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Friday, January 03, 2014

Google will continue to expand the scope of the Android operating system mastering more and more niche. Having achieved dominance in the markets upon OS for smartphones and tablets, the search giant swung to a new, untapped market of embedded automotive systems.

According to rumors, in the coming days as part of the CES 2014 Google representatives and Audi can officially declare the beginning of cooperation with the ultimate goal of which will be the introduction of a German manufacturer of automobiles infotainment system based on OS Android, which will provide navigation features, communications and playback of multimedia files. For ensuring that the hardware component of this complex will meet the third partner in the project, the company NVidia.

If the preliminary information is correct, the next generation owners of Audi vehicles fitted get access to most of Google's services are available for OS Android, including Google Play store and navigate Google Drive.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Volkswagen is set to release a new model, the cost of which will start from 6000 euros. In an interview with Automotive News said the head of the department.

New products will be designed for emerging markets. The specific countries are not in the conversation, but with almost absolute certainty, we can say that it is not just about China and India, but also Russia and other Eastern European countries.

As to the concept of a new low-cost Volkswagen, then, according to Hackenberg, it is a full-fledged family car cost from 6 to 8 thousand euro. As the senior manager, such a price level will be achieved through a high localization of production - in Volkswagen will select worthy of regional suppliers with the appropriate level of quality.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's a well known fact that car prices fluctuate wildly throughout the year. They can be influenced by a whole host of things the weather, the season, public events, even celebrities. In order to get the best price for a car, you need to sell it at the right time. The question is, how can you ever know when the right time to sell a particular car might be?

Fortunately, there are some tell tale signs that you can use to make sure that you'll get the best possible price for your vehicle. Here are some of the questions that you must ask yourself before you decide to sell.

Is The Car Paid For?

You are advised to find out whether or not you are 'upside down' on the loan you used to pay for the vehicle. If you paid for your car using cash this isn't an issue, but if you paid using credit it can be a big problem. For example, you buy a new car for a total of £35,000. After three years you decide to sell it. Your payoff on the loan is still £15,000, but your car is now only worth £12,000 leaving a shortfall of £3,000 that you still must pay for. If you are 'upside down' on a loan, you are advised to hold on to the vehicle for as long as you can or you will lose money, says AOL automotive expert Jim McCraw.

What Condition Is The Car In?

Ideally, you should sell your car before it hits 100,000 miles. It will become more difficult to sell after this point not impossible, just trickier. Even if the car is in excellent condition, the amount of miles will drag its price down, says If it's going to cost a huge amount to repair or refurbish your car, it could be a better idea just to trade it in at a dealership or sell it for its scrap value.

What's The Price Of Gas?

This is a really important issue to consider when selling a car. Obviously, there will always be demand for automotive vehicles no matter how high the price of gas, but this factor will change the types of vehicles that are popular. When gas prices go up, so does the sale of hybrids and fuel-saving compact cars. If you're wanting to sell a gas guzzling SUV it's probably best if you wait until fuel prices are relatively low and vice versa.

What's The Weather Like?

Most sellers don't give the weather any thought at all before they go ahead with advertising a vehicle. It happens to be one of the most important factors involved with selling a car. Take a look out of the window. What type of car is best suited to today's weather? If it's snowing, you're not going to be able to shift a sports car with a soft top roof, says Rolls Royce dealer Tom Hartley. In the blazing midst of summer, few people are going to want to be driving round in a hulking great SUV or 4X4 unless they live on a farm or are big fans of off roading.

What's Popular In Your Area?

Use the internet to find out what types of cars are the most popular in your area. AutoTrader has an online search feature that will allow you to look at all the used cars currently being sold in your town. If you repeat this same search several times over a month, you'll start to build up a picture of which cars sell fastest and which tend to languish on the website for the longest. If you're selling a Toyota Yaris and the AutoTrader website is full of the things you might want to keep hold of it a little while longer.

How Lucky Are You?

Though there are several things you can use to pinpoint the perfect time to sell your car, when it comes down to it luck rules all. There's always going to be somebody strange and illogical looking for a convertible in the middle of winter. Who's to say you won't cross paths at just the right time?

Author Bio: Jane is a used car salesman. She recommends Inchcape Lexus for the best new and used Lexus models. She can be found online sharing buying and selling car advice.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Owning a new car is enjoyable, but the process of buying one can be quite overwhelming. When shopping for a new car you need to make sure you are getting the best deal possible.

If you are purchasing at the dealership, you need to do your homework first and make sure you are well prepared before you walk to any dealership. To help you have a better experience when you shop for a new car, below is compilations of some do's and don'ts you can follow as a guide.

Do know the kind of car you want to buy. Educating yourself about the car you want to buy helps you narrow down your search, which will help you shop faster. Know the model, the trim, and the color of the car you want before you go out shopping. Knowing the car you want to buy will also help you do researches on the particular to help you make an informed decision before you make the final purchase

Don't let the sales person tactics affect your decision. You may be dealing with a friendly sales staff but they have been trained on tactics and things to say to convince you as a buyer. Remember that they earn through commission and if you fall for their tactics the better for them. You need to know what you want and stick to your guns to avoid getting offers you hadn't planned for.

Do know how much you want to spend on the car and how much you can afford. Its everyone's dream to own a luxury car, but not everyone can afford one. Know your budget and prepare beforehand before you go buying a new car

Don't forget to factor in things like the car's annual maintenance and fuel costs. Cars have different maintenance and running costs, and you need to consider all the facts before you buy a new car. To avoid buying a car that you can barely afford, make sure you know everything about the car before you make the purchase.

Do a test drive and inspect the car to make sure it's in good working conditions and has all the features you want before you make the purchase.

Don't go shopping for a new car during special events. Highly trained sales people who are there to maximize the owner's profits often run the events.

Don't drive the car home before the final paperwork has been completed. Make sure you have finalized everything before you take the car home. Also, ensuring all the paperwork is complete will help you avoid taking a car that needs extra work to be performed. The salesperson may not tell you that the car needs extra work before they are sure you want the car and once you have taken it off from the dealer, returning it back will be hard if not impossible.

Don't buy extras that you hadn't planned for or don't really want. Things like fabric protection and paint sealant are all extras your car can do without.

Having the DVLA Phone Number is a good idea in case you want to make Vehicle enquiries or driving license enquiries.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Residents of Cape Town and its surrounding suburbs who are looking to buy a new used car can choose from the great rage of BMWs that can be found for sale over the internet. The German car manufacturer have, over recent years, produced a stunning range of models from sports cars and saloons to modern, chunky, yet sophisticated 4 x 4s.

A BMW is universally accepted as being one of the best cars in the world, and as such they are much sought after. The build quality is superb, and if well looked after and kept in good condition, they also hold their value better than most other used cars. It?s one of the main reasons that a used BMW in Cape Town is one of the most popular choices for people on the lookout for a quality second hand car.

Despite popular opinion amongst BMW enthusiasts, the letters BMW do not stand for Best Motorcar in the World. They stand for something much more plain and boring, namely Bayerische Motoren Werke, or in plain English - Bavarian Motor Works.

The German car manufacturer have been churning out great cars for several decades now, and as the once new models appear on the used BMW in Cape Town car listings, they are soon snapped up, none more so than the BMW3 series.

The BMS 3 series is probably the most popular used BMW in Cape Town. The fact that this series is now in its 6th generation says it all. Its looks alone speak volumes. Not only is it one of the most aerodynamically handsome cars of its class, it has actually become the bench mark that most drivers looking for a new second-hand vehicle, measure other used cars by.

But as well as being a good looking car, the series 3 is also reasonably economical, particularly the 320i which has proven to be the most sought after model. The average fuel consumption is a pleasing 6.1 liters per 100km. Later model 320is are also fitted with Eco Pro, a system which helps to maximize fuel economy. In automatic models, Eco Pro actually adjusts the gear selection, thereby optimizing fuel efficiency; whilst in manual gear models, Eco Pro regulates the engine?s idling speed. Eco Pro also controls the car?s interior climate control system, effecting even more control over fuel usage. It?s small wonder that the 3201 is the most sought after model of used BMW in Cape Town today.

BMWs are renowned for their inclusion of high technology componentry at the cutting edge, and later model 320is keep the faith by utilizing BMW?s iDrive system. iDrive facilitates dash mounted control of the majority of the cars integral functions. This includes start/stop technology, use of Bluetooth electronics, and access to the World Wide Web. The BMW 320i is right there in the mix when it comes down to being the best used BMW in Cape Town.

Author Bio:
My name is Tal and I write Info on various cars, along with this article referenced for BMW In Cape Town There is also much more available at the official Pick A Car website, along with reviews, and news.