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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nutritionists have compiled a list of fat burning foods that are not only not get better, and vice versa - to get thin.

1. Grapefruit - with regular use (150g per day) is able to reduce the weight of an average person to 2kg in 2 weeks.

2. Green Tea - Asian nutritionists recommend drinking 4 cups a day of green tea, it will give the greatest effect to burn fat

3. Spicy foods - mainly spices: black pepper, pepperoni peppers, mustard and horseradish. Such as chili, which contains the substance capsaicin "melts" the extra calories for 20 minutes after a meal.

4. Low-fat dairy products - increase production of the hormone calcitriol , which causes cells to burn more fat;

5. Cinnamon - one teaspoon per day reduces the level of sugar in the blood and prevents the transformation of excess carbohydrates into fat;

6. Water - insufficient use of its negative effect on getting rid of the extra pounds;

7. Protein foods - for protein digestion spent more calories to digest than carbohydrates and fats. As a result, excess fat is burned.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Mornings are very important because they define the whole day. This is the time when you cheer yourself up, prepare your body for the busy day and sharpen your mind. All that can not happen if you are sleepy and need to get up. That's why it is better to go to bed earlier in the evening and provide good rest for your body and mind. Do not leave any work for the morning. Consider your usual morning activities and which one of them can be done in the evening. For example, choose and iron the outfit for the next day, wash the dishes from the dinner and do the laundering. This way you will release time in the morning for activities which will wake you up, refresh you and prepare you for the day.

1. Meet the day with a smile

When you feel yourself rested and refreshed, it is not an impossible job to wake up. You can accomplish this only if provide yourself long, peaceful and regenerating sleep time. Read about a little trick that can save you from stopping the alarm and falling asleep again. Next morning turn the alarm at the exact time when you have to wake up, not earlier like until now. Place the clock or the phone to the other side of the room. You will be forced to stand up from the bed to set the alarm off. After that just don't get back to the bed but continue with these activities.

2. Get to the bathroom

Brush your teeth, wash your hands and face. This is the time that you have to make yourself feel fresh. Buy refreshing toothpaste that can awake you. Use hand and face cream that will stimulate your nose provoking the brain to start working.

3. Let the sunshine in

At the same moment when go back into the bedroom, provide yourself as much light as possible. In a case that it is still dark outside, turn on the lights in the bedroom, in the hallway, in the bathroom and even in the kitchen. If the sun has risen already pull the curtains and let it in the room. You can also open the windows and the door to the balcony. Turn on some music to become in a good mood. Listening to your favourite song is always a good thing.

4. Do some gymnastics

You can choose what fits you best. No matter if you decide aerobics, cardio exercises, yoga or entire work out programme, you will feel much better after doing it. The latest research in this area shows that working out in the morning, without eating before that, burns more calories. Also when you put your body on high speed with the beginning of the day, it becomes much more productive during the day.

5. Have a breakfast

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal. Yet, most of us miss it. You do not have any reasonable explanation to do that so you should quit that. It will take less than 15 minutes and will provide significant nutritions and body strength. You can eat something with more calories in the morning with your first meal. In any case you will burn them out during the dynamic day.

Stimulate your mind to love the morning time. You can use odours, lights, songs and thoughts. Plan something pleasant for the day, write it down on a little piece of paper and put it on the mirror. The first thing that you are going to see in the morning will provoke good feeling.

Author: Brandon Bradshaw is a writer and blogger passionate about life improving and carrier progress. He has been running CleanToPerfection for over 7 years and that way he earned a lot of experience to share with his readers.

Monday, March 04, 2013

Physical fitness can't be achieved if your abdominal muscles are not in good shape. Fat is deposited around the areas of belly button and one desire to have a washboard stomach. This is a technical term used for weight reduction and fitness on the internet widely.

People want to get rid of their chubby abs and tone it down properly. For this, you have to clear your belly fat first and then develop its muscles. It helps abs to give a firm look like in 6-pack in men. Moreover in sports, all athletes have to work on their abs fitness way to their back to strengthen their muscles to perform well in sports like in running sports.

There are numerous workouts that develop and fortify abs muscles but firstly you have to reduce overall body mass instead of targeting abs only. This will reduce the extra fat on abs for you to start with. Secondly you have to opt for workouts that target abs muscles. Effective workouts are available to tone done your muscles like compound workouts; including squats and dead-lifts.

Here are 10 major abdominal exercises that contribute to body fitness:

1. Crunches
It is a common exercise that focuses mainly on rectus abdominis. Lay down on floor with face up and knees bent. Tie hands behind the neck or cross them over your chest and then curl the shoulders toward the pelvis. Don't try to thrust against the neck or head in this exercise because it may harm you.

2. Situps
In situps you have to bend your knees to an angle of 45 degree with your hands falling along your thighs or simply crossed at the front.

3. Bicycle Crunch
It is one of the most effective exercises for abs to start with. It mainly targets the 6-pack area along with the waist. Lay down starlight such that the lower back of yours is pressed against the floor. Tie hands alongside the head and lift knees to 45 degree angle in air and make a pedal motion of a bicycle.

4. Captain's chair or hanging leg lifts
This exercise is commonly used in gyms today in which you lift the legs in air by supporting your weight on two arms of a chair. It also focuses on abs muscles, hips and obliques to tone them properly.

5. Wheel Rollouts
In this exercise you have to shove he wheel frontward until the whole body gets extended or tipped and then drawing the body back to its previous position. It is very effective in building muscles of abs but difficult to perform.

6. Fitball rollouts
There are different versions of Fitball rollout that target abs muscles, lower back and to some extent the shoulders and arms. You have place your body weight on an exercise ball by lying upside down, raising your knees from floor while balancing with toes for a short time and then roll back. This will exert pressure on your abs and help to tone it down.

7. Deadlifts
It helps to strengthen your back against a heavy load. You have to pull a barbell from ground by extending your body, deadlift with the help of heels and bring the hips frontward. Don't haul with the lower back.

8. Squats
In squats you have to bend the knees and hips to lower the torso by lifting the bar at upper back and then coming back to the actual position. Keep in mind that the hips should be lower than the knee joint before you stand up again.

9. Bent over rows
It primarily focuses latissimus dorsi muscle of the body with its different versions. It is commonly used in powerlifting and body building that helps to boost up your size and strength. You have to bend the knees with back straight over the bar and hold it firmly. Now lift the bar up to the upper waist. Return to your previous position such that the shoulders are arms get extended.

10. Seated cable rows
It is good workout to fortify the mid-back area of your body. You set your feet on the foot plates of low cable equipment having a bench to sit on. Don't use force while doing this exercise, otherwise the pay off will be reduced and may cause injury as well.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Maintaining a healthy weight is simple math: burn more calories than you gain. Obviously, the key here is to keep tabs on what you eat but this is easier said than done. With all the research going on in the weight loss area, there is no dearth of diet plans but for any of these to work, it is vital you stick to the prescribed guidelines for healthy eating.

Choose the Right Diet Plan
How well you follow a diet depends on how well it suits you. Diet food programs that are extreme in nature ones that drastically reduce your intake of food or completely leave out an entire food group could leave you feeling starved. The discomfort and irritability you experience are enough to make you discard the plan early on. Make sure you study the diet plan and perhaps even ask your doctor about how balanced it is, before you adopt it.

Change Your Lifestyle
Losing weight may be your immediate goal but for lasting health, you need to maintain a healthy weight for the rest of your life. Diet food programs may help you lose weight rapidly, but in the long run, you also need to fix problems in your lifestyle. Take a look at how much exercise you get, your eating habits outside of home and the amount of alcohol you consume all these are factors that play an important role in deciding how fit you stay.

Be Gentle on Yourself
In the initial stages, it may be difficult to stick to the diet plan and you may find yourself giving in to your craving for a sugar-rich pastry or salt-rich potato fries. When you tend to slip up, being unduly harsh on yourself serves no purpose; instead, accept that it is only human to err. Look at what your diet food program suggests as compensation for a high calorie food and try to make amends. The higher the goal you set, the more stressed you are going to feel about slipping up. Instead, aim at a healthy weight loss say about two pounds every week that is not as stressful and easier to achieve. Once you manage to meet this goal, it will give you the confidence to keep going.

Enlist Support
Sticking to diet food programs long term is not an easy task; it calls for quite some self-control. If you are unsure of your ability to stick it out alone, ask for help. Join a weight loss group, or connect online with other people on the same diet plan; confide in your family or close friends a few encouraging words now and then will help you keep going.

After doing all it takes, if you still find it difficult to stick to a particular diet plan, take a look at the other diet food programs available, and experiment with each one until you find one that suits you. As long as you stick by the mantra of using up more calories than what you consume, you should be able to achieve your weight loss goals.

Friday, March 01, 2013

There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that the greatest health concern of the people today is weight gain. People are becoming obese and are gaining weight at an alarming pace. This increase in the number of people becoming fat and obese was expected for some time because of the heightened use of high calorie junk food by the people. The ignorance of the people towards their eating habits has resulted in them becoming fat and obese. The people having weight gain issues look for solutions to their problem and there are many of them.

Water is one of the most essential needs of a human body without which a person cannot survive. Since the body keeps losing water in the processes of respiration, excretion and perspiration, it requires to be refilled or the person will start feeling dehydrated. When a person becomes dehydrated, his body begins to retain water, this results in increasing his body weight. However if a person keeps drinking water regularly and keeps himself hydrated, the need of the body to retain water is dispelled resulting in weight loss. Doctors suggest that drinking 3.7 liters of water per day is helpful for decreasing body weight.

Tea has had a very distinguished history of being used for the purpose of reducing weight in the centuries gone by. Herbal tea was used by the Chinese for maintaining their health in the ancient times. Green tea is the newest weight loss product that is being recommended nowadays by nutritionists to people who are struggling to keep their weight down. The high concentration of catechin polyphenols in green tea has been touted as the reason for bringing down the weight of a person. These catechins help in increasing thermogenesis in the body, which is a biological process in which fat is burned to produce energy. This increase in the fat burning results in reduction of the weight of a green tea drinker.

However, much water drinking may be insufficient in many cases. Regular exercises are an obvious way of losing weight for the fat people, however, most of them tire very quickly and end up losing their interest in doing exercise in a matter of a few weeks. Thus, a more effective method of losing weight has been coined for such people. This method involves frequent drinking of green tea for cutting down the weight of a person. This might sound very funny but it is true that drinking appropriate amounts of green tea each day can help a person in losing his weight considerably.

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