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Saturday, May 24, 2014

In the initial stages, the breast cancer has no obvious symptoms and it vary in individuals from lumps to swelling and changes in the skin.

A lump too small which is felt does not cause any unusual changes and it is unnoticed.

However, in many cases appearance of new lump or a mass is the first sign noticed. The lump may be hard to touch with uneven edges and they are painless.

But there are cases the lump is very tender, round edged and soft. More lumps are painless.

Breast Cancer Symptoms are:
Swelling of part of the breast or all parts
Skin irritation in the breast.
Nipple pain,
Nipple begins to turn inward (inverted) slowly
Breast pain.

Appearances of changes in the nipple like redness, scaly formation,
thickening of the nipple.
A nipple discharge (bloody or clear fluid)
Changes in the skin of the breast like thickening.
Arm pit with lymph nodes or a mass or lump

It is essential to note that these symptoms always an indication for a breast cancer. But in some cases the above symptoms may be a symptom of non-cancerous conditions like in an infectious cyst.

In the early stages of the breast cancer, the cancerous tissue formation is hidden inside the tissues and it is always not possible to see the cancer by naked eyes. The changes happen in the breast may not be always cancer. A lump may come by an infection and it may disappear. The changes in the skin surface of the breast may be due to sunburn. A rash may be by an allergy. But all these symptoms to be decided for a benign or malignant type of growth.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Scientists from New York came to the conclusion that only one apple a day may reduce the risk of cancer of the breast. However, for this it is necessary to include in your diet and also some other products, write the foreign media.

If on apple eat in combination with other fruits and vegetables, it will significantly reduce the risk of cancer in women. It does not really matter what kind of products will be included in the diet further.

The study showed that apples contain large amounts of phenolic resin and flavonoids, which are very effective in the prevention of cancer.

An experiment was conducted on laboratory mice, the risk of cancer which was 81%. Within 24 weeks of scientists gave rodents 1, 2 or 3 portions apples. When the experiment was over, it was found that the risk of developing cancer in mice who ate one serving of apples a day, up 57% from consuming 2 servings - 50%, while those eating 3 servings - 23%.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Women laid low with breast cancer could take pleasure in giving their breasts an additional squeeze virtually.

According to researchers from the University of American state at Berkeley and therefore the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, inserting mechanical force on malignant exocrine gland cells will really reverse their irregular growth method and place them back on target for a traditional growth pattern.

We area unit showing that tissue organization is sensitive to mechanical inputs from the surroundings at the start stages of growth and development, aforesaid Daniel John Fletcher, academician of applied science at Berkeley and college human at the Berkeley laboratory, furthermore because the study's lead investigator.

Breast tissue grows, shrinks and shifts throughout the course of a woman's life during a structured pattern and ultimately stops growing at some purpose. breast cancer is usually characterised by a breakdown during this traditional growth pattern, inflicting breast cancer cells to grow on an irregular basis.

Through a previous experiment at the Berkeley laboratory, researchers showed it had been attainable to stop these malignant cells from remodeling into a neoplasm by manipulating the cells' close surroundings through the employment of organic chemistry inhibitors. Ultimately the encircling healthy cells may persuade the cancerous cells to grow unremarkably once more.

The most recent work from the Berkeley laboratory utilizes an equivalent construct, however introduces mechanical inhibitors instead of chemical inhibitors. The researchers grew malignant breast animal tissue cells during a gelatin-like substance, that was injected into versatile Si chambers. They then applied force to the Si over time, and ultimately witnessed the malignant cells grow into additional healthy-looking cells. Time-lapse research showed the modification within the compressed breast cells over time.

While their analysis is compelling, the researchers don't advocate for compression bras or force alone to treat breast cancer.

Compression, in and of itself, isn't seemingly to be a medical care, John Fletcher aforesaid. But, this will provide North American country new clues to trace down the molecules and structures that might eventually be targeted for therapies.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Early Symptoms of Breast Cancer

The symptoms that are listed conjure the bulk of the first symptoms of Breast Cancer. the primary factor that's typically noticeable is that the lump or mass within the breast. this can be one amongst the main indicators of Breast Cancer that is found within the early stage. it's attainable that a lump can type within the bodily cavity space still. alternative skin and tit connected symptoms conjointly|also are|are} common within the development of the Breast Cancer also however they will not be therefore noticeable within the early stages. detain mind that the first symptoms of Breast Cancer can also be tough as a results of alternative health issues therefore you must not assume the designation supported these symptoms occurring.

It is an honest plan for all girls to try to to breast exams a minimum of once a year. you'll get this done by your doctor or try it on your own. make certain that you just recognize specifically what you're yearning for. Early symptoms of Breast Cancer could go unremarked however once examining the world they're comparatively straightforward to Early. The lump ought to be noticeable and distinguished from the surface of the skin. If there's any modification within the texture and look of your breast skin or nipples then this could even be straightforward to note. If you retain examining your breasts on a daily basis then it'll be easier to spot once there has been any modification to that.
Regular breast examination will facilitate to find early symptoms of Breast Cancer and achievebetter treatment results.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer in girls

Symptoms of Breast Cancer in girls vary slightly . If you're a girl you will expect to expertise breast lump and changes of the skin and nipples in your breast space. There could also be alternative symptoms that would be tough except for this still although. you'll hunt for a full list of Breast Cancer symptoms however this has coated the bulk of the common symptoms that area unit probably to be detected by feminine patients with this kind of cancer.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer in Men

There area unit some similarities within the symptoms of Breast Cancer in men and girls however there area unit many variations that area unit additional probably to be detected by male patients. In several cases In several cases, it's unremarkably to visualize firm patches underneath the tit space of the skin. this might be a significant symptom that's tough by the male and totally different from females. it's attainable that symptoms of Breast Cancer in men can embody numerous forms of changes to the skin and nipples still. In most instances of Breast Cancer the symptoms area unit solely sometimes detected during a single tit. Also, if the Breast Cancer has unfold then you will expertise alternative symptoms like bone pain, weight loss, and general weakness.

The symptoms of Breast Cancer area unit largely to try to to with the breast skin and nipples. If the cancer spreads then symptoms could also be detected throughout the body still. once the cancer is in its early stages the symptoms area unit generally restricted to the breast space although.Even though these symptoms might not be able to realize at the primary look they're still comparatively straightforward to be detected if you examine the world. Ultimately, there area unit various symptoms of Breast Cancer and it's vital if you'll get timely examinations and effective treatments. So, visit a doctor timely once any abnormal symptoms area unit found.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Free From Harm compiled a collection of information from experts about the connection between dairy and breast cancer. Some highlights:
  • "Casein, which makes up 87% of cow's milk protein, promoted all stages of the cancer process," says Dr. T. Colin Campbell, author of the well-regarded, seminal China Study, summing up his relevant findings.
  • "[S]everal epidemiological studies have indicated a relationship between dairy consumption and breast cancer risk in pre-menopausal women (Outwater, 1997)." -Breast Cancer Fund
  • "It appears that when individuals do not have the correct enzymes to metabolize many of the hormones naturally found in any type of cow's milk, a glass of milk can flood the body with excess estrogen. This raises the risk of developing or accelerating the growth of existing breast cancer." -Susan Wadia-Ells, Founding Director of
  • Professor Jane Plant advocates changing from dairy to soy products to prevent breast cancer, noting that "even in Hiroshima, the chances of contracting breast cancer are half that of western nations. Only when Chinese and Japanese women move to Europe or the United States does their chance of contracting breast cancer dramatically increase," as Free From Harm summarized.
  • "While scientists are hard at work searching for specific breast cancer-fighting compounds, the safest approach is to apply what we already know: Diets that are highest in a variety of plant foods and stay away from heavy oils, meat, and dairy products, help prevent a great many diseases." -Dr. Neal M. Bernard
  • 'Some dairy products, such as whole milk and many types of cheese, have a relatively high saturated fat content, which may increase risk. Moreover, milk products may contain contaminants such as pesticides, which have carcinogenic potential, and growth factors such as insulin-like growth factor I, which have been shown to promote breast cancer cell growth.' -The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
Some nutritionists confirm the doctors' findings. One of them, Phil Richards, writes that 'the connection between casein and cancer was so profound [in experiments on rats] that the scientists could literally turn cancer growth on and off in the laboratory animals, like a light switch, simply by altering the level of casein protein in their diets." Specifically, "[c]onsuming dairy products is linked to an increased risk for breast cancer as dairy products are high in fat, animal protein, and hormones, each of which increases cancer risk. Since the 1980′s, study after study has linked dairy consumption to a high incidence of breast and other cancers.'

Part of the problem with dairy is the things that come out of cows because of the way factory farmers treat them, as The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition quote above suggests. Dairy producers inject cows with a growth hormone to increase their milk production by a factor of ten. That milk then contains pus, bacteria, and blood because of the infections cows are prone to from their living conditions and from producing far more milk than they are meant to. Obviously these are not healthy things for us to drink.

Susan G. Komen for the Cure sounds a more conservative note than the researchers cited above: 'data from the Nurses' Health Study II found women who ate a lot of high-fat dairy products (like whole milk or butter) were at higher risk of premenopausal breast cancer," it admits, but nevertheless asserts that "[m]ost studies have found no link between consuming dairy products and breast cancer in premenopausal women." The site also claims that studies "have found no link between dairy product intake and postmenopausal breast cancer risk.'

By Piper Hoffman