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Sunday, June 09, 2013

One of the most crucial things that you consider when you go to the showroom to check for a car to buy is the luxury and comfort it offers you. This is in the bid to get the best from your car. The fact is that a car is probably one of your hefty investments which make it one to think about it. There are many ways you can ensure you get the best from your car in terms of luxury and comfort. Some will apply to the moment when you are buying a new car and others will apply to making sure that your old car is still bliss to drive in. If you have been inside a car that troubled you in terms of comfort, then you would understand the state that you do not want your car to be in. Most of the cars in their new state will look very nice and more so feel comfortable and luxurious. As the car grows older, parts begin to fall apart and the former glory of the car also fades. You need to know that it is possible to keep your car as luxurious and as comfortable as possible. Before you make any major changes to your car, you need to contact DVLA to make sure that the new upgrades and changes are documented just in case. Here are some methods that you can see to make sure you get the best from your car.


One of the ways to enjoy the comfort and the luxury that came with your car is to maintain your investment in the shape it came in. Maintaining a car does not necessarily mean keeping it clean and away from scratches. The luxury and comfort of a car will range from its operation when driving, to its accessories and interiors. The way you feel when seated in the car right from the comfort of the seats to the ease of shifting gears determines how smooth your ride is. Make sure your car never misses service and do an occasional overhaul by replacing parts that are worn outs. These include seats and systems like shocks and transmission to make sure you are running well.


The most drastic way to do this is customize your car. This will be costly but worth it. You can decide to improve the comfort and luxury levels of your car by adding to it some custom parts for the same. These will include state of the art entertainment systems, seats, car body and lighting system. These parts are designed to give our car a new look and feel. You will definitely to contact DVLA for this one. The car will look different and feel different. These upgrades are designed to create a personal touch that is derived from the desire of the owner. This is the ultimate way to make sure that your car is both luxurious and comfortable at the end of the day.

These two methods can be done in tandem to keep your car moving and serving you well. Customization also increases the value of the car which is a good thing for you.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Residents of Cape Town and its surrounding suburbs who are looking to buy a new used car can choose from the great rage of BMWs that can be found for sale over the internet. The German car manufacturer have, over recent years, produced a stunning range of models from sports cars and saloons to modern, chunky, yet sophisticated 4 x 4s.

A BMW is universally accepted as being one of the best cars in the world, and as such they are much sought after. The build quality is superb, and if well looked after and kept in good condition, they also hold their value better than most other used cars. It?s one of the main reasons that a used BMW in Cape Town is one of the most popular choices for people on the lookout for a quality second hand car.

Despite popular opinion amongst BMW enthusiasts, the letters BMW do not stand for Best Motorcar in the World. They stand for something much more plain and boring, namely Bayerische Motoren Werke, or in plain English - Bavarian Motor Works.

The German car manufacturer have been churning out great cars for several decades now, and as the once new models appear on the used BMW in Cape Town car listings, they are soon snapped up, none more so than the BMW3 series.

The BMS 3 series is probably the most popular used BMW in Cape Town. The fact that this series is now in its 6th generation says it all. Its looks alone speak volumes. Not only is it one of the most aerodynamically handsome cars of its class, it has actually become the bench mark that most drivers looking for a new second-hand vehicle, measure other used cars by.

But as well as being a good looking car, the series 3 is also reasonably economical, particularly the 320i which has proven to be the most sought after model. The average fuel consumption is a pleasing 6.1 liters per 100km. Later model 320is are also fitted with Eco Pro, a system which helps to maximize fuel economy. In automatic models, Eco Pro actually adjusts the gear selection, thereby optimizing fuel efficiency; whilst in manual gear models, Eco Pro regulates the engine?s idling speed. Eco Pro also controls the car?s interior climate control system, effecting even more control over fuel usage. It?s small wonder that the 3201 is the most sought after model of used BMW in Cape Town today.

BMWs are renowned for their inclusion of high technology componentry at the cutting edge, and later model 320is keep the faith by utilizing BMW?s iDrive system. iDrive facilitates dash mounted control of the majority of the cars integral functions. This includes start/stop technology, use of Bluetooth electronics, and access to the World Wide Web. The BMW 320i is right there in the mix when it comes down to being the best used BMW in Cape Town.

Author Bio:
My name is Tal and I write Info on various cars, along with this article referenced for BMW In Cape Town There is also much more available at the official Pick A Car website, along with reviews, and news.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2012 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque coupe Dynamic

Base Price: $44,995

As-Tested Price: $58,745

Drivetrain: a pair of.0-liter turbocharged I4; AWD, six-speed automatic

Output: 240 horsepower @ five,500 rpm, 251 lb-ft @ one,750 rpm

Curb Weight: three,902 lb

Fuel Economy (EPA City/Highway/Combined): 18/28/21 mpg

AW discovered Fuel Economy: eighteen.4 mpg

Options: Dynamic Premium package together with black grille, side vents, mirror caps, spoiler extension and waist finisher, sports exhaust tips, rear skid plate, oxford-leather handwheel, perforated animal skin seat center panels, door panels with distinction handicraft, bright aluminium pedal finishers, passive entry, surround camera system, HDD navigation, intuitive voice management, 825-watt Meridian surround system with seventeen speakers, chemical element headlamps with AFS, AHBA, blind-spot observation ($7,900); 20-inch shadow chrome alloy wheels ($2,500); climate comfort pack together with heated front seats, windshield, handwheel and washer jets ($1,000); special exterior paint ($950); Sirius satellite radio and HD radio ($750); distinction black roof ($650)

I really enjoyed a weekend within the 2012 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque coupe. It actually sounds like associate degree SUV and a auto, that may be a laborious exploit to accomplish. It attracts attention for its sharp style, that appears like a electrical device or a toy -- however during a great way. It strikes a chord in my memory of a real automobile show construct come back to life. I actually have to convey props to the stylists for taking risks associate degreed actuation off an attention-getting execution with spectacular lights, curvy wheel wells and one amongst the foremost angulate rooflines within the trade. That, however, ends up in a number of the faults of this vehicle. The roof is thus raked it inhibits visibility to the rear, creating the backup camera a necessity. i would not amendment it, however it's one amongst the occasional foibles of spectacular style. The attractive window runs the length of the roof, and it's awe-inspiring.

The powertrain is adequate, although not exalting. The force comes on quickly. But, a number of the shifting makes for an ungainly expertise, particularly once driving around city. Between 2,000 rev and four,000 rpm, the engine stretches out, power unit impending stronger. It is fine, and therefore the enthusiast driver can get wont to it; traditional passengers are going to be flung forward and back because the turbo and force work their magic.

There's adequate area within the enclosure, and therefore the cabin is nicely appointed. The two-tone materials with animal skin mesh and therefore the sleek system create a snug driving atmosphere. It looked and felt spectacular on nearly each surface.

The steering is OK. I did not love it initially, preferring a little additional response, however because the weekend went on I got wont to it, and it's good. i might sort of a sport setting to quicken response.

The chassis is nicely mark, and therefore the ride height is elevated, creating for associate degree expertise Americans can like. All-wheel drive is OK, however most likely not necessary for what several can use this machine for in daily duty.

Like most of the people within the workplace, I actually have mixed feelings regarding the 2012 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque coupe. As a variety Rover, the inside is unsatisfactory in terms of beauty and build quality and therefore the like. additionally as noted on top of, if you have got children, the auto version is impractical.

But there is some great things here, too, significantly if one appearance at the Evoque -- as I tend to -- as a go-anywhere do-anything unrestricted hot(ish) hatch for one person or empty nesters. checked out that manner, it's pretty cool.

The styling to my eye is terrific. and that i was stunned at the response I got last night: a bloke force up next to Pine Tree State at a lightweight and asked all types of queries. He'd ne'er seen one before. Nor had my neighbor. The thing's been out for what, a year? Why do not individuals fathom it?

I like the manner it drives, principally -- taut and semi-sporty.

Power? it is not quick specifically, however i would say there is some fun to be had once the turbo gets with the program; although yea, there's some lag. It quite strikes a chord in my memory of a Volkswagen GTI from a couple of generations agone.

As associate degree previous married beau with 3 kids: This automobile extremely is not on behalf of me. and that is dead OK. however like I same, if I were single . . .

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Although similar with Deutschland, the Ford Focus currently has stronger links to Tom Yum Goong than to dish.

The switch to Thai production in August saw the introduction of the Focus Mk2, that debuted Ford's hands-free synchronise moving-picture show system among different technical school options, nevertheless failed to suffer a come by cabin quality to the extent of the Fiesta it created an equivalent transition 2 years earlier.

The production shift was quickly followed by a price cutting that saw the RRP of the entry-level Ford Focus Ambiente manual drop to $20,290 and therefore the dual-clutch automatic to $22,590 though Ford's 'special' driveaway valuation supply of $19,990 and $21,990 severally remains months later and may be your start line negotiating with dealers.

It puts the Focus within the thick of the action within the ultra-competitive small-car phase, wherever it takes on the new-generation Toyota Corolla (from $19,990), the top-selling Mazda3 (from $20,330), the Australian-made Holden Cruze ($21,490), and therefore the dramatically improved second-gen Hyundai i30 ($20,990), to not mention over a dozen different compact sedans and hatchbacks.

The Ambiente is that the solely variant within the third-generation Ford Focus vary steam-powered by a one.6-litre four-cylinder gasoline engine (the higher-grade models feature two.0-litre gasoline and diesel alternatives). Its 92kW/159Nm output is respectable for a naturally aspirated engine of its capability, but the willing unit is burdened by the car's 1335kg edge weight. It's happy and sometimes needed to rev towards its 6300rpm most wall plug however begins to sound thrashy and strained north of peak force at 4000rpm. At lower engine speeds it's moderately quiet and refined.

The same can't be aforementioned for the ex gratia six-speed dual-clutch motor vehicle transmission. Gear changes square measure jerky when cold start-ups whether or not created mechanically or manually by the driving force via the dinky +/ buttons on the within of the shift lever and may stay overly thus for minutes. It tends to lurch in low just like the initial generation of twin clutches and misunderstands the engine's limitations at higher speeds, upshifting on hills and killing momentum before sharply trying to find a lower magnitude relation. nevertheless it's additionally unpunctual to react to aggressive throttle inputs, waiting (and wondering…) before kicking down. Best save yourself $2K and keep on with the quality five-speed manual, that is additionally a lot of fuel economical, employing a claimed six.2 litres per 100km on the combined cycle compared with the auto's six.5. On our take a look at covering a variety of conditions we tend to achieved economy of ten.6L/100km.

The Focus claws back points within the dynamics department, wherever it's each well balanced and fascinating. The electrically assisted steering (standard all told however the Ambiente sedan, that options an easier hydraulic system) is lightweight however keen, giving fast associated direct response to minute inputs and an encouraging changeability to greater twists of the tiller.

Unsurprisingly, the chassis that could be a highlight of the Focus ST hot-hatch remains capable and composed supporting the less performance-oriented variants. The suspension reacts promptly to disembarrass bumps and coarse surfaces, making a cushty ride, and helps to contain roll through corners.

The excellent seats, that square measure soft and adjunct, and significantly cossetting within the second row, enhance comfort. Rear passengers fancy tight head, leg and foot area within the back of the Focus, and whereas they miss out on a centre rest in Ambiente and Trend trim lines, square measure taken care of with a set of clever storage spots round the seat base and doors.

Visibility from the driver's seat is suitable front and rear, though the read of the centre console is a lot of of associate penchant. just like the smaller fete, the Focus options Nokia 5210-inspired switchgear and a little three.5-inch blue matrix screen that a minimum of to a smartphone-savvy info Y-er misses the mark each in terms of style and work and end. as luck would have it, the yr styling is saved modern technical school, with Ford's synchronise property system facilitating voice-activated hands-free job, phone book transfer, sonic text message readout (with compatible phones) and music player integration via either Bluetooth or USB.

The inaccessibility of controller within the Ambiente is unsatisfying, however, and therefore the base model will while not reversing sensors, foglights and alloy wheels (it gets 16-inch steels with a space-saver spare), that square measure all normal throughout the remainder of the Ford Focus vary. different options of the entry-level model embrace manual air con, multi-function show with trip pc, one-touch up/down electrical driver's window, and 60/40 split-fold rear seats. Boot house behind the rear bench trails the likes of the Hyundai i30 and Mazda3, with 316 litres on the market within the hatch and 421 litres within the sedan.

The entire Ford Focus vary has attained ANCAP's most five-star safety rating, every model equipped with six airbags (dual front, facet and curtains), electronic stability management and hand brake lights that flash below significant braking to warn drivers following behind.

The Focus is roofed by a three-year/100,000km guarantee and has 12-month/15,000km service intervals. Most services for the Ambiente can set you back $320 below Ford's six-year capped-price coupling program, with the sixty,000km interval the sole outlier at $455, that involves replacement the fuel and air filters and therefore the spark plugs on high of the regular service.

Well priced, well balanced and comfy, however lacking drivetrain refinement and a few basic options, the Ford Focus Ambiente could be a dish best served manual… maybe when sampling the i30 and Mazda3 for entree and main.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

This is the all-new, second-generation Kuga, Ford's mid-size SUV. As before, it's supported Focus underpinnings, however the massive news is that it replaces each Europe's Kuga and also the utterly completely different and long-established Escape SUV within the United States of America thence it's the Escape within the United States of America. It's a troublesome equalization act: the Escape incorporates a name as a durable, direct, sensible SUV. The Kuga is a lot of of a classy crossover.

It's a great deal a logo of Ford's One Ford global-car policy: the platform is built in Cologne, the powertrain in Dagenham and also the higher body and interior in port. It'll be in-built urban center, America, and Valencia, Spain.

There square measure a selection of 2 one.6-litre turbocharged Ecoboost petrols with 148bhp or 177bhp, each putt out a similar 177lb linear unit and 2 a pair of.0-litre turbodiesels with 138bhp/236lb linear unit and 161bhp/251lb linear unit.

The base gasolene will solely be had in front-wheel drive type with a manual gear case, whereas the 177bhp model is had solely with all-wheel drive and also the Powershift machine. The 138bhp diesel, meanwhile, is had in front- or all-wheel, however solely with the manual transmission, whereas the range-topping TDI will have either gear case, however four-wheeled drive solely.

There's additionally the same old line-up of Zetec, metal and metal X trim levels. costs vary from £20,895 for a one48bhp 1.6 Ecoboost Zetec to £29,795 for a 161bhp a pair of.0 TDCI.

We're driving a 161bhp a pair of.0TDCI metal all-wheel drive manual, yours for £25,545.

It's good, if usually quotidian. the foremost powerful diesel is entirely flat below 1500rpm, however keep it higher than that level and also the force zings you on on a wave of boost that doesn't stop till 4000rpm. this can be usually all well and sensible, however it will feel perceptibly unpunctual on inclines.

The steering is Ford's acquainted electrically motor-assisted set-up, that is fast and meatily weighted and absolutely pleasant to use, however if something it's too springily desperate to self-centre.

You sit high and also the chassis is sort of soft that doesn't lend a very gaudy feel, however the Kuga is truly quite in a position handler: the compliance means that it soaks up bumps while not turning into upset over rougher tarmac, and the four-wheeled drive system is pretty wonderful it's Ford's own hardware and package, and it's as if the tall ride height and soft chassis is doing its best to disguise the brilliance of this method. It subtly snuffs out the onset of understeer with one thing a lot of neutral, which means cornering speeds is indecently high, and it quickly juggles force between the axles, which means its way quicker acting, a lot of reactive and a lot of participating to drive than, say, a Haldex system. It'd be fascinating to mix this with, say, a Focus RS.

Really, though, this can be a awfully comfort-oriented automobile, with spectacular levels of refinement.

It is. The seats square measure cozy part-leather with grippy material centres in our Titanium-spec model and there's lots of headroom all spherical, and there's rather more legroom within the back than you'll realize in a very Focus one thing that the rigorously crenated seatbacks solely exaggerate. The rear-seat passengers will recline their seats a trifle with a pull on a handle, whereas a similar handles permit the 40/60 split seats to fold flat in a rapid. There are lots of cupholders and cubbyholes, and also the door cards square measure sharply carved too, giving bigger room.

The new automobile is 81mm longer than the first-gen Kuga, however it's additionally 4mm narrower and 8mm lower. Those reclining seats mean there's a spread for the seats-up bags area instead of a collection range, however it currently stands at 438-481 litres versus the previous 410 litres.

However, there's no seven-seat possibility, as you'll realize in Ford's Grand C-Max or, indeed, Nissan's rival Qashqai +2, therefore you're primarily handling a a lot of spacious Focus, instead of one thing that genuinely offers up a lot of creative ways that to use a similar quite area.

The Kuga gets keyless access, and you'll be able to open and shut the tailgate by waving your foot below the bumper a bit like you'll be able to on the Merc FTO and BMW 3-series. It's simply a shame it takes see you later to really open which the load sill is fairly high.

The Kuga may be a sensible, refined automobile, however one that struggles to square out compared with the already excellent opposition. it's sensible, however obscurity close to pretty much as good as a (far a lot of expensive) vary Rover Evoque or maybe, whisper it, a (cheaper) Kia Sportage, and it doesn't have the desirability of either the Rangey or the VW Tiguan. It's sensible to drive, however terribly comfort-focussed: the Evoque is much a lot of dynamic.

The Kuga doesn't extremely place a foot wrong, however nor will it do something that creates you're feeling compelled to shop for it. It's a solid, practical, snug automobile that ought to work simply into family duties, however one which will do therefore while not ever dazzling you with its brilliance.