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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Most women are trying to keep up with the society's idea of beauty. Having a slim and slender figure is the definition of beauty that is introduced to us by the media. In order to attain this ideal body shape, women tend to keep an eye on their food intake, go on a permanent diet or skip on meals sometimes. However, what most women fail to realize is that not all these are an effective way of losing weight.

Now, we shall walk you through some tips on how to effectively reduce weight the healthy way.

Avoid Crash Diet

A lot of women, who wants quick ways to lose weight, tend to go on crash diet. However, keep in mind that by doing this, you tend to slow down your metabolism. So by the time your diet is over, you leave your body with a slower metabolism; thus, the regaining the weight you just lost.

Never Skip Breakfast

Some people believe that skipping breakfast would be an easy way to cut down on calories. But, what they fail to realize is that skipping breakfast would result to an increased appetite all throughout the day. Instead, it is best to take in high protein and high fiber foods during breakfast to reduce hunger throughout the day.

Take in Small Snacks

Taking in a few small snacks a day can help alleviate hunger; thus, helps you lose weight. Also, eating snacks would help increase your metabolism. Nuts are great weight loss foods and are the best choice for snacking.

High Calcium Diet

Foods such as cheese, milk and dairy are usually avoided by people who go on a diet. However, research shows that the body tends to burn more fat once it gets more calcium. Though, taking in calcium supplements might not have the same result.

Exercise Routine

While limiting your food intake might help shed some pounds, it is also recommended to exercise to lose weight. The secret to this is to find the exercise routine that you will enjoy and stick with it.

Now that we have shared some great tips, it is time to put these things to the test. Let's shed some pounds and be prepared to begin your weight loss regimen.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Want to lose weight, lower blood pressure and blood fat levels? Drink one glass of vegetable juice a day! This advice given by scientists from the University of California, presented the results of their research at a conference of biologists in New Orleans (USA).

Scientists have taken under the supervision of 80 men and women aged 40-65 years. All participants experience suffered so-called metabolic syndrome . This diagnosis is made ​​when a person is obese in the abdomen, high blood pressure and sugar, high rate of blood triglycerides and low - the good cholesterol (HDL).

All participants were asked to follow a diet with reduced salt and fat. After 3 months, it became clear that all managed to lose more than those who, in addition to diet every day to drink a glass of vegetable juice (no salt). Why did this happen, it is not known - scientists continue to observe the subjects. However council drink a day over a glass of juice, you can use right now.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Proper nutrition may not produce the desired result, and this has nothing to do about it.

This statement was made by scientists from Argentina and the United States, which conducted joint studies on laboratory.

Experts from the University of Michigan and the National Council of Science and Technology found that the longer not take care of yourself, the less effect will diet and exercise. Over time, the excess weight is regarded as the norm by the body, so it becomes more difficult to get rid of.

Obesity affects almost all the vital organs and systems. Fat people are 3-4 times more likely to develop diabetes, the risk of liver damage and cardiovascular systems they increased by 2 times, breathing problems, more likely to develop dementia, etc. "If raspolnev, rodents soon not lose weight, they have changed the internal rate rules after which the animal becomes much harder to find the old forms. We assume that people are experiencing the same difficulties. They starved yourself diets, play sports, but almost all these actions do not bring visible results. And all because I had an early start to be engaged, "- explained the researchers. However, according to them, turn the fight against excess weight in their favor can still be.

Experts observed the rats of different age groups. Experts noted that newborn rodents taken from plump mothers did not need to limit in the diet and physical activity to torture. Growing up away from their family complete, the animals maintained normal weight naturally.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Scientists have studied the effect of protein nesfatin-1, which contains a high concentration in the brain.

Staff at New York University decided to create a technique that allows to control diabetes and obesity through appetite and blood sugar.

Scientists have studied the effect of protein nesfatin-1, which contains a high concentration in the brain. Experiment has shown that when mice were given this protein, they consume less food eaten although often they occur faster oxidation of fatty acids and generally animals became more active. Plus, nesfatin-1 activated insulin secretion. All this might give weight loss.

Adjunct Professor Surai Unnippan told that this protein was discovered by Japanese experts in 2006. Initially it was attributed to the function control of appetite and fat production. Now, however, been proved that it affects more insulin secretion in pancreatic islets of Langerhans. That is, there is a direct and complex relationship between the brain and the gut.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Losing weight especially more than 5-10 pounds is always been a challenge for many of us. To achieve their weight loss target very often, people switch over to the specific diet plans. At times, these diet plans are not only difficult to follow but also detrimental to health as it suddenly affects the metabolic rate.

So here are some tips that will assist you to lose weight easily at the convenience of your home.

1. Never Miss a Breakfast
Researchers have pointed out that eating breakfast triggers the metabolism, and hence more energy is burnt out for the same activities. Definitely calories are taken in with breakfast but if calculated otherwise it aids in spreading out your hunger and removes the urge to overeat. The ideal breakfast must consist of whole grain cereal, low fat milk, a fruit and some yogurt.

2. Don't Skip Meals
Here, also we must point out that it is never healthy to leave gaps more than five hours in between meals. Rather doctors suggest that you eat a healthy snack or fruit in between lunch and dinner. Lunch must comprise of whole grain vegetables and rich sources of protein, but dinner must be quite light.

3. Exercise Regularly
This isn't as painful as most of the people think and just thirty minutes of activity like walking, swimming, cycling is good enough. Nowadays, you can even use a step counter on your smartphones or tablets to track your steps and to see the calories burnt. Playing football with your son is also a great exercise and for this you might employ a fitness tracker or pedometer. Equipment like Fitbug Orb- the ultimate movement and sleep tracker can be easily purchased from the market that can help you as a digital weight loss coach at home. More information can be found on

4. Take Smaller Servings
Decrease your serving sizes and make it a point to eat in a smaller size plate (not more than 7-inch across) in which there must be a bowl of soup, salad and the rest of the plate for other dishes. Food like soups, cucumber, watermelon and salads, make you feel satisfied without stuffing in your calories!

5. Eat Pistachios
Eating unshelled pistachios are a curious suggestion! All of us know that just 49 pistachios give you 157 calories, but then how will this work! Eat unshelled pistachios because the act of removing the shell slows down the process of eating, and you are under the illusion of eating lots seeing the removed shells!

6. Do the Common Household Work
Just indulging in daily chores like mopping the floor and cleaning the car are good ways to tone up your body. Walking instead of using the car and running instead of walking can hasten up the process of burning calories. Try this while you visit the nearby store next time!

7. Detox
A good detox regime is like spring cleaning. It detoxifies your body and cleanses it so that equilibrium may be reached soon. Trying a fruit juice fasting or a vegetable soup fasting is good for the body. While following this diet regime, one must drink plenty of water. One must drink at least half the body weight in ounces.

8. Include Different Fruits
While snacking on small amounts of fruits try to have as many colored fruits as possible on your platter. Not only will you be getting various kinds of nutrition but also avoid getting bored.

9. Eat Heavy Food First
Eating heavy food first makes you feel satisfied easily and make you eat less. Try meat, sprouts and soups first, and then move on to pasta and vegetables.

10. Eat Slowly
Research shows that it takes twenty minutes for the stomach to give you the signal of fullness. So slow down, chew your food for twenty times and you will be eating less.