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Saturday, June 29, 2013

When looking for a good hair treatment clinic, it's important to have some clear expectations of what they can provide. You should first look for a clinic that can offer free consults to work out what treatment will be best for your hair loss, as well as clinics that can guide you through a range of different treatments and services. The best hair treatment clinics will also be able to advise and perform hair transplant surgeries, after assessing your suitability for an operation.


This is the crucial first stage of hair loss treatment, and should involve a free introductory discussion and diagnosis of your problems - consultations can allow a hair clinic to work out which treatments you'd be suitable for, as well as whether you would benefit from surgery. A detailed diagnosis of your particular type of hair loss can at least give you realistic options over what can be achieved with hair replacement treatments or therapy, and can be carried out for men, women, and children.

Range of Services

Gaining access to a range of hair treatments can mean that you can try non-surgical options, while also seeing whether replacement treatments can work for you if you have conditions where surgery isn't an option. Some of the treatments that hair clinics can provide include medications like finasteride and minoxidil, which can encourage regrowth and slow down the effects of hair loss. You might also want to try laser treatment to stimulate your hair follicles.

Other options include replacement and volumising systems for your hair; this can be ideal for partial or temporary hair loss, and can involve the use of realistic wigs and extensions that are tailored to your scalp. Making an investment in a high quality hair replacement treatment can provide a more economic option than surgery, and can be a good solution if you're expecting your hair to regrow over time.

Surgical Options

Clinics can consult you over whether your hair loss is suitable for surgery, or whether conditions such as alopecia areata mean that you're unlikely to benefit due to total hair loss. One of the most common types of hair transplant now used is follicular unit extraction, where individual hairs from the healthy part of your head are moved to balding areas. Always look for clinics that have certified surgeons before undergoing treatment.

In this context, it's important to find clinics that can offer you a personalised service, and that will make you aware of the different options that you have open to you. For example, a clinic like Foley Court can provide consults, hair replacement and therapy options, as well as surgical advice and procedures. Before undertaking any treatment, though, get a full consultation so that you're not investing money in procedures that are going to be unsuitable for your type of hair loss.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

A) Vitamins:
Pimples have been known to positively react to the addition of niacin (100 mg; three times per day), and vitamin A to a diet. 400 mg of vitamin E taken once per day also works wonders.

B) Fenugreek:
A useful paste can be created from the leaves of this vegetable, which is then applied to the face before you retire each night. At the start of the morning, the paste should be washed off using warm water. Pimples, especially blackheads are treated with this home remedy.

C) Orange Peel:
When orange peels are pounded and combined with water, an effective home treatment for pimples is created. Apply to affected areas and watch the results.

D) Lemon:
Apply lemon juice to pimples to reduce their size and intensity.

E) Garlic:
If you rub raw garlic on problem areas several times a day, you can clear up skin. You may also eat three seeds of raw garlic once daily for a month to see results. The garlic seeds purify the blood, which aids in keeping pimples at bay.

F) Coriander and Mint Juice:
A helpful herbal remedy for pimples includes the mixing of one teaspoon of coriander juice, combined with a pinch of turmeric powder. Every night, after thoroughly washing the face, apply the juice for an effective home remedy. Mint juice may also replace the coriander for this home treatment for pimples.

G) Hot Epsom Salts Bath:
It is believed that a hot Epsom salts bath taken two times per week will ease all cases of acne .

H) Cucumber:
Try applying grated cucumber over the face, neck, and eyes for the treatment of pimples and blackheads. This process should only take 15-20 minutes of your time.

When you are looking for skin care measures that could prevent pimples, you might want to:

A) Practice Clean Skin Habits:
Keeping the skin well cleansed will deter the formation of pimples. Using a mild cleanser at the start of your day, in the evening, and before bed is recommended. Avoid scrubbing your skin, which has the potential to make matters worse.

B) Keep Your Hands Off:
Touching your skin passes extra dirt, oil, bacteria, and grime that can trigger acne and other skin irritations. Also, if you see a pimple start to form, you should refrain from squeezing, pinching, or picking.

C) Shave With Caution:
The way you shave can also irritate the skin to provoke pimples to form. Depending on your skin sensitivity, you may have to find a balance between electric and safety razors.

D) Read All Skin Care Labels:
When purchasing skin care products, you should be on the lookout for words, such as "oil-free," "greaseless," "hypoallergenic," and "noncomedogenic"

Monday, July 02, 2012

We don't like wrinkles. But we can actually love it and live with it. Let's just say that wrinkles can be beautiful. There are actually different views regarding wrinkles, and some learned to love it. Some view it as sign of wisdom and reminders for life's lessons especially when we were younger.

Anyone who doesn't know Cameron Diaz?

She is gorgeous. In one article in, she said "I feel so much more attractive now. A thousand percent. I'm appreciating my skin and my wrinkles and all those things."

She just loves who she is and appreciates everything that she has. Now that's called women empowerment. There are actually some wrinkles that we should have. These symbolize something and can show what happened in our life.

Wrinkles that should be there

Sign of joy

One of the common type of wrinkle that most of us want to remove is the crow's feet, the ones that we can find beside our eyes. In fact, the Chinese call these joy lines. Basically, these represent pure smile and pure laughter. You can only have these when you are genuinely expressing your happy emotions.

Lines of wisdom

The horizontal lines in our foreheads are the ones that are commonly targeted by derm clinics and treatment creams. I'm sure a lot of us wished these lines to be removed because they make us look older. I'm guilty of this too.

However, these actually represent the items when we learned something, or experienced something that changed our life. Usually these happens when we are younger - in our twenties. The lines represent wisdom or survival of some really hard events in our life. So these actually serve as reminders of our past.

A symbol of true beauty

According to an article in, "A woman who can use her facial expressions to display confidence, love, laughter and emotion radiates an attractiveness that can't be replicated by expressions frozen in time. Wrinkles display warmth and charisma, adding character to our faces."

Wrinkles show a woman's real personality. She can show her real self to others through these. It is a symbol of beauty because wrinkles show maturity and femininity. At the same time it is also liberating and empowering for women to be themselves - that's what makes women who learned to love their wrinkles beautiful.

Closing thoughts

Wrinkles can really be annoying sometimes. But it's time to appreciate them and the role that they play in our lives. They're there for a reason, and they show who we really are as a person. For some people who experience aging. I mean excessive aging that causes more than just wrinkles. There are some health benefits to getting hormone therapy. One of the clinics that you can visit is the American Longevity Center.

Finally, one last statement - appreciate your wrinkles.

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Edward Beyer loves to write about anything. Find more of his posts at American Longevity Center.