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Sunday, December 01, 2013

The British company Inscentinel issued a statement: you can train bees, teaching them to identify certain types of cancer at an early stage of development, says Zee News.

Based on this idea, the Portuguese designer Suzanne Soares developed glass apparatus embodying two trained bees.

The idea is that if the bees detect smell that they have been taught to react, they immediately rush into the small cavity where there is flavor. Professionals interested in the smell contained breathing person. Bees are able to detect odors imperceptible to the human nose, thanks to the special sensitivity to odors.

Bees trained, first giving them a sniff certain smell associated with cancer, and then feeding them sugar. Thus, in the brain of insects smell and entrenched Association awards. The idea of ​​a cancer diagnosis on a person's breath is not new. For example, actual breathing diagnose colorectal cancer. Already created a corresponding test, trapping volatile organic compounds associated with the activity of tumors. Estimation accuracy is 76%.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Diet and other lifestyle factors can have a significant impact on your risk of developing cancer. By getting enough exercise and eating a healthy diet full of fresh fruits, veggies and other whole, natural foods, you can lower your risk of developing all types of cancers.

Sometimes, simply knowing which foods to avoid can also help you to lower your risk, as certain ingredients have been shown to have a strong link to the development of cancer. Here are several ingredients that could be in your diet right now that could be increasing your risk of cancer:


Aspartame is one of the most commonly used artificial sweeteners, and much research has suggested that it can increase your risk of cancer. Research on the issue has been debated, as some feel that the evidence is not conclusive or that it only shows a correlation when very high amounts are used. However, it may be better to be safe than sorry and to avoid this artificial sweetener, which is found in everything from diet sodas to yogurt to ice cream. It is also sold under the brand names NutraSweet and Equal.


Nitrates are what are added to hot dogs, bacon and other processed meats (such as salami and deli meat) to preserve the meat and keep the color fresh. Sodium nitrates (the kind added to meats) are converted into nitrosamine in the body, which is a known carcinogen (cancer-causing agent). You can also find nitrosamines in fried and smoked foods.


Pesticides are commonly used on all kinds of fruit and produce in order to keep them free of bugs during the growing process. Unfortunately, many of these pesticides are carcinogenic. It is best to stick with organic produce that has not been sprayed with these dangerous chemicals. If you can't buy organic for all your produce, just focus on organic for the "dirty dozen", which are the produce that are sprayed with the most pesticides.

Hydrogenated Oils

Hydrogenated oils are regular vegetable oils that have been heated in the presence of hydrogen, which helps to prolong their shelf life but also creates carcinogenic trans fats. Hydrogenated oils are found in everything from fried foods to breads to cakes and cookies. Look for hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils on the package and avoid these foods.


Acrylamides are created when foods are fried, forming when starchy foods are exposed to very high heats. Studies have shown that acrylamides can increase the risk of several types of cancer. It's best to avoid fried foods and stick to their healthy baked counterparts and avoid these dangerous chemicals altogether.

While genetic predisposition is a big risk factor for cancer, your diet and lifestyle choices also have a big impact. It is important to learn about the harmful substances that could be in your foods and increasing your risk. Of course, choosing a whole-foods diet that is full of plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables is also one of the best ways to ensure that you are eating a healthy diet that will reduce your risk of cancer and many other diseases.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Lymphoma may be a malignancy of system will develop in any a part of body. it always seems as a solid neoplasm within the organs made in body fluid tissues and tends to encroach on body fluid nodes, tonsil, spleen and bone marrow. it's simply unnoticed due to insidious symptoms. however the survival rate will extremely improved if its symptoms ar noted in early stage and take treatments in time. Therefore, it's necessary for North American country to grasp some symptoms of Lymphoma.

1. the foremost typical symptoms of Lymphoma ar painless superficial body fluid nodes, that grow bit by bit with sleek surface and within the hardness like nasal tip. Swelling body fluid nodes ar most ordinarily occurring in neck and supraclavicular regions, at that time ar in armpits and inguens. Some cases would chiefly gift the symptom of swelling body fluid nodes deep in body, for instance, swelling body fluid nodes in cavity, abdomen and pelvis. Those cases associate with associate insidious onset that once the patients ar diagnosed Lymphoma, the swelling body fluid nodes deep in body unremarkably ar each obvious to notice.

2. Progressive swelling body fluid nodes might have an effect on or continue tissues or organs around and cause correspondent symptoms. for instance, once superior vena is ironed by the swelling body fluid nodes in cavity would block blood backflowing to cause swollen face and neck, chest distress, hurting or troublesome breath then on. If the swelling body fluid nodes of pelvis and abdomen continue alimentary tract, duct or gall ducts etc. would cause blockage, pathology, jaundice, which can additionally associate with abdominal pain and distention.

3. Expect systema lymphaticum, Lymphoma can even encroach on different organs and gift correspondent symptoms. as an example, duct Lymphoma would show the symptoms like abdominal pain, duct lesion, harm and oppression etc., that ar same as abdomen diseases and viscus cancer do. Lymphocytoma body covering is generally mistaken as skin disease, skin disorder and eczema. If the neoplasm develops in brain, headache, blurring vision, disturbance of speech, cognitive state, and alter in disposition, nervous disorder of limbs or whole body, and even dysfunction in severe cases. once neoplasm invades bones will cause pain or fracture of bones, and if in bodily cavity might develop symptoms like nose obstruction, running nose, nasal harm, that ar like those of cavum cancer.

4. cancer may be a general disease, except the higher than symptoms, fever, night sweat, acratia, emaciation, loss of appetency, rash, itching, anemia and different systematic symptoms might develop in additional than five hundredth patients. From this, superficial Lymphoma comes with obvious symptoms that ar straightforward to search out early. except for the Lymphoma develops deep in body, it's troublesome to notice as a result of regarding symptoms would occur once the neoplasm is giant enough.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Women laid low with breast cancer could take pleasure in giving their breasts an additional squeeze virtually.

According to researchers from the University of American state at Berkeley and therefore the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, inserting mechanical force on malignant exocrine gland cells will really reverse their irregular growth method and place them back on target for a traditional growth pattern.

We area unit showing that tissue organization is sensitive to mechanical inputs from the surroundings at the start stages of growth and development, aforesaid Daniel John Fletcher, academician of applied science at Berkeley and college human at the Berkeley laboratory, furthermore because the study's lead investigator.

Breast tissue grows, shrinks and shifts throughout the course of a woman's life during a structured pattern and ultimately stops growing at some purpose. breast cancer is usually characterised by a breakdown during this traditional growth pattern, inflicting breast cancer cells to grow on an irregular basis.

Through a previous experiment at the Berkeley laboratory, researchers showed it had been attainable to stop these malignant cells from remodeling into a neoplasm by manipulating the cells' close surroundings through the employment of organic chemistry inhibitors. Ultimately the encircling healthy cells may persuade the cancerous cells to grow unremarkably once more.

The most recent work from the Berkeley laboratory utilizes an equivalent construct, however introduces mechanical inhibitors instead of chemical inhibitors. The researchers grew malignant breast animal tissue cells during a gelatin-like substance, that was injected into versatile Si chambers. They then applied force to the Si over time, and ultimately witnessed the malignant cells grow into additional healthy-looking cells. Time-lapse research showed the modification within the compressed breast cells over time.

While their analysis is compelling, the researchers don't advocate for compression bras or force alone to treat breast cancer.

Compression, in and of itself, isn't seemingly to be a medical care, John Fletcher aforesaid. But, this will provide North American country new clues to trace down the molecules and structures that might eventually be targeted for therapies.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Early Symptoms of Breast Cancer

The symptoms that are listed conjure the bulk of the first symptoms of Breast Cancer. the primary factor that's typically noticeable is that the lump or mass within the breast. this can be one amongst the main indicators of Breast Cancer that is found within the early stage. it's attainable that a lump can type within the bodily cavity space still. alternative skin and tit connected symptoms conjointly|also are|are} common within the development of the Breast Cancer also however they will not be therefore noticeable within the early stages. detain mind that the first symptoms of Breast Cancer can also be tough as a results of alternative health issues therefore you must not assume the designation supported these symptoms occurring.

It is an honest plan for all girls to try to to breast exams a minimum of once a year. you'll get this done by your doctor or try it on your own. make certain that you just recognize specifically what you're yearning for. Early symptoms of Breast Cancer could go unremarked however once examining the world they're comparatively straightforward to Early. The lump ought to be noticeable and distinguished from the surface of the skin. If there's any modification within the texture and look of your breast skin or nipples then this could even be straightforward to note. If you retain examining your breasts on a daily basis then it'll be easier to spot once there has been any modification to that.
Regular breast examination will facilitate to find early symptoms of Breast Cancer and achievebetter treatment results.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer in girls

Symptoms of Breast Cancer in girls vary slightly . If you're a girl you will expect to expertise breast lump and changes of the skin and nipples in your breast space. There could also be alternative symptoms that would be tough except for this still although. you'll hunt for a full list of Breast Cancer symptoms however this has coated the bulk of the common symptoms that area unit probably to be detected by feminine patients with this kind of cancer.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer in Men

There area unit some similarities within the symptoms of Breast Cancer in men and girls however there area unit many variations that area unit additional probably to be detected by male patients. In several cases In several cases, it's unremarkably to visualize firm patches underneath the tit space of the skin. this might be a significant symptom that's tough by the male and totally different from females. it's attainable that symptoms of Breast Cancer in men can embody numerous forms of changes to the skin and nipples still. In most instances of Breast Cancer the symptoms area unit solely sometimes detected during a single tit. Also, if the Breast Cancer has unfold then you will expertise alternative symptoms like bone pain, weight loss, and general weakness.

The symptoms of Breast Cancer area unit largely to try to to with the breast skin and nipples. If the cancer spreads then symptoms could also be detected throughout the body still. once the cancer is in its early stages the symptoms area unit generally restricted to the breast space although.Even though these symptoms might not be able to realize at the primary look they're still comparatively straightforward to be detected if you examine the world. Ultimately, there area unit various symptoms of Breast Cancer and it's vital if you'll get timely examinations and effective treatments. So, visit a doctor timely once any abnormal symptoms area unit found.