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Friday, February 15, 2013

Surely many of us would have attended several sauna sessions to relieve tension and relax muscles. It is very likely that people think that there is only one kind of sauna, which is not correct anymore. Over the years the tradition of sauna baths was evolved to develop several sauna techniques that we know today and a clear example is the infrared saunas.

Principles of Infrared Saunas

In the cabin, the stove is replaced by infrared heaters installed at strategic locations. They act by radiation, like the Sun, but without the emissions of ultraviolet radiations. While traditional sauna heats the air, in infrared sauna 80% of the thermal radiation penetrates deep into the tissue of the skin. An infrared cabin broadcasts heat evenly. By nature, a traditional sauna is characterized by large temperature differences from the floor to the ceiling. The benefits of infrared sauna: Body infrared therapy is being used by physiotherapists worldwide because the healing ability of infrared rays is well known on our body. The mechanism of action of infrared rays is called "resonant absorption". This means that the rays are absorbed by tissues selectively causing their mild improvement. Once this is achieved, further radiations are not absorbed and therefore no prejudice occurs on the system.

Here are a few specific benefits of Infrared Saunas:

Infrared heat causes 3-6 times greater sweat than traditional sauna. Due to the strong perspiration, skin breathes better and blood circulation is improved. Tense muscles get rid of their toxins and soften. Infrared saunas are known to burn fat. With an ambient temperature of around 40 ° C, it is beneficial for cardiovascular system and is more bearable to people sensitive to hot weather.

Proponents of infrared also rely on medical research to highlight its effectiveness against skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis, hives etc. From the economic point of view, infrared cabins sell 10 to 15% cheaper than the classic versions. From the consumption side, the difference is more evident with electric power capped at 3 kW for cabins for family use.

Medical researchers and practitioners from all backgrounds; German, Chinese, Finnish and Japanese have been studying the therapeutic effects of infrared heat. Whether it is the treatment of pain, joint diseases or inflammatory rheumatic, the results are clearly in favor of the infrared.

Installation of Infrared Saunas

The installation of infrared saunas is simple and requires no special electrical installation. The minimum area required is one square meter and an outlet of 220 V. The power consumption of this accessory is very low and it takes between 5 and 10 minutes to heat the place to the desired temperature. The sale of infrared saunas is today an unprecedented phenomenon for a simple reason, the health benefits. Infrared saunas are great ways to burn calories and control weight. In cases of obesity and cellulite, infrared heat is a powerful ally for disposal of fat. The use of infrared saunas increases the heart rate and cardiac output, increases metabolism, reduces diastolic pressure and the body achieves better cardiovascular fitness. The sale of infrared saunas has grown around the world when it revealed its therapeutic effects. The infrared sauna is taken as "the future of sauna" today and its applications are developing dramatically. Healing effects are achieved with traditional sauna also, but not of the order of an infrared sauna.

By Annie Dodson

Friday, December 21, 2012

Let's discuss the process of weight loss from infrared sauna by taking into considerations the penetration of energy into the body, liquidation of fat, burning of calories and other instructions for getting best result for losing weight.

Penetration of energy
The invisible energy form accepted by human body as heat is called infrared sauna. Organic molecules vibrate as soon as they come in contact with infrared energy. This energy penetrates into the deep tissues of human body by creating heat among muscles, fat as well as organs.

Your body has an instant reaction to infrared and it enhances the heart as well as the metabolic rate in return. The heat makes your body sweat by releasing fluid and effecting in instant weight loss. Moreover an enhancement in the metabolic rate of your body has a direct effect on the way it processes foods.

Liquidation of fat
You must know that sweat released from body pores often carries molecules of fat with it and fat cells dissolve at a temperature of 110 degree Fahrenheit. So your fat can be discharged through pores with sweat during half an hour infrared session. The weight that you will loss in this process is much more than the weight of water. This is actually the loss of fat that helps in reducing the cellulite. The loss of fat associated with it is also thought to produce an effect on the cholesterol level of your body.

Burning of calories
Besides reducing the retention of water as well as storage of fat, infrared therapy also help in the promotion of weight loss through calorie burning. Your body burns calories in a natural way at the time of sweating and infrared session produces so much sweat that your body can burn to an approximation of 800 calories in just a single session.

Getting the best result
You can get the best result from infrared therapy by drinking lots of water, rinsing all your lotions and creams, wearing bath suits, maintaining healthy diet and performing regular exercise.

Drinking lots of water
Now if you want to get the best result for losing weight, you must drink lots of water before opting for an infrared session for staying hydrated. It's because if you don't drink adequate quantity of water, your body won't be able to sweat properly and this will hold back the fat cells as well as toxins from leaving your body. Moreover your mouth will also become dry and you will feel dehydrated.

Rinsing lotions and cream
Beside drinking water you should also try to rinse out all lotions as well as creams from the skin before opting for this therapy. It is due to the fact that lotions can clog up the pores of your body and keep sweat and fat inside your body.

Wearing bath suit
Again you should put on a bath suit or nothing at all after showering or cleansing your body for getting the maximum weight loss from this therapy.

Maintaining healthy diet
You should also try to combine the infrared therapy with a healthy diet. You can include lots of vegetables, fruits as well as whole grains in your daily routine and get rid of the habit of taking processed and enriched white flour foods.

Performing regular exercise
Besides maintaining a healthy diet, you should also perform exercise on a regular basis.

Bottom line
So if you can follow infrared sauna therapy along with other instructions for getting the best result, you can definitely enjoy a good health by losing your weight.

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