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Thursday, May 01, 2014

Diabetes is one severe metabolic disorder which is diagnosed among millions of people all over the world. Diabetes has resulted into many additional complications and few of them are even life threatening if it is not treated at the right time. Vision and eye complications are few major problems observed in many diabetic patients. In severe cases, diabetes quite often leads to the blindness of the individual. Many major diseases like diabetic retinopathy is one severe eye disorder diagnosed in the case of diabetes. Similarly, many other risks related to the vision and eye is reported by the medical professionals. This specific article is mainly focused on highlighting some major eye or vision problems occur in diabetes condition.

Major eye complications during diabetes

Many eye problems have been diagnosed in people who have got diabetes problem. Some of the major ones are described below:
  • Glaucoma: This specific disease includes the development of high pressure inside the eye which further damages the optic nerve in a major way. It also leads to the appearance of blind spots in later stage of this disease. It is to be noted that no significant symptom or sign is really observed in the case of glaucoma until there is no any major nerve damage or blindness is felt by the patient.
  • Cataract: It is one of the common eye disorders being noticed among many diabetic patients. The symptoms of cataract also occur by the age. It basically includes the formation of clouds over the natural lens of the eyes. As a result, it further leads to the case of blurred vision of the patient. People with diabetes are more prone to develop this specific disorder at very earlier stage of their lives.
  • Retinopathy: It is considered to be one of the most serious eye complications faced by the diabetic patients. During retinopathy, the blood vessels that go to the retina actually get ruptured and start leaking blood in the eye portion. On the other side, blood vessels also do get blocked in few of the cases.
  • Macula edema: Swelling in macula is one common eye problem observed in most of the diabetic patients. This specific eye problem is mostly occurred in those patients who have been already diagnosed with retinopathy. It severely affects the retina portion of the eye and quote often leads to permanent loss of vision in the patient.
  • Dry eye: Diabetic patients mostly complained about the dryness of their eyes. This is because diabetes results into the lesser production of tears which ultimately dries up the surface of the eye. It also leads to a severe itchiness and burning sensation in the eyes.
It has been proven that diabetic people have got maximum risks to catch eye complications. Therefore, it is important to follow few effective ways that can actually help to lower your risk of diabetes. At the same time, the earlier diagnosis and treatment of disease and greatly help in lowering the risk of losing eye sight during diseases like diabetes.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

If your loved one has suffered a stroke, there's no doubt that you're going through a very difficult and frightening time. The National Stroke Association tells us that over 750,000 people in America each year suffer a first or recurrent stroke, and one in 55 Americans are living with the effects of a stroke. If you are caring for someone who has recently had a stroke, here are five facts that you need to know:

1.It's All in the Head

Many people are confused when it comes to exactly what a stroke is. To understand stroke, think of it as a sort of "brain attack." When a blood clot interrupts the blood flow to an area of the brain, a stroke results. During a stroke, brain cells can die due to a lack of oxygen. As brain cells die, the abilities that are controlled by that particular area of the brain become impaired. Typically, these abilities include memory, speech and movement.

2.Effects on the Survivor

Because not every person is the same, every stroke is different. Each person is affected by stroke in different ways. On average, a stroke survivor can expect to have impaired mobility, memory loss, depressions, communication problems, muscle spasticity, and difficulty in performing daily tasks that require manual dexterity. A stroke survivor can incur one of these results or a combination of them. The resultant issues of a stroke can last for weeks, months or for the rest of the survivor's life.


If your loved one has had a stroke, his or her needs for rehabilitation therapy may vary. Each stroke patient will need to undergo some form of rehabilitation immediately after leaving the hospital. Your loved one may receive rehabilitation services directly from the hospital, from a specialized rehab hospital or even in a nursing home. If your loved one's stroke was mild, he or she may be able to undergo a course of rehabilitation at home. It's also important to note that rehabilitation may take as little as a few weeks and as long as several years.

4.Recovery Rates

As a caregiver, you should know that recovery rates among stroke victims vary widely. Of stroke victims, only ten percent recover completely. Twenty-five percent will recover with only minor physical impairments, 40 percent will require special care due to moderate to severe impairments, ten percent will requpire long-term care, and 15 percent die within days, weeks or months of suffering their stroke.

5.As a Caregiver

Caring for a loved one who has suffered a stroke can be a tiring, overwhelming process. It's not unusual caregivers to encounter feelings of guilt and depression. As the caregiver of someone who has suffered a stroke, it's important to remember that you can't do it all. Find help when you need it from friends and family members. You may also want to consider hiring a part-time nurse who can relieve you of your duties, even if it's only one day a week. Don't forget to take time for yourself; it doesn't make you a bad person. Keep in mind that the healthier you are both physically and mentally, the better equipped you will be to care for your loved one.

If your loved one has suffered a stroke, arming yourself with the facts will make the process that follows a stroke less overwhelming. If you are directly related to the person who has suffered a stroke, don't neglect to have your own risk assessed. A simple blood test, conducted as part of an annual physical, can tell you if you are at high risk for stroke.

John Martin writes articles for health blogs and suggests having blood work done one of the Tennessee lab testing locations.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jason Reid writes for Edrugstore.MD where you can find out How to find an online pharmacy.

Read through the labels or ingredient list of any top beauty or skin product created in recent years, and there is a good chance that you will read the words argon oil. Many people might think that this ingredient is a new item, since it has only recently become such a popular beauty and skin product additive. However, argon oil has actually been used for centuries around the world. If you are curious about argon oil, read on to learn more about the benefits, risks and ways to incorporate it into your current skincare or haircare routine.

What is Argon Oil?

Argon oil is a rich natural product that is created using the seeds of a native tree from Morocco called Argania spinosa. It has been used throughout North Africa for centuries thanks to its essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Many users originally used it as a way to prevent infections on the skin, but it also has some anti-aging properties.

How are the Medical Uses of Argon Oil?

Medically, argon oil has countless uses. Many skin conditions can actually be treated just by using argon oil externally on a daily basis. Since 52 percent of American suffer from a skin condition like acne, psoriasis or eczema, argon oil has the potential to be used by millions of people each year. Traditionally, argon oil has also been ingested as part of a daily diet to treat medical conditions like high blood pressure, osteoarthritis and even diabetes. Medical experts agree that pure argon oil can do wonders since it contains such a large amount of healthy fats essential for the human body.

What are the Aesthetic Uses of Argon Oil?

Argon oil also has a number of beauty and skincare purposes, which is why it has become so popular in recent years. Argon oil can reduce split ends in hair and prevent scalp damage, making it a common addition to shampoos and conditioners. Argon oil can prevent visible signs of aging in the skin by firming up the elasticity of the face with fatty acids and antioxidants.

Are There Any Risks Involved With Using Argon Oil?

Although there are some companies that claim that there are risks involved with using argon oil externally, there are no medical or research studies to substantiate that fact. However, there are some concerns with consuming argon oil. Skincare expert Cathy Wong warns consumers that, "Ingesting products meant for external use that contain argon oil can be lethal." Although pure argon oil can be ingested for medical reasons, most argon oil in the United States is mixed with other ingredients that should not be eaten.

Who Should Use Argon Oil?

Anyone with split ends, skin disorders, brittle nails or visible signs of aging should consider using argon oil. However, it is recommended that you speak to a doctor or expert before ingesting argon oil for any reason. Although argon oil has been used in Morocco for centuries, it has only recently caught on in the United States. With so many beneficial properties, it should come as no surprise to find it in haircare, beauty and skincare products.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

If you are concerned about your current weight you probably ask yourself - How much should I weigh? Can anyone really answer this question? Well, there are many factors involved here like gender, body shape and most of all, your lifestyle. In order to figure out what would be your ideal weight, we advise you to take a look at your height and weight ratio.

One of the most popular ways to determine your ideal weight is through the BMI factor which requires both your height in pounds and weight in inches. If you live in countries where these particular units are not used, you can find an online converter easily. Additionally, you can also calculate these on your own by simply following these figures:
  • 1kg equals 2.2 lbs
  • 1m equals 39.37 inches
So let's continue finding an answer to the question asked above. As you may already guess, the answer is quite simple, but there are some factors that make the number different from one person to another. The BMI mentioned above can be used to get a general idea about your ideal weight.

Everything is much clearer if there are examples. So, let's see two of them. In the first example, we have a woman 5'1" tall and her current weight is 122 lbs. According to her BMI, if she weights 142 lbs, she can be classified as overweight. However, if she loses some weight and for example reaches 105 lbs, she will be classified as underweight.

In our second example, we have a man of the same height as the woman. According to its BMI his preferred weight would be 134 lbs. To be classified as overweight, he has to weigh 145 lbs and 123 lbs to be considered as underweight.

As you can see although the man and woman have the same height, their weight is different. There are many factors for this and one of the factors which adds more pounds to the man is the muscle mass. It has been proven that men have less body fat than women and more muscles.

This is the reason why there are BMI calculators for men and women separately. However, the BMI shouldn't be considered as a precise method to determine your ideal weight, but rather a guideline to see whether you are in the ideal range. In order to determine your ideal weight it is highly recommended to ask for an expert's advice.

About the author:
Karla Colletto writes about dieting and losing weight the healthy way. If you need more information about determining your ideal weight, please visit

Friday, September 07, 2012

Do you often experience dizziness due to low blood sugar or nausea due to hypertension? Are you a regular dieter who needs to keep a check on his weight fluctuations? Whatever be the reason, you cannot always manage to rush to the nearby doctor and get yourself assessed. At such times, it seems wise to invest in health monitors for self-check of different medical parameters.

With health monitors, you can do a quick self-check of your BP, blood sugar level, weight and other body values. Health monitors come handy during emergencies and also help prevent them. Regular checking gives you an idea on what measures you must take with regard to diet, medication adjustment or medical help.

Set Up a Mini Home Clinic
Thermometers are commonplace in most people's homes. With changing times, there is an increased awareness of medical science, increase in the number of disease sufferers and upsurge in the medical device innovation. All these necessitate that people invest in other medical monitoring devices as well. Such a proactive stance towards health may go a long way in improving the overall state of health.

It is important to buy medical devices of a reputed brand. Omron, J & J and GE Healthcare are some good brands to count upon. Omron sells a variety of health monitoring devices like blood pressure monitor, electronic fever thermometer, body fat monitor and respiratory therapy devices. Omron's range of health monitors is scientifically manufactured, accurate, sophisticated and user-friendly.

Dizzying Changes in Blood Sugar?
Diabetes is grasping all of the world population in its clutches. It is one of the top diseases as per the latest WHO reports. Blood sugar fluctuation is critical to the health of a diabetic. It becomes inevitable for diabetics to buy a self-check blood sugar monitor that is easy to read either by themselves or relatives.

BP Surging and Plummeting?
Blood pressure if not regulated can rise to values capable of causing a heart attack or stroke. Similarly, they can fall to dangerous levels that can induce a state of coma in an individual. Hypertensive patients on a dose of medications are at a risk of experiencing both, if they are not regular with their doses or if there is some sort of a trigger. Omron offers stylish and easy-to-use BP monitors for hypertensive patients.

Now Tummy in - Now Tummy out!
Have you been in such a dilemma where you felt unable to gauge your current weight and would worry incessantly about it? This is very common in young women and those on a weight loss regimen trying to trim down the excess weight. Moreover, obesity is becoming a nuisance in these times with every other person searching for fad diets in a bid to look the best. The Omron body composition monitor is clinically validated and analyses your body fat, BMI and visceral fat. It also provides classification of each of these parameters so that you know whether you belong to the overweight or obese class, for instance. Nowadays, a number of health clinics are springing up. Such small enterprises too need to invest in good quality digital fat analyzers.

Good Quality Nebulizers for Asthmatics
Asthmatics are dependent on nebulizers for survival. With Omron, you don't have to worry about the reliability of the nebulizers. These are developed with the help of respiratory therapists for patients suffering from asthma, chronic bronchitis and allergies. These are long-lasting, portable and put you at ease wherever you are. Omron also offers other accessories for this purpose.

Accurate Fever Measurements
A thermometer is the most basic medical equipment that any home must have. A fever is a common symptom in most diseases. Even an old, uneducated or scientifically naïve person must learn how to use a digital thermometer since very high body temperature signal an emergency and calls for immediate medical help. Omron's basic thermometer is simple and easy-to-use by the patient.

Nowadays, with uncertainty lurking in our life and sudden popping up of medical emergencies, health monitors are worth a buy. These health monitors tell us where we stand with regard to our numbers.

By Roger Jennings