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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

High levels of the hormone that regulates sleep-wake cycles - melatonin - reduces the risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer at 75%, has established a group of researchers of the department of epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health (Boston).

The results of the scientists were presented at the conference of cancer, according to Medical Xpress .

Melatonin is produced exclusively in the dark and is an important regulatory component of human circadian rhythms. "Insomnia and other sleep disorders can affect the amount of melatonin or completely stop its production in the body," - explained Sara Markt (Sarah Markt), one of the co-operation.

The study, which lasted for seven years, attended 928 Icelandic men. Volunteers were asked to answer questions related to the regime of sleep and wakefulness, as well as urine test, in which scientists determined the level of one of the decay products of melatonin.

It turned out that every eight volunteers had trouble falling asleep, one in five could not sleep for a long time (all the time waking up), and one-third took sleeping pills. All these men melatonin level was significantly lower than that volunteers do not have problems with sleep. Of 928 participants with prostate cancer developed in 111.

The researchers found that men with high levels of melatonin had a 75% lower risk of aggressive cancer. Now Markt and her colleagues plan to confirm this result in further studies.

Canadian scientists have proposed to diagnose prostate cancer with the help of another hormone - ghrelin is responsible for hunger.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Healthy sleep - good health and high spirits, it is known to all. But how much sleep do we need to keep pace with living a full life, what is the best time to go to bed and get up.

These issues are often neglected because each day brings so much trouble that begins acutely regret that in a day just twenty-four hours.

First of all, you must decide who you are - a lark or an owl. Determine it is very easy - just select the hours in which you are most active and operational. Larks most workable in the early morning, while the owls tend to sleep longer, stay up as late as possible, "wake up" only in the evening and begin to actively do things all day.

Once you determine who you are, get a free week in order to highlight how much time you want to sleep. Amazingly, the limits of how much a person needs time to sleep, can range from twelve to four hours a day! It all depends on how active you are driving and, of course, on the age. Define test for weeks your required mode in which you feel best and number of hours required for you to sleep.

No matter how it was unfortunate, but modern life dictates its own rules, not everyone can boast that they go to bed and wake up at a time when they want.

The only thing you can do - in accordance with your biorhythm move more important things for the evening or morning, respectively, and if you can not decide how many hours you need to sleep, try to sleep every night is not less than seven hours. This is quite enough to the brain, and the human body a rest from the stress and burden that they suffered during the day.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Lack of sleep causes fatigue and tiredness kills desire. To avoid this, it is necessary to respect the day. If the normalization of the regime of the day does not help to cope with lack of sleep, and you still feel tired all the time, you should consult a doctor, a sleep.

It is important to the physician to help deal with the cause of poor sleep, because sleep disorders accompanied by a number of serious diseases.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Predisposition to depression is observed not less than 10% of the world population. One of the varieties of this mental disorder is called reactive depression.

According to Japanese researchers Kyoto School of Public Health, lead to the emergence of long-term depression dramatic experiences and strain the brain. Doctors said that the most at risk of reactive depression are people too responsibly related to their work.

Causes of Depression

Obsession with inflated meet the requirements of the authorities leads to chronic fatigue. It is manifested by headaches, difficulty falling asleep and wake-sleep. The need for a long time to tightly control our behavior and inhibit natural emotions inhibits the formation of endorphins, hormones of pleasure. As a result, a person is constantly depressed and gradually loses the ability to feel the joy of life.

Salvation from depression

Reactive depression - a temporary mental disorder, from which one can escape without medication. You will need:

- Except for career growth, and find other priorities in life. Help cure love, children, close friends, interesting hobby;

- At the end of the day completely switch to thinking about the family and about the rest;

- To give the brain a good rest: sleep at least 6 hours a day;

- Watching television and the Internet to prefer walking on air, and sports.

Useful and auditory training sessions with a psychologist to improve their own self-esteem. It is very important as often as possible truly to smile at her reflection in the mirror, colleagues, and random passers-by fellow travelers in transport customers. Confident worker with a welcoming smile can make a career is not worse than too responsible. However, he will not develop depression.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

That sleeping naked is very good for human health, not only physical but also psychological.

Sleep in the nude, allows the human body to prevent overheating of the body, as the overheating of the body could interfere with production of important hormones such as melatonin and growth hormone. In addition, the normal body temperature allows the body to restore the skin.

In addition, sleeping naked can control hunger, also lowers the blood levels of the hormone cortisol (stress hormone). This allows the person to wake up in the morning refreshed, with a good mood and keep this state throughout the day. A man who had trouble sleeping or body was overheated in the morning eat a lot more of its rules, rather than the one who is sleeping naked.

The scientists were able to prove that the most beneficial sleep is sleep duration of 7 hours, and the best position to sleep position is the embryo or supine.

In addition, they were able to reaffirm that daytime sleep is beneficial for the body. Because as a result of the sleep hormone of happiness. For example, people who managed to sleep for a week at least three hours, the risk of heart attack or stroke is reduced by 7 percent. The best time for such a dream is a period between 13 and 15 hour.