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Saturday, August 13, 2016

1. Chicken soup
why: It's been called nature's penicillin and is at the top of the list for its curative powers. Hot chicken soup helps clear clogged airways,

2. Hot and spicy food
Chilies or spicy sauces to help ease congestion. Cook Indian or other ethnic foods that contain
these ingredients, or simply add a spicy sauce to foods for extra zip

3. Garlic
This fragrant bulb contains a flavoring agent called alliin which acts as a decongestant. Garlic is also believed to act as an antioxidant and destroy free- radicals, the active oxygen molecules that damage cells

4. Fluids
To keep you liquefied.

5. Citrus fruits
Reach for citrus fruits to increase your vitamin C intake. Drink orange juice for breakfast, snack on half a grapefruit, or add tangerine slices to a lunchtime salad. Getting an increased
amount of vitamin C is especially important if you smoke, as smoking increases both your risk
of catching a cold and your body's need for this protective vitamin.

6. Ginger
Many people find fresh ginger root helps treat the coughing and fever that often accompany colds and flu. Try making a ginger tea:

7. Vitamin C sources
Citrus fruits aren't the only foods high in vitamin C. Potatoes, green peppers, strawberries and
pineapple can help as your daily cold-fighting food arsenal.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Scientists from New York came to the conclusion that only one apple a day may reduce the risk of cancer of the breast. However, for this it is necessary to include in your diet and also some other products, write the foreign media.

If on apple eat in combination with other fruits and vegetables, it will significantly reduce the risk of cancer in women. It does not really matter what kind of products will be included in the diet further.

The study showed that apples contain large amounts of phenolic resin and flavonoids, which are very effective in the prevention of cancer.

An experiment was conducted on laboratory mice, the risk of cancer which was 81%. Within 24 weeks of scientists gave rodents 1, 2 or 3 portions apples. When the experiment was over, it was found that the risk of developing cancer in mice who ate one serving of apples a day, up 57% from consuming 2 servings - 50%, while those eating 3 servings - 23%.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Scientists conducted a study which confirmed that the level of happiness depends on the amount of fruit on the daily menu.

It produces our food mood. British scientists conducted an experiment of 80 thousand people. Results showed that the amount of fruits and vegetables in the human diet is associated with how happy she or he feels. The highest level of happiness experts have recorded in people who consumed about 7 servings, or 85 grams of fruit and vegetables a day.

Thus, happy people are more likely to have chosen just a healthy diet, which became one of the reasons for their satisfaction with life.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Recent scientific studies prove conclusively the importance of vitamin D for the body and health.

Enough of this vitamin in the body is of particular importance, because the lack of it, according to scientists, it is the reason that we lose the protection of resources and become prone to disease and depression.

As found by scientists from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark concluded that vitamin D stimulates T-cells to strengthen the body's defenses. In turn, if the body lacks vitamin D, it does not allow T cells to accumulate inner strength to fight viral infections that penetrate into it. Also, if T cells are passive, vitamin D activates them, then these fighters are infections and neutralize pathogens trapped in the body.

Therefore, in anticipation of winter it would be useful to check if your body lacks important vitamin. Danish researchers believe that it improves the immune system, making it ready and well adapted to deal with a variety of infectious diseases, including influenza.

Researchers believe that this discovery will help many people to improve the immune system to fight various infectious diseases, including influenza. Scientists emphasize that long known about the importance of vitamin D for calcium absorption, and that they know the facts of how the regular use of this fitamina helped improve the condition of patients suffering from various cancers and multiple sclerosis.

"However, to date we have no idea how important this vitamin is just for the human immune system, allowing it to work properly and protect the body from various infectious diseases", - concluded the researchers.

Indicative in this world and the work of scientists from the University of Chicago in the United States. In his ode research they were convinced that the daily intake of vitamin D helps many people get rid of depression.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Acid reflux, also called heartburn or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), happens when stomach acid rises into the esophagus due to a weakened esophageal sphincter, according to doctors at the Jackson Siegelbaum Gastroenterology clinic. Chest discomfort, a burning sensation in your upper stomach or lower throat and occasionally a bad taste in your mouth characterize the disease. If you're tired of buying a new pack of antacids every day, perhaps a diet change can do the trick.

Complex Carbs
Eat breads and grains that are low in fat and high in complex carbohydrates, recommends Jackson Siegelbaum Gastroenterology. Try to avoid heavily processed breads that are high in fat and low in nutrition. Writers at Health Castle recommend eating multiple small meals every day instead of large meals since a large meal on your stomach requires additional stomach acids. Make sure you eat plenty of rice, pasta and breads. These help ensure that the acids in your stomach have complex foods to break down.

Avoid processed fruits and vegetables or foods that have a high citric acid content, according to Jackson Siegelbaum Gastroenterology. Its doctors recommend eating apples, bananas and other fresh fruit. Apples are high in complex carbohydrates, and researchers at say that they contain chemicals that help strengthen the sphincter muscle that causes acid reflux. Bananas are natural antacids, according to the website. Another helpful tip is to take 2 tsp. apple cider vinegar with lukewarm water daily. Researchers at say the solution helps prevent acid buildup.

Dairy Products
Milk, cheese and other dairy products are naturally high in calcium, a natural inhibitor of stomach acid, according to Jackson Siegelbaum Gastroenterology notes that you should choose skim or other low-fat dairy products because foods that contain high fat content will remain in your stomach for a longer period than low-fat foods. You should also avoid eating at fast food chains, since many of the products found in fast food restaurants are high in fat content.