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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nutritionists have compiled a list of fat burning foods that are not only not get better, and vice versa - to get thin.

1. Grapefruit - with regular use (150g per day) is able to reduce the weight of an average person to 2kg in 2 weeks.

2. Green Tea - Asian nutritionists recommend drinking 4 cups a day of green tea, it will give the greatest effect to burn fat

3. Spicy foods - mainly spices: black pepper, pepperoni peppers, mustard and horseradish. Such as chili, which contains the substance capsaicin "melts" the extra calories for 20 minutes after a meal.

4. Low-fat dairy products - increase production of the hormone calcitriol , which causes cells to burn more fat;

5. Cinnamon - one teaspoon per day reduces the level of sugar in the blood and prevents the transformation of excess carbohydrates into fat;

6. Water - insufficient use of its negative effect on getting rid of the extra pounds;

7. Protein foods - for protein digestion spent more calories to digest than carbohydrates and fats. As a result, excess fat is burned.

Monday, November 25, 2013

If you are familiar with the problems of constipation , you should pay attention to your diet. The most common and favorite foods can cause problems with emptying.


Favorite all delicacy not only improves mood, but can lead to weight gain and impaired bowel function. Scientists believe that large amounts of fat in chocolate slows down the digestive process. Slowing peristalsis leads to problems with emptying, fermented foods and excessive gassing. In the German study, surveys were conducted among persons suffering from constipation. And the most common reason to call them patients reported consumption of chocolate.

Dairy produce

Dairy products such as milk and cheese in large quantities may cause constipation. Included with all dairy products lactose increases flatulence, which leads to disruption of the bowel. Iranian physicians in the survey of children aged 1 to 13 years found that the most common cause of constipation was consumption of dairy products. With the exclusion from the diet of milk and cheese, almost all children (80%), normalized stool and stopped bothering flatulence and bloating.

Green bananas

Unripe green bananas cause constipation, ripe act as a laxative. In green bananas a lot of starch, which is harder to digest, this process takes longer. A yellow bananas, conversely, less starch but more useful pectin. It outputs the excess fluid from the tissues, but if you drink enough water, it can adversely affect the functioning of the bowels and make your situation worse.


Caffeine acts on the gastrointestinal tract as well as bananas. Caffeine is a natural stimulant, and intestinal peristalsis increases. But if the cells of your body is dehydrated, the effects of caffeine is regarded as negative. It is fraught with the development of constipation and many other related health problems.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Menstrual cramps are experienced by a lot of women all over the world. While some may feel lighter cramps, others get a torrid time dealing with their extensive menstrual cramps, and the worst part is that this happens every single month. For this reason you need to make sure that you control your pain to have a socially active life. Given below are some useful tips that I have compiled and tested , which would help you beat away your annoying menstrual cramps.


Although this is what exactly a lot of women do during their first half of menstruation, the key is to take a pill a night before you are going to have your period, so that you don't end up waking up in an agonizing way. Painkillers such as ibuprofen, certainly help reliving the intense cramp pains, however if you want you can also check with your doctor just to be sure!


Yoga can certainly help a great deal. Different yoga poses allows the body muscles to relax, thus relieving soreness and tension through the pelvic and lumbar region that face a lot of periodic pain. You can always Google around for different yoga exercises and check several videos to choose the one that can work best for you. Commonly used yoga poses for relief against menstrual cramps however include the cobra and the bow pose.

Using Hot Water Bottles

Hot water bottles are used for relieving the back pain, which is what many women feel during menstruation. Although they may seem and sound like an old remedy to you, but as simple as hot water bottles are, they warm and relax your abdomen muscles, helping you to beat away your extensive back pain during menstruation.

Avoiding Caffeine and High Sugar Foods

Make sure that you consume a lot of caffeinated drinks or even high sugary foods near your period. However elimination of caffeine from your diet can help in alleviating menstrual pain, as caffeine constricts blood level and raises tension, which is not what you want during your cycle. As a replacement, you can take herbal tea to relieve bloating, which occurs during your period. Increased water intake can also help!
Exercise and hot baths

Exercise is definitely a good way of relieving pain as it helps to increase the blood flow and endorphins, which is what helps your body to fight off the pain. Hot water baths are equally relieving as they relive the whole body of stress and tension. Most of the times cramp pains causes more stress, which further increases the pain. Immersing in hot water bath would help your body to chill out!

Getting into a healthy diet

Certain types of food can drastically reduce the possibility of menstrual cramps appearing. I would want to list the following as being proven as affective:
  • Fish: For omega 3 and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Flaxseed: Reduces the build up of prostaglandin which is the main cause of your cramps
  • Basil: Drink basil tea with a bit of cinnamon for a quick home remedy and pain relief
  • Nuts: Specifically those which have high quantities of magnesium and calcium and vitamin E
  • Supplements: Always try the above methods first in my opinion as you never know the long term effects of supplements as they have not yet been proven by science.
Author Byline
Juliana Heather is a nutritionist and health expert. She is loves to write on health issues, especially regarding women's health and has also worked for Health Cracker as a health consultant.

Friday, June 21, 2013

There a lot of commercial treadmills available online, but finding the right store that sells the best equipment for your gym clients can be tough. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to find them.

Most people who are under a weight loss program go to the gym, and are expecting to find the best exercise equipment. But besides weight training, which is important for weight management, your gym clients would also want to use a treadmill. This fitness equipment is not just for running and walking in one place; it can also be controlled depending on the user's requirement.

Commercial treadmills are better than a home treadmill because it is a heavy duty machine. This means that they are designed to be used frequently or for a longer time. However, it is important that you know how to find the right commercial treadmill, before buying one. You should also know if a store is selling what your customers need. Below are some tips.

Check the features of the commercial treadmills that the store offers. This includes the frame, motor speed and horsepower, running belt size, deck and suspension, elevation, maximum user weight capabilities, and computer console operation. Some of them have extra features like heart rate monitor and bottle holders. Others also have a video screen and MP3 players, where users watch a movie of listen to songs while using the treadmill.

Buy commercial treadmills that are made of high quality materials. Equipment with high alloy steel or aluminum frames that have welded parts are considered durable, rather than the ones with bolts and nuts. The treadmill deck under the belt should be strong enough to withstand continuous usage and the maximum body weight capacity. The machine must also be quiet when running, and should not require high maintenance.

You want your gym clients to feel comfortable when using the treadmill. Therefore, you should only buy user-friendly treadmills for them. Computer display should be clear when showing the running speed, distance, and speed. The console itself should easily be reached, and the controls should be quick one-touch speed and have labels that are easy to read. For safety purposes, the emergency stop button should be properly in placed.

Prices of commercial treadmills vary on the features and brand name. You can check different online stores and make some price comparisons. You may also want to check the delivery charge so you can save money. Buying such equipment is an investment. If the price of the treadmill is very low, chances are it is made of low quality materials, which may result to accident on the part of your customers.

All commercial treadmills should come with a warranty. Stores like Fitness Warehouse in Preston, Lancashire has a team of service engineers who are ready to support you even if your warranty has expired. They also offer assistance in planning a space or facility layout for the exercise equipment on your gym. Among their satisfied clients that took advantage of their affordable products include health clubs, schools and universities, as well as police and fire stations.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

All About W8 (AAW8), a weight loss program based in United Kingdom, is offering various options of meal replacement diet plans, depending on the needs of their customers and how they want to lose weight. The company offers substitute foods that can help reduce weight, without sacrificing the health. Each Low Calorie Diet plan (LCD) has a guide and was developed by a group of dietitians and nutritionists.

To achieve the desired weight loss, All About Weight plans food rich in proteib, reduced carbohydrate, and low GI, which all of them helping customers to lose their weight quickly but safely. Positive results can be seen after a weeks of taking their Mealplans, which provide 100% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamins and minerals.

The four All About Weight plans are Regular, Rapid, 50/50, and the D2 plan. All of them serve as guides that suggest the kind of food to be eaten, their respective servings, as well as the food that what should not be eaten. Customers can order online via their website at to get the diet food delivered in their homes, just in time when they need them. Customer service is one of their positive traits.

The regular meal plan, which is their most popular plan, is designed for people who simply want to lose weight and do not have any food allergies or health problems. The Rapid plan, as the name implies is a fast weight loss plan designed for those who want to lose weight quickly. The 50/50 plan is for people who prefer only replacing their usual meals. The D2 plan is for people who have Type 2 diabetes, which means the food can control your blood sugar.

AAW8 understands that losing weight is a great challenge, which is why they have this "live chat" box, where online users can ask questions to their own nutrition and fitness team. One of the advantages of their plans is that the customer can easily change their diet plan, based on the changes on their daily lifestyle. Their plans are also suitable for men who want to lose weight, which is good because there are also a lot of overweight men.

In addition, they offer a wide variety of protein shakes, soup meal packs, and tasty meal replacement bars, such as chocolate snack bar and red berry crunch bar. Their Shake Mealpacks flavor choices include strawberry, banana, vanilla, hazelnut, and rich chocolate. For the soup meal, there are four choices: chicken soap, creamy tomato soap, vegetable soap, and the Thai soap.

But while some people may expect that they can find (VLCD) Very Low Calorie Diet from AAW8, their diet plans provide more than 800kcal per day. VCLD, on the other hand, is a restricted diet that has provides less than 800 calories per day. However, diet experts suggest that any weight loss program that offers food not greater than 600kcal for extended periods of time may increase side effects because it is very low and people may hard to get used to it. After all, there are scientific studies saying that LCD can achieve the same desired weight loss than a VLCD.