote with other devices to upload and download files. After creating notes, multiple people can be given editing privileges on Evernote, making collaboration easy. Students can even take screenshots of class notes and presentations to study later. For users with iPads, Evernote Peek also allows you to turn your notes into study materials.

Erika Phyall currently works in community relations for University of Southern California. She works with USC Rossier which provides current teachers the opportunity to earn a MAT online. She also contributes to, which gives individuals resources on how to be a teacher. Outside of work Erika enjoys networking and DIY projects.