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Saturday, May 03, 2014

Customized Experience, Consolidated Management

For some businesses or organizations, different parts of their website may require different live chat experiences. For instance, the live chat style can vary a lot for the home page, the product pages, and the support center. With Comm100 Live Chat, users can set up as many live chat plans as they want and fully customize them to match different parts of their website or even multiple websites while managing all the visitors, chats and reports within one account.

Customizable items in each live chat plan include chat button, chat window, chat invitation, pre-chat survey, post-chat rating and some other chat settings. All of the items can be freely tailored to users' business needs. Take the pre-chat survey for example. Users can choose to either enable or disable it and if they have it enabled, they can give it a new title and branding image, change the greeting message and configure the fields to be displayed. By using multiple live chat plans, businesses or organizations can provide customized visitor experience and at the same time, enjoy the convenience of consolidated management.

Visitor Navigation History Tracking

The ability to identify potential customers and know their needs is critical for online businesses to make effective customer communication and increase website conversions. Comm100 Live Chat offers a full visitor navigation history allowing users to analyze the navigation behavior of their website visitors and identify those with great purchasing potential to engage actively.

Users can easily see how many times a visitor has come to the site, which pages the visitor visited each time and how long the visitor stayed on each page. Together with about 30 real time visitor parameters, such as current page, search keyword, etc., the navigation history empowers online businesses to not only spot visitors ready for contact, but also fully understand their points of interest, which means more targeted sales pitching and higher possibility of sales conversion.

Auto Chat Invitation Rules Engine

When there are quite a few visitors on a site, analyzing each visitor's behavior manually can be time-consuming and sometimes, even impossible. To help businesses make use of each sales opportunity in a highly efficient way, Comm100 Live Chat offers an intelligent auto invitation engine to identify potential customers and send out chat invitations automatically based on the rules and settings users predefine.

Users can set up multiple auto invitation plans and configure the invitation rules, invitation style and message, and routing rule for each plan separately to fit into different business scenarios. There are currently 12 parameters that can be used to form the invitation rules, including time on website, time on current page, current page URL, referrer page URL, search keyword, visit times and more. By combining these parameters, users can set up invitation rules that echo to their unique needs and deliver a highly personalized chat invitation. The auto chat invitation makes it easy for businesses to take full advantage of the sales opportunities on their website

Integration with Comm100 Ticket

There are cases that cannot be closed right on the spot, be it sales or support. The ability to track and follow up on these cases, unavailable in most live chat products, is essential to an optimal business practice. On top of Comm100 Live Chat, Comm100 also offers a support ticket system Comm100 Ticket which can be seamlessly integrated with Comm100 Live Chat to easily convert live chats or offline messages to tickets for effective follow-up.

The integration enables users to either automatically or manually convert a live chat or an offline message to a ticket and the ticket can then have properties such as status, priority, assignee and more for clear responsibility and quick response. By requiring visitors to enter their ticket ID (if any) in the pre-chat survey, users can immediately get to know all the case details as the chat starts and provide a highly efficient and personalized chat experience. With the integration of Comm100 Ticket, businesses or organizations can keep track of all the customer communications and ensure that each case or sales lead is handled appropriately.

Integration with Salesforce CRM

Many businesses or organizations rely on the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to manage their leads, contacts and customers. Thus it's important to link up customer communication channels with the CRM system for streamlined operation. Comm100 Live Chat can be easily integrated with Salesforce CRM, making it simple for users to manage leads or contacts from the website following their sales or support workflow.

With the Salesforce integration, leads, contacts or cases will be created or updated automatically in Salesforce CRM when users finish a live chat with their website visitors, with chat transcripts and other information collected through Comm100 Live Chat added. If a website visitor is already a lead or contact in Salesforce CRM, users are able to see that in their chat panel and retrieve his/her information with just one click to make more targeted and effective customer communication.

Apps for Major Mobile Platforms

According to an IDC forecast, web surfing on mobile devices is to surpass that on PCs by 2015. The whole world is going mobile. So is customer communication. Comm100 Live Chat's handy mobile apps free users from the desk and make live visitor engagement possible, literally, anywhere anytime. Users no longer need to cut their live chats when heading out of the office.

Comm100 Live Chat offers full functional apps for almost all major mobile platforms or devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android devices and Blackberry phones. It enables users to keep connected with their website visitors while on the go, increase their online time and ultimately, boost sales and customer satisfaction. The mobile apps, complemented by a cross-browser compatible web version and an Adobe Air based desktop app, give businesses maximum flexibility and convenience to use Comm100 Live Chat.

Getting started with Comm100 Live Chat is easy.

1. Register for a Comm100 Live Chat account.

2. Copy and paste the live chat code onto your web pages.

3. Get online and chat!

About Comm100

Founded in 2009, Comm100 is the leading global provider of enterprise-level customer service and communication solutions, including live chat, email marketing, ticket, forum, knowledge base and help desk. As business grows fast, Comm100 has been embraced by over 200,000 businesses around the globe.

Headquarters: Suite 238, 1027 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC, V6E 4L2, Canada
Telephone: 1-778-785-0464

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mobile cloud computation becomes more famous than ever. As the latest study from Juniper Research, the number of cloud mobile apps user s will be growing instantly in five years time. The impressive growth is inspired by new web standard HTML5. This article will look through the amazing things about cloud applications and how it benefits all sorts of user including the ones who swore not to switch their core applications to cloud.


Gmail and Google voice (for iPhone) courtesy of Google are just two of the most famous and used cloud mobile apps. Cloud mobile apps allows us to do data storage and processing outside of the mobile gadget. This is what consumers download from a cloud mobile apps store like iTunes wherein the power of processing comes from the cloud.


Juniper Research strongly believes that enterprise will play a big role on mobile growth. The cloud mobile apps promise an improved online data caching, where the apps will continue to do their function even if the internet connection is down. HTML5 also decreased the server load demand which will make cloud mobile apps work better when it comes to accessibility and coverage.


Juniper Research have stated that ¾ of the cloud mobile apps market are dominated by enterprise users. Corporate users take advantage of smart phones mobile apps features such as file sharing, company data storage, project collaboration, and many more. Moreover, there'll even be edges for consumer-oriented apps. Within the next four years, cloud mobile apps are expected to comprise a growing proportion of the whole revenue with business plans that involve subscription-based content and mobile advertising.


Juniper Report says that the main factor in mobile's future relies on the processing power of the cloud itself. Cloud mobile apps can work more than what a standard smart phone do. Cloud mobile apps do have the power of computing infrastructure based on a server which can be accessed through an app's interface in mobile. It enables a user that does not use a smart phone to access the same mobile applications. Another good thing is that cloud allows the apps to be more powerful.


A lot of people are not aware that the smart grid and smart parking meters are all cloud based apps. As social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin continues to be in demand and convenient for users, they are now one of the world's favorite placeto do business work through mobile gadgets. The tremendous increase in demand for smartphones and tablets incorporates a parallel demand for IT solutions to speed up applications development for mobile computing while guaranteeing security is in place. Some business owners preferred not to use cloud apps but they are also not aware that they are already using it through, OpenAir and other SaaS applications.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Writing on the internet in our modern generation can be compared to women with so many babies in the olden days. It has become so clear that amongst five individuals using a laptop, three of them are contractors, freelancers, article, and column or content writers. All these people research and explore the internet to find the most pressing and on demand topics for readers. Like so many things in life, they are doing it for fun, so therefore they expect some returns on their investment. If you write and just post on the internet without appropriate marketing, then you would always be tagged as just a mere content provider, nothing more nothing less. Advertise your contents using social media platforms and networks.

Will Facebook As An Advertising Tool Help Me Reach A Big Payday

Facebook is a media platform that connects people thus old friends, people searching for new friends, as well as families who are far apart. Writers without an account should create an account and post the links to their URL's that contains their articles and its associated contents to the status part of their profile. You can also create a group or a fan page on facebook for various writers, where you engage yourselves in dialectical discussions once in a while and review one another's work periodically. With this, you can post the links of your URL's on this page to help old and new writers in the group to open and read the contents that are in the articles. Most earnings are normally through clicks. With the launch of the facebook hashtags, most of your topics could be one for discussion for many weeks as it helps you see what other personalities, users and pages are saying about your article. This improves the number of views to your articles and also an increase in earnings as a result.

Will Linkedin Increase My Earnings

Yes! LinkedIn is also a social media platform that mostly connects individuals, firms, business organizations and top notch entrepreneurs. LinkedIn helps you grow your professional network and capacity. Through LinkedIn, you would be able to invite people to read your current projects and also share them with other connections and affiliations. When your contents are of high quality, they also share it with other colleagues and therefore your content becomes an on – demand content. LinkedIn also provides you with the ability to link your articles with companies and other companies who might be in your line of work, the writing fraternity. They all read your content and your number of views goes up and also earnings double tremendously.

Can Twitter Help Improve My Earnings Online

Twitter is an online social media platform that also helps connect friends and families. They can be the best marketing sites you could ever experience if used well. With twitter, you follow and are followed. You can follow influential people as well as friends and family members. It helps us know what's currently going on in a person's life through tweeting. As a writer, after finishing writing your content, all you have to do is to post your links to the URL's of your articles in your profile through tweets. This enables your followers to see your next step. Also, interested people would open and read your articles and if takes their fancy or attract their attention, tweet it to their friends and family members which helps your viewership go up and earnings increases at a galloping rate.

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Finding the perfect place to stay while you are on vacation is not difficult, as long as you know where to look. While a lot of people may be interested in taking a look at luxury hotels, luxury bed and breakfasts can offer you a much more intimate experience. You will be able to take a look at the different choices that are on offer by simply following these resources. A bed and breakfast is usually going to provide you with breakfast included in the price, and sometimes even lunch and other meals. In order to find out the specifics, you are going to have to take a look at the company's website and see what features are included.

If there are any other extra features that you may be looking for, do not forget them. Places like Cheskin House B&B in Cumbria are going to provide you with a top-notch service, but you need to make sure that they have everything you want before you decide to go ahead and stay there.

The Internet

Most companies will advertise on the Internet these days. They will usually have a website. As well as this, there will be numerous travel websites that will offer you different bed and breakfasts depending on the region that you are staying in. By taking a look at the travel website, you will be able to find out what the best rates are. If you are on a budget, always make sure to look out for deals. The summer time is normally going to be 'peak' time for a lot of people, and this means that prices will be more expensive. The months following and leading up to the summer are usually going to be able to offer you a better deal.


Most places are going to have reviews written about them online. What you will need to do is make sure that you find a reputable review website. Take a look at what others have said about specific bed and breakfast. If there are too many negative reviews, then you may want to reconsider going there. It is a good idea to remember that everyone is going to have different tastes, so negative reviews do not always hold their weight.


If you have friends who have traveled to a specific area, then do not be afraid to ask them about the places they stayed in. In places like Cumbria, most people are going to look for a bed and breakfast in order to get a more intimate feeling when they stay there. By listening to what your friends have to say, you will be able to get a place that is more suited to your tastes. This is usually because your friends are going to know exactly what you want when you go on vacation.

Author Bio:
Kimberly Santoyo is a freelance writer and blogger. She writes for a number of different companies. She also writes on subjects such as travel. Her favorite place in Cubria is Cheskin House. It is a farmhouse for Luxury B&B in Cumbria.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The name Dr. Myron Wentz may probably not ring a bell in the country, but this PhD holder in microbiology from the University of Utah is internationally acclaimed and the 2007 recipient of the Albert Einstein Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Life Sciences an award in theoretical physics that recognizes high achievement in the natural sciences. The New York Times considers it as "the highest of its kind in the United States."

Dr. Wentz received the award in recognition of his numerous scientific and charitable initiatives. Among his countless notable achievements, Dr. Wentz is a pioneer in the development of human cell culture technology and infectious disease diagnoses.

Twenty years after founding US-based USANA Health Sciences, Inc., a science-based manufacturer of nutritional, high-quality supplements and personal care products, Dr. Wentz finally decided to bring USANA to the Philippines, making it its 8th location in Southeast Asia along with Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong as well as Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

His sharp business acumen aside, the love of science will always remain as Dr. Wentz's main passion, though increasingly, he is becoming more and more focused on his humanitarian and charitable endeavors such as establishing the Wentz Medical Centre and Laboratory in Uganda and the Wentz Medical Centre in Cambodia to serve children in those countries orphaned by diseases, including malaria and HIV.

On receiving his Albert Einstein Award, Dr. Wentz said, "I am honored and humbled to receive an award that bears the name of Albert Einstein. As both an extraordinary scientist and dedicated humanitarian, he serves as a great inspiration for my life's work, helping people lead healthier lives through nutritional science."

To date, in the Philippines, USANA continues its mission of promoting health and disease prevention through the consumption of its best quality products being marketed by USANA Distributors here and in 19 other international markets.

For more information on USANA, please visit