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Friday, January 03, 2014

Google will continue to expand the scope of the Android operating system mastering more and more niche. Having achieved dominance in the markets upon OS for smartphones and tablets, the search giant swung to a new, untapped market of embedded automotive systems.

According to rumors, in the coming days as part of the CES 2014 Google representatives and Audi can officially declare the beginning of cooperation with the ultimate goal of which will be the introduction of a German manufacturer of automobiles infotainment system based on OS Android, which will provide navigation features, communications and playback of multimedia files. For ensuring that the hardware component of this complex will meet the third partner in the project, the company NVidia.

If the preliminary information is correct, the next generation owners of Audi vehicles fitted get access to most of Google's services are available for OS Android, including Google Play store and navigate Google Drive.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Volkswagen is set to release a new model, the cost of which will start from 6000 euros. In an interview with Automotive News said the head of the department.

New products will be designed for emerging markets. The specific countries are not in the conversation, but with almost absolute certainty, we can say that it is not just about China and India, but also Russia and other Eastern European countries.

As to the concept of a new low-cost Volkswagen, then, according to Hackenberg, it is a full-fledged family car cost from 6 to 8 thousand euro. As the senior manager, such a price level will be achieved through a high localization of production - in Volkswagen will select worthy of regional suppliers with the appropriate level of quality.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Summer months are a time when people enjoy the outdoors with their families and friends. The warmer temperatures and the longer hours of daylight mean extra trips to recreational areas and even family vacations. Often wilderness areas are ideal spots for camping and summer family vacations, and necessitate the need for long drives. Although in places like Missouri and Nebraska insurance premiums can be lower for good drivers, the added driving and the warmer weather brings its own share of risks that can create conditions for raised insurance rates, conditions like accidents and bad weather. Simple checklist for a toolkit for the warmer months can help alleviate some of these concerns.

The first thing that a driver should check their vehicle for in the summer months is the exterior. When the weather turns warm, it can be a good idea to give the car a good wash and to provide the car with a good wax protectant. This does a couple of things. For one thing it gives the car added protection from the rain and dust of summer months. It also helps protect the cars paint from damage that occurs from ultraviolet radiation. The paint on a car is meant to protect the metal from exposure to the elements where it can rust and lose its structural integrity. Summers can be extremely hot, and this combination of extreme heat and rain can be especially damaging to a car's exterior.

The driver should then turn their attention to the interior of the car. The summer heat can turn the interior of a car into a furnace. This is not only damaging to upholstery, but electronics and personal items that one leaves inside a vehicle. This is particularly true for black colored vehicles. For protection of the upholstery it is essential that a driver invest in a sunshade for the front windshield. Sunshades offer great protection to a car from both the heat and the damaging effects of heat on sensitive upholstery like leather. They are generally fairly inexpensive, and the driver should consider one with a reflective surface since they radiate heat and light back most effectively.

For roadside emergencies, there are a few items that a driver should consider having in their car for the summer months. Water is an essential addition. Water can mean survival when a driver is stranded in a hot place many miles from roadside assistance, but it can also mean having a necessary item for batteries and coolant systems. Batteries use water, and having water on hand to add to a coolant system that has leaked can mean being able to drive that extra mile to a gas station. Food that has been freeze dried is important to have because it can keep indefinitely and can be on hand in the case of a remote stranding. One should also keep an umbrella, a flashlight, and a basic toolkit for repairs.

The summer months are great for enjoying the outdoors, and the motor vehicle makes it possible to enjoy much of it. If the driver keeps these simple things in their cars, they will be prepared when disaster strikes.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Although similar with Deutschland, the Ford Focus currently has stronger links to Tom Yum Goong than to dish.

The switch to Thai production in August saw the introduction of the Focus Mk2, that debuted Ford's hands-free synchronise moving-picture show system among different technical school options, nevertheless failed to suffer a come by cabin quality to the extent of the Fiesta it created an equivalent transition 2 years earlier.

The production shift was quickly followed by a price cutting that saw the RRP of the entry-level Ford Focus Ambiente manual drop to $20,290 and therefore the dual-clutch automatic to $22,590 though Ford's 'special' driveaway valuation supply of $19,990 and $21,990 severally remains months later and may be your start line negotiating with dealers.

It puts the Focus within the thick of the action within the ultra-competitive small-car phase, wherever it takes on the new-generation Toyota Corolla (from $19,990), the top-selling Mazda3 (from $20,330), the Australian-made Holden Cruze ($21,490), and therefore the dramatically improved second-gen Hyundai i30 ($20,990), to not mention over a dozen different compact sedans and hatchbacks.

The Ambiente is that the solely variant within the third-generation Ford Focus vary steam-powered by a one.6-litre four-cylinder gasoline engine (the higher-grade models feature two.0-litre gasoline and diesel alternatives). Its 92kW/159Nm output is respectable for a naturally aspirated engine of its capability, but the willing unit is burdened by the car's 1335kg edge weight. It's happy and sometimes needed to rev towards its 6300rpm most wall plug however begins to sound thrashy and strained north of peak force at 4000rpm. At lower engine speeds it's moderately quiet and refined.

The same can't be aforementioned for the ex gratia six-speed dual-clutch motor vehicle transmission. Gear changes square measure jerky when cold start-ups whether or not created mechanically or manually by the driving force via the dinky +/ buttons on the within of the shift lever and may stay overly thus for minutes. It tends to lurch in low just like the initial generation of twin clutches and misunderstands the engine's limitations at higher speeds, upshifting on hills and killing momentum before sharply trying to find a lower magnitude relation. nevertheless it's additionally unpunctual to react to aggressive throttle inputs, waiting (and wondering…) before kicking down. Best save yourself $2K and keep on with the quality five-speed manual, that is additionally a lot of fuel economical, employing a claimed six.2 litres per 100km on the combined cycle compared with the auto's six.5. On our take a look at covering a variety of conditions we tend to achieved economy of ten.6L/100km.

The Focus claws back points within the dynamics department, wherever it's each well balanced and fascinating. The electrically assisted steering (standard all told however the Ambiente sedan, that options an easier hydraulic system) is lightweight however keen, giving fast associated direct response to minute inputs and an encouraging changeability to greater twists of the tiller.

Unsurprisingly, the chassis that could be a highlight of the Focus ST hot-hatch remains capable and composed supporting the less performance-oriented variants. The suspension reacts promptly to disembarrass bumps and coarse surfaces, making a cushty ride, and helps to contain roll through corners.

The excellent seats, that square measure soft and adjunct, and significantly cossetting within the second row, enhance comfort. Rear passengers fancy tight head, leg and foot area within the back of the Focus, and whereas they miss out on a centre rest in Ambiente and Trend trim lines, square measure taken care of with a set of clever storage spots round the seat base and doors.

Visibility from the driver's seat is suitable front and rear, though the read of the centre console is a lot of of associate penchant. just like the smaller fete, the Focus options Nokia 5210-inspired switchgear and a little three.5-inch blue matrix screen that a minimum of to a smartphone-savvy info Y-er misses the mark each in terms of style and work and end. as luck would have it, the yr styling is saved modern technical school, with Ford's synchronise property system facilitating voice-activated hands-free job, phone book transfer, sonic text message readout (with compatible phones) and music player integration via either Bluetooth or USB.

The inaccessibility of controller within the Ambiente is unsatisfying, however, and therefore the base model will while not reversing sensors, foglights and alloy wheels (it gets 16-inch steels with a space-saver spare), that square measure all normal throughout the remainder of the Ford Focus vary. different options of the entry-level model embrace manual air con, multi-function show with trip pc, one-touch up/down electrical driver's window, and 60/40 split-fold rear seats. Boot house behind the rear bench trails the likes of the Hyundai i30 and Mazda3, with 316 litres on the market within the hatch and 421 litres within the sedan.

The entire Ford Focus vary has attained ANCAP's most five-star safety rating, every model equipped with six airbags (dual front, facet and curtains), electronic stability management and hand brake lights that flash below significant braking to warn drivers following behind.

The Focus is roofed by a three-year/100,000km guarantee and has 12-month/15,000km service intervals. Most services for the Ambiente can set you back $320 below Ford's six-year capped-price coupling program, with the sixty,000km interval the sole outlier at $455, that involves replacement the fuel and air filters and therefore the spark plugs on high of the regular service.

Well priced, well balanced and comfy, however lacking drivetrain refinement and a few basic options, the Ford Focus Ambiente could be a dish best served manual… maybe when sampling the i30 and Mazda3 for entree and main.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed
On Sale: November
Price: $217,725
Drivetrain: Twin-turbo, 616-hp, 590-lb-ft W12; awd, eight-speed automatic w/ torque converter
Curb Weight: 5115 pounds
0-60 mph: 4.0 seconds, (mfg.)
Fuel Efficiency: 13 city/20 hwy/15 combined

The Bentley Continental GT Speed is the fastest production Bentley ever made, with a top speed of 205 mph. How fast was the second-fastest Bentley ever made? The 2009 Continental Supersports went 204. The 2007 Continental GT Speed went 202. So we're splitting hairs to some degree but the hairs are all on very fast heads. Granted, you're not likely to ever find a place where you could actually go that fast, but it's nice to know you could and to be able to throw out the 205 figure and the phrase "fastest ever" when you're talking about your car.

The first Bentley Speed appeared in 1923 as the Bentley 3.0-liter "Speed Model." That one used twin SU carburetors and higher compression on its four-cylinder engine to reach its performance goals. Ninety years later, the 2013 Speed uses changes to the Bosch ME17 engine management program to wring 49 more horsepower out of the twin-turbo W12, increasing boost 0.3 bar from 1.65 in the standard W12 to 1.95 in the Speed. Thus, horsepower goes from 567 to 616. Torque peaks at 590 lb ft on a broad plateau from 2000 to 5000 rpm. To make the most out of all that power Bentley stiffened the springs, bars and bushings and set it down on 275/35ZR21 Pirelli PZeros. There are even optional carbon ceramic disc brakes to replace the standard iron discs.

Other differences distinguish it from the GT, including ten-spoke 21-inch wheels, dark trim in the grille, quilted leather seats and "Speed" script on the door sills.

By: Mark Vaughn