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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dealing with a foot fungus can be frustrating and also embarrassing. Knowing the symptoms of a toe fungus can help you determine when it's more than just an irritation on your foot. By being aware of these symptoms and clues you can know when it's time to go to the doctor to get help. Sometimes a cream or ointment can help and other times you need much more.

Fungal infections can wreak havoc on a person's social life. You might feel uncomfortable going to places like pool parties or summer events when your feet might be seen. You do not have to change your social life when you talk to a doctor who specializes in these infections. You can get the help you need and get back to your normal self. Be sure to talk with a doctor if you see any of these signs on your own feet. Do not sacrifice your social life and fun because you feel you are alone.

Redness or Rash

When you have a fungal infection on your foot you may notice a rash or red areas popping up on your foot. They can be severe to minor. They can also cover a large part of your foot. This is just one sign that something is going on.

Itching or Burning

This is another major sign of an infection starting up or going on in your foot. The fungus can make your skin very irritated and itchy. It will also feel as though you can not get it to stop. The more you scratch it, the more it itches. Sometimes you may have more of a burning sensation that is very uncomfortable.


Some fungal infections can cause swelling and pain in your feet. You may notice this as the infection gets worse if nothing is done about it. This can also cause your feet to be very uncomfortable in your shoes if it gets too swollen.


There could also be a bad smell coming from your feet that is not a normal smell. It may be very unpleasant and embarrassing if you are put into any situations where shoes come off. This is one sign that you need to have your foot checked out.


Your toenails will also tell the tale of a foot fungal infection. They will become yellowed and brittle. You may notice they look thick and do not look as the other toenails do. There are certain infections that only infect the nail and nail bed.

These are all signs that you have a fungal infection in your feet. It can be tough to get rid of this type of infection if you do not know what to do. There are all types of Toenail Fungus Removal options and one will work perfect for you. If you have tried over the counter medications or treatments and they do not help then you need to call the physician. There are several medical treatments and laser treatments that can help you be comfortable with your own feet again.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

There are three major classification of how a runner's foot strikes the ground:

Heel Striking
Heel lands first, then the forefoot comes down (heel-toe running)

Midfoot Striking
Heel and ball of the foot land simultaneously

Forefoot Striking
Ball of the foot lands first (usually below the 4th and 5th metatarsals) before the heel comes down (toe-heel-toe running

"Approximately 75% of habitually shod runners all over the world heel strike (Hasegawa et al., 2007)."

Running injuries
Studies suggest that at least 30% of runners get injured every year, and many of these injuries stem from problems that arise in the foot or lower leg (va Gent et al., 2007).

Bere Foot for Long Running
The bare foot may be well suited for running long distance without requiring modern, heavily cushioned, high-heeled running shoes.

Running Shoes vs. Bare Foot
Most runners who wear standard running shoes usually heel strike, but our research suggests that most barefoot or minimally shoe endurance runners barefoot and sometime midfoot strike.

History of Running
Human and our recent ancestors have been accomplished endurance runners for more than a million years (Bramble and Lieberman, 2004).

Minimal Footware
Humans evolved to run and before the mid 1970s all humans ran in either no shoes or very minimal footwear such as sandals, moccasins or thin running flats.

Safely Foot Landing
Humans were able to run comfortably and safely when barefoot or in minimal footwear by landing with a flat foot (midfoot strike) or by landing on the ball of the foot before bringing down the heel (barefoot strike).

Is a study gathered and illustrated By about the advantages of barefoot running.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Many people complain of having tired eyes, a sore back, or achy arms after a long day of work, but what they should really be complaining about is their feet. Even though most people don't think about it, the feet are one of the body parts that do the greatest amount of work on a daily basis. If you want to be able to continue doing the things you love to do, make foot health and regular visits to the podiatrist a priority in your life.

Proper Posture

Having healthy feet not only refers to having feet that are disease and injury free, it also refers to having feet that are of a specific shape. The shape of a foot can greatly affect balance, distribution of bodyweight, gait and stride, and the ability to walk or run. The feature of the foot that affects posture most is the arch. Feet that are considered to be healthy should have a nice arch because it keeps the bones of the body in proper alignment during standing and other upright activities. Flat-footedness, or having a collapsed arch, puts the skeleton out of alignment and adds more stress to the joints. This creates a more slouched posture, increases the likelihood of injury, and can cause extra soreness on the joints. This can be remedied by buying shoes with arch support or slip-in arch pads.

Injury Prevention

A foot that is not in peak condition can be the cause of many other injuries down the road. The truth of the matter is that performance is compromised when there is any type of damage to the foot regardless if it came from a sprain, broken bone, blister, or gangrene. Pain in one foot could lead you to hobble down the stairs on the other, slip, and tumble to the bottom to receive even worse injuries, for example. Intense pain in the feet usually leads to an imbalance that can cause paralyzing or fatal falls, especially in seniors.

If you are looking for experienced professionals, be sure to contact our foot specialists at (817) 697-2197 with any questions of concerns about the health of your feet. Don't hesitate to act now because healthy feet make happier lives.

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